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Look Out Barbados! – Carson Cadogan Starts Blog

The Barbados King of Letters to the Editor, Mr. Carson Cadogan, has started a blog. One of Carson’s first articles concerns the poor state of the boyhood home of our famous son, Sir Frank Worrell.

An excerpt from the post Sir Frank Worrell…


The Barbados Government estimates that it will spend in the region of $135 million Barbados Dollars on the redevelopment of Kensington Oval, the Mecca of Cricket here in Barbados. This is all taxpayers dollars.

A couple of miles away right next door to the Empire Cricket ground is the dilapidated boyhood home of Sir Frank Worrell. Sir Frank Worrell one the greatest cricketers the world has known. In any country other than Barbados his home would be a shrine for all the world to see. His great skill with the bat was largely responsible for putting Barbados on the Cricket map. Even today long after his death he is still highly regarded in places like England, India and Australia to name a few places.

It is a national disgrace that this house is in this state of disrepair. The Barbados Cricket Association is doing nothing about the situation. Its President can be heard almost daily on the call-in programnes being an expert on everything. However he has not lift a single finger to help in the restoration of this very important home. What a shame!

Read the full article at Carson Cadogan’s My Turn Blog

photo by Carson Cadogan


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Barbados Canadian Writes – Toronto “Afri-centric Curriculum” Is Anti-Black, Anti-Police

From our friend Jdid of Doan Mind Me Blog, we learn of the fascination of some educators with “Afri-centric Curriculum”.

Jdid seems to have had no problem with the general principle of such a curriculum, until he looked closer…

Excerpt from Afri-Centric at Doan Mind Me Blog…

…Now I’ll be honest my first thoughts when I hear about these special programs for Black students is why is all of this necessary? Its probably definitely a bias on my part since I figure hey I grew up learning more British history than Caribbean history and it didn’t negatively affect me why can’t these black kids here deal with the teaching system and just put their best foot forward and do what they can do.

But then I realize like I said its a bias on my part. I haven’t been through this Canadian school system so I can’t shouldn’t make direct comparisons. Plus from the statistics offered it just seems as if there is something lacking here as too many of our black youth are falling by the wayside. Of course this could be due to attitudes, systems, parents, teachers, society and a host of other factors but hey we need to get these kids back on track and we need to start somewhere. I guess if Afri-centric programs can save some of them then hey I say more power to them and lets get it going full speed.

The part of the article that threw me for a loop though was this section:

“And we’re looking at a data-management unit that would use statistics about police and racial profiling”

A who with a what? Ok is this only disturbing to me? I don’t know about y’all but to me this just sounds like the draft for a bad Chappell show skit. I’m all for the Africentric curriculum but ummm just leave the race stats and police profiling out of math class please. I’m just imagining questions like “Over the past 5 weeks Lil Johnny has been harassed by Po Po 8, 10,5, 3 and 12 times. What is the likelihood that Lil Johnny will be harassed by Po Po more than 6 times this week?”…

Read the entire piece at Doan Mind Me (link here)

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Reclaiming Land in Barbados… Why Not?

Carl Moore writes some ideas in the Nation News…

* Reclaim land and make Barbados’ land mass bigger. The Japanese do it all the time. We did it almost 50 years ago when we built the deep-water harbour and filled in 90 acres right out to Pelican Island.

Why not create more Barbados land from the sea? If our land is so valuable, sure.

Read the entire article at The Nation Post (link here


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