Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Says Internet Blogs “Marginalize…Parliament” – Calls For Regulation of Blogs, Call-In Shows On Radio, Television


In a stunning admission of an elitist intent to repress the rights of citizens to publicly communicate with each other, Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley is calling for regulation of internet blogs and call-in programmes.

As reported in The Nation News (link here), the Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados is calling for changes to our system of government – saying that call-in shows “will continue to predominate” and that internet blogs “marginalize…parliaments and cause disrespect (for the rule of law and institutions that keep our society safe,)”…

“For in the absence of that reform,” she said, “entities such as the call-in programmes – which have no accountability to anyone and no modalities to be able to ensure that there is transparency, or that there is indeed informed discussion – will continue to predominate.”

She spoke too, of “blogs” – online postings of individuals’ views and comments to which surfers of the Internet can respond – which, because of the technology, could not be regulated.

“[Blogs] will marginalise our existence as parliaments and will cause disrespect, not just for the rule of law, but for the institutions that are required to keep our societies safe,” she said.

How Dare Those Uppity Citizens Not Know Their Place!

The Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados says that fear of libel and defamatory legal action is not enough “accountability” for citizens. Nope, she wants changes to our system of government that would give parliamentarians some real legal teeth to deal with people who don’t conform to her definition of “informed criticism”.

Miss Mottley obviously wants to keep those darn free-speaking citizens cowering in their proper place. No free-speech on call-in shows or posting on the internet unless the content is pre-approved…

“But you cannot continue unless you have basic standards of accountability,” she noted, “and so far, that has been driven only by the avoidance of libel and defamatory action as opposed to the requirement for informed criticism, and in the same way that parliaments need researchers, call-in programmes should have assistants who can do the research so that there can be informed debate.”

Mottley submitted that in this system of democracy which often has to respond to the existing culture, people would not respond well to denial of access or censorship.

“But it therefore means that the obligations on the Press, in terms of ensuring that it has the systems in place to strengthen what they do and make them more accountable, are greater.”

Let’s Talk About Accountability and Transparency, Deputy Prime Minister!

Could it be that Miss Mottley is upset that our Barbados Free Press blog has been calling for transparency and accountability for the Government of Barbados?

How dare we mention that in 12 years of power, the Mia Mottley – Owen Arthur Government has failed to institute Conflict of Interest Laws and make themselves accountable! They promised to do so in 1976! (BFP story here and here)

How dare we mention that unlike Trinidad & Tobago, the Auditor General of Barbados does not publish the Annual Report on the internet and also demands that Barbados citizens provide their names before being allowed to see the Annual Report! (BFP story here)

How dare we ask who profits from Government Land Expropriations and why everything is so secret! How dare we ask how it is that the government takes private land and then a government minister ends up living on it! (BFP story here and here)

How dare we ask that attendance records for Members of Parliament be published! How dare we ask that transcripts of debates be published for all to see! (BFP story here)

How dare we point out that the Prime Minister told a meeting that his party members must stop using their political offices and connections for “personal material gain”! (BFP story here)

How dare we ask what happened at an unusual private meeting between a water park developer and the Prime Minister and whether any written agreement was signed! (BFP story here)

How dare we point out that the Barbados Police Force transfers Barbados citizens’ personal information to foreign police without rules or oversight! (BFP story here)

How dare we ask why the Ministry of the Environment hasn’t laid a single illegal dumping charge in twelve years! (BFP story here)

How dare we mention that raw sewage is flowing ankle-deep from a Government facility onto one of our most famous beaches! (BFP story here)

How dare we ask why an old lady has no water when the Mia Mottley – Owen Arthur government is spending a third of a billion dollars on a few cricket matches! (BFP story here and here)

How dare we ask how much government money was paid to Mia Mottley’s friend for “consulting services” and why there is no public transparency! (BFP story here)

Mottley Government’s View Of Citizen Rights – Emulate Castro?


