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Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developer Laments Barbados Town Hall Meeting

Hey… sometimes those pesky citizens with their environmental concerns and bothersome questions get in the way of a good business plan. How dare they!

A “shocked” water park developer Matthew Kerins tries to give a positive interview to The Barbados Advocate, but instead shoots himself in the head at least twice…

Read The Barbados Advocate article: Director of Caribbean Splash Waterpark Seeks To Alleviate Residents’ Concerns?


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Attempted Libel Chill – Barbados Free Press Will Not Be Intimidated

UPDATED: September 22, 2010

In view of the recent statements against blogging and social media by Police Commissioner Dottin and Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock, Barbados Free Press again reminds folks that we will be here for the Bajan people, we will not be intimidated – and if anyone disagrees with anything we say, they are welcome to publish their reply to our audience.

“We don’t own BFP – we just take care of it for Barbados.”

Original article first published July 20, 2006… Continue reading


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