Barbados Forum Posts Prime Minister’s Radio Tap Dance

Barbados Forum has posted partial recordings of Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s recent appearance on Down to Brass Tacks (Caribbean Splash Water Park discussion July 16, 2006).

Check out Barbados Forum (link here) and scroll down to near the bottom of their page to find the recordings.

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2 responses to “Barbados Forum Posts Prime Minister’s Radio Tap Dance

  1. ross

    This man making me sick, now. If he promised the developer something why can’t he tell people what he promised and stop talking nonsense? This is one more thing he is leaving part done which is going to come back to haunt him like the Gems mess, the Greenland mess and the republic promise ever since.

  2. redneck

    Now we know the PM was tap dancing for true. Why he cannot take responsibility for what he did?