How dare we point out that the Mia Mottley – Owen Arthur Government has been cozing up to a despot like Fidel Castro, and that the actions of the PM went beyond acceptable diplomacy! (BFP story here and here)

How dare we, Miss Mottley?

How Dare You!


July 20, 2006 Update: Attempted Libel Chill – Barbados Free Press Will Not Be Intimidated

July 20, 2006: Barbados Labour Party Blog Stands Behind Mottley!


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70 responses to “Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Says Internet Blogs “Marginalize…Parliament” – Calls For Regulation of Blogs, Call-In Shows On Radio, Television

  1. Yes how Dare Her, no one in politics boils my blood as much as this woman. Truth be told i don’t have much confidence in BFP but the Truth is bigger than my personal dislikes and opinions, and i am in agreement with your comments.

  2. West Side Davie

    “How dare she” is right.

    Who does she think she is? This be our next Prime Minister?

  3. titilayo

    I was waiting all day for y’all to get on this one!

  4. Anonymous

    My, isn’t our deputy PM just so above the ordinary Bajan? Does Mia spit on people as she rides past with riding crop in hand?

  5. …..I maintain that the DLP miss a splendid opportunity to put Mia Mottley out of contention for PM status during the homosexual debate, I think this can be exploited to the DLP’s benefit, even if it forces the BLP and government away from the comment. In the end Government was force to relent on making any changes to the buggery law. This woman is a liability to some of the institutions she is a member of, namely Parliament, the BLP, and the “Political Class” they should distance themselves from her socialist ideas.

  6. Uppity Barbados Citizen

    Last year Mia’s horse be a Mercedes. Same wit Gline Clark. He be drivin de big red Mercedes!

  7. Free-Speaking Bajan

    Just like Vezlo said before –

    “Thank God we have this forum even if it is just to let them know that we can see their hand in the cookie jar…””

  8. I am responding only to the Title of this blog.
    I cannot believe Ms.Mottley would say this. Does she wants to turn Barbados into a communist state?

    This is coming from a woman who has been treated gently both on the call in programs and on the blogs.

    BFP it is important that you report what she said accurately because some of us are going to be intensely angry about any curtailment of our freedom.

    I am so angry right now that I will not write what I really think. Maybe she is reacting to the new calypso called Gag order.

    What would get in her head to make her come up with something like this when her party is on a path to win the next election?

    Well since the BLP have a blog and Mr.Duguid contributes to this Blog, I expect he will come on this Blog and let us know if he supports Mia.

    What is sickening about this is that the BLP has been able to use talk shows and blogs just like the rest of us.
    Talk to her Duguid because this is not good.

    Not to worry. If the Government tries any of this, they will only be able to do this in Barbados. They cant stop blogs on the Net.

    All of you bloggers must not let her get away with this nonsense. Freedom of speech is a right that we must not give up.

  9. For those of us who grew up in Barbados, remember the days when there were no call in programs but politics was discussed in the fish markets ,at cricket matches, on the beach, in rum shops even at school.

    I guess we can blame it on her apparent limited contact with the above environments.

    We Bajans were always debating issues when we gathered to play dominos or cards etc.

    The talk shows and blogs are a modern day extension of part of our culture.

    I am over 50years old and I am happy to see so many Bajans of all ages using the new technology to communicate.

  10. BFP

    Hi Hants

    Regarding the title of this piece, we are just reporting what was said in The Nation Newspaper article. Please read the article and if you have any concerns about our title, please do let us know as we appreciate the input that you regularly provide.


  11. John

    Talk about missing the point of constructive criticism.

    This lady is out to sea.

    It is not the post or function at which criticism is directed, it is the person.

    What is clear from Basdeo Panday, the Messrs. Bird of Antigua, Eric Gairy, all former PMs is that the undermining of the post of PM or the function of Parliament in the Caribbean is accomplished perfectly well without the assistance from any citizen.

    Many people assume an air of arrogance and hold on to a post although there is a cloud of suspicion which belittles them and the post they hold. Why go through all that aggro and not just let it go.

