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Nation News Headline – “Priests Differ On Sin, Crime”

Tongue-in-cheek, we say “Why, yes, we have always found that to be true….” 😉

A number of Bajan religious thinkers contemplate God and the rules of life in a Nation News article by Tracy Moore. (link here)

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Horrors!!! – After 12 Years Of Borrow and Spend, Barbados PM Discovers Money Has To Be Paid Back


From Our Road To Damascus Files…

“Barbados now spends about half-a-billion dollars more on imports than we earn from the sale of our goods and services, and we can choose to borrow that half-a-billion dollars. But of course that is not the way. We have at some stage to begin to earn it and to close the gap between the foreign exchange that we earn and the foreign exchange that we spend…”

“…Barbados needs to be able to expand its capacity to earn foreign exchange and this is the national priority to which I call the whole country. We must not continue to borrow to pay our way. We must earn our way, and to do so we need new production capacity.”

He said the island needed projects which will give it the assurance that the day will come when the country will be able to pay its foreign-exchange way in the world.

Prime Minister Owen Arthur in The Nation News (complete article – link here)

What is even more fabulous about this story is that the PM said these words while touring the Kensington Oval worksite.

Remind us… how much money did we borrow for Cricket World Cup? Will the CWC bring in more money than we borrowed? Will we then immediately pay back the money we borrowed to host the event?

For the answers to all these questions…

I don’t know. Maybe its time to take out the old Chicken Foot Voodoo Stick again!

photo – PM Owen Arthur lectures nation from deficit-funded Cricket World Cup site. Photo courtesy of The Nation News – fair trade for the link.


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Two Weeks Since Water Park Developer Told Of Private Meeting With Prime Minister Owen Arthur

We just thought we’d point out that it has now been two weeks exactly since we printed that Caribbean Splash Water Park developer Matthew Kerins had been overheard at a town hall meeting stating that he had a private meeting with Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Mr. Leonard Nurse. (original story here.)

The next day, July 12, 2006, a Barbados Free Press reader who attended the town hall meeting commented that Mr. Kerins also stated that the Barbados Government “Cannot back out of the deal…” – which caused other readers to ask the obvious question… “Does a written memorandum of understanding exist between the Government of Barbados and the water park developer?”

Two weeks later, and citizens of Barbados are still waiting for the answers to these important questions. We have had responses to our water park articles at the Barbados Labour Party Blog and comments on BFP articles from official BLP sources – and we heard the Prime Minister on Down To Brass Tacks call-in show… BUT ALL COMPLETELY AVOIDED THE TWO CENTRAL QUESTIONS.

So how about it, Mr. Nurse, Dr. Duguid, Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Kerins…

1/ What was said at the private meeting between the Prime Minister, Mr. Nurse and Mr. Kerins?

2/ Does a written agreement of any kind exist between the water park developer and the Government of Barbados?

You know how to contact us, gentlemen. (And we are told that the PM reads us every day. Hey there Mr. Prime Minister!)


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Barbados Citizen Information To Be Shared With Ten CARICOM Countries, Plus USA, Britain, Canada – Police, Military

On July 8, 2006, we told you that under a new agreement between governments, Bajan citizen information would be given to foreign CARICOM police forces, and that the information sharing process had no rules and no oversight. See BFP’s Caricom – Barbados Citizens’ Personal Information To Be Given To Foreign Police – Sharing Process Has No Rules, No Oversight.

Citizen Information To Be Shared With Foreign Police and Military

Looks like we were wrong – it is not only the police who will be given the information, but also the military from ten CARICOM countries, plus the United States, Britain and Canada.

And, oh yeah…

All this sharing of Barbados citizens’ personal information will be done with no rules, and no oversight.

Just thought you might like to know.

Read all about it in The Jamaica Observer’s article Things You Need To Know – Security And Freedom for CWC 2007


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