Two Weeks Since Water Park Developer Told Of Private Meeting With Prime Minister Owen Arthur

We just thought we’d point out that it has now been two weeks exactly since we printed that Caribbean Splash Water Park developer Matthew Kerins had been overheard at a town hall meeting stating that he had a private meeting with Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Mr. Leonard Nurse. (original story here.)

The next day, July 12, 2006, a Barbados Free Press reader who attended the town hall meeting commented that Mr. Kerins also stated that the Barbados Government “Cannot back out of the deal…” – which caused other readers to ask the obvious question… “Does a written memorandum of understanding exist between the Government of Barbados and the water park developer?”

Two weeks later, and citizens of Barbados are still waiting for the answers to these important questions. We have had responses to our water park articles at the Barbados Labour Party Blog and comments on BFP articles from official BLP sources – and we heard the Prime Minister on Down To Brass Tacks call-in show… BUT ALL COMPLETELY AVOIDED THE TWO CENTRAL QUESTIONS.

So how about it, Mr. Nurse, Dr. Duguid, Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Kerins…

1/ What was said at the private meeting between the Prime Minister, Mr. Nurse and Mr. Kerins?

2/ Does a written agreement of any kind exist between the water park developer and the Government of Barbados?

You know how to contact us, gentlemen. (And we are told that the PM reads us every day. Hey there Mr. Prime Minister!)


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6 responses to “Two Weeks Since Water Park Developer Told Of Private Meeting With Prime Minister Owen Arthur

  1. ross

    Just more of the ususal secrecy and contempt from the people in whom we have entrusted the responsibility to govern our country.

  2. BFP

    Side message to Mr. Cadogan from Marcus

    Got your message, Carson. Your article slid to the bottom of the pile due to breaking stories and then was forgotten about – because of my fault – for which I apologize.

    We appreciate your efforts, and will publish it soon.

    I understand you have a new blog on the way. Can you provide us with the url please?



  3. RRRicky

    Dear Prime Minister Arthur,

    Why the silence when both you and the BLP Blog have talked about the water park?

    Looks bad.

  4. Hants

    Note the timely statement by the PM re Barbados’ need for Investment and foreign exchange.

    Waterpark = Investment and Tourist dollars. If the PM has to explain why the Government supports the Waterpark,this will be his reason.

    We will hear “this Waterpark will bring in substantial revenue which is needed to pay for the goods the Barbadian public imports.”

  5. Hants

    Water park out of place
    Published on: 7/24/06.

  6. Hants

    Maybe the government should focus on this key component
    of the Tourist Industry. Beaches.

    What’s being done about beach erosion?
    Published on: 7/24/06.