Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developer Laments Barbados Town Hall Meeting

Hey… sometimes those pesky citizens with their environmental concerns and bothersome questions get in the way of a good business plan. How dare they!

A “shocked” water park developer Matthew Kerins tries to give a positive interview to The Barbados Advocate, but instead shoots himself in the head at least twice…

Read The Barbados Advocate article: Director of Caribbean Splash Waterpark Seeks To Alleviate Residents’ Concerns?


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7 responses to “Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developer Laments Barbados Town Hall Meeting

  1. ross

    What did Mr. Kerins spend “US$2,000,000” on? For Heavens sake!!!! How stupid does he think we are?

  2. BFP

    Maybe he spent it, but lacks the receipts? 😉

  3. Read this.

    It’s entirely up to minister
    Published on: 7/20/06.

  4. BFP this article by LEONARD ST HILL in the Nation is serious.
    I guess that is why Mia wants silence.

    For those who may not know, St.Hill is a Town Planner.

  5. John

    Transparent vs see through

    Did the Apes Hill development follow due process?

    … or for that matter the half a hundred other developments?

  6. Trueblue

    Hartley Henry’s article in yesterday’s Nation is a must-read. The restrictive laws of libel can be circumvented with good writing.

    He hit the nail on the head.

  7. Velzo

    I agree. There is more in this mortar…

    I see a connection between all of these things – the water park, the fly-overs – and I agree with the DLP member who said that these things have more to do with election financing than development.

    This is a cookie -jar government! The kind of people the water-park developer, construction magnets, casino operators etc. normally deal with. And they don’t start at the bottom. Those guys reach for the top.

    So the question “where did the $2 million go?” answers itself.