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Barbados Death Boat Arrest


The Nation News is reporting that one man has been arrested in Cape Verde in regarding the April 29, 2006 discovery of 11 mummified bodies on a broken-down yacht off the coast of Barbados. (link here)

Authorities are now stating that 52 passengers set sail on the small vessel, so that is presumably the number of victims. The Nation News mistakenly gives the vessel length as 10 feet, but it looks closer to 10 meters to us, so it was probably just a typo error in the paper.

Some previous news indicated that the human smugglers who set up the journey abandoned the boatload of migrants to their fate in order to avoid a police patrol.

BFP Photo by Shona: Barbados Coast Guard patrol vessels enter harbour and pass by the boat found drifting off the coast with 11 bodies.

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