    We are watching a soap opera being played out in Trinidad where the Chief Justice barricaded himself in a building to avoid arrest by the police. This occurrence alone raises suspicions on the man’s guilt or innocence, but worse, about the protection he must be getting.

    Why hold on to office if this is what it takes to keep the job, just go. If his cause is just he will prevail.

    By holding on to the job he is saying to me that he has no confidence in the system to allow his just cause to prevail.

  12. Free-Speaking Bajan

    Hants the Nation title is “Regulate call-in shows, says Mottley”

  13. Uppity Barbados Citizen

    Mia like de people wat never have to work. ttoo much money no real hard life

  14. Uppity Barbados Citizen

    like de rich folk I say

  15. West Side Davie

    The title of this article should be “Barbados Free Press Sends Deputy PM Over The Edge”


  16. I just read the article. It is utter nonsense. I used to be proud of our Barbadian ministers from both sides because they performed well in International forums.

    This nonsense from Mia is the worst I have read. If she was on a political platform in Barbados or at a BLP party conference I would excuse her thinking she “was under the influence ” or intoxicated by the environment,
    but not when she is addressing people from other countries.

    BFP, remember the calypso that said “doan ease up”.
    We have a right to express opinions.

  17. BFP

    Thank you Hants

    We have just been talking more about Mia’s comments and all of us agree that while her comments are “nonsense” – she is the Deputy Prime Minister and therefore tends to represent her government and our country far more than an “ordinary” Member of Parliament.

    I would hope that the Prime Minister or Dr. Duguid in his capacity as the General Secretary of the BLP will make some statement right away that this is not where the government is heading.

    But whether or not the PM refutes Mia’s position or not – we all agree that we have material for about two weeks of articles from Mia’s words.


    Thanks Mia!

  18. Surely blogs are a private sharing of views between voluntary participants, not a form of public journalism? Is there precedent anywhere for trying to control them? I doubt it. Heil Hitler!

  19. Crusty

    I suggest you’ve gone a bit overboard on this one.
    The Nations article states:

    “[Mia] called for support systems, including researchers and expert
    advice, for Parliament, failing which the unregulated new technologies
    could marginalise that institution.”

    And clearly she recognises that formal regulation of talk shows and
    blogs would be impossible:

    ‘Mottley submitted that in this system of democracy which often has
    to respond to the existing culture, people would not respond well to
    denial of access or censorship.

    “But it therefore means that the obligations on the Press, in terms
    of ensuring that it has the systems in place to strengthen what they
    do and make them more accountable, are greater.”‘

    While I cherish the generally civil comments on Barbados Free Press,
    who among you would deny that some call-in shows have broadcast
    outright falsehoods and inflamatory statements which serve no useful
    end in a society that has adopted the UN Charter of Human Rights?
    Freedom of religion does not stop at Christian only. Homosexuals
    are people too. The threat and act of hanging criminals has not been
    demonstrated to prevent the original murder, nor reduce the rate of
    serial killing.

    And no, I’m not an apologist for Mia Mottley or the BLP.

  20. West Side Davie

    What is overboard, Crusty?

    Is the title of the Nation News Article “Regulate call-in shows, says Mottley” overboard?

    Mottley’s comments are very akin to the “The Internet Needs a Gate Keeper” comment by Hillary Clinton.

    The eilites just can’t stand a free press. The true colour of Mia’s ideology is showing – and it is fascist red.

  21. West Side Davie

    And head on over to the BLP blog to have a look at the comments. The BLP supporters are if anything more upset about this than anyone.

  22. Jane

    Read it often so that we do not forget!!

  23. william duguid

    I am a firm believer in Free Speech. I however believe that this speech however critical should not be defamatory or libelous in any way. In any case there are already laws for that. How applicable they are on the internet I do not know.

  24. William I can be sued if I say something that is libelous but it will never stop me from saying something I believe to be true.

    There are also some things that should be said and or done regardless of the consequences.

    That the Deputy Prime Minister would suggest imposing restraints on freedom of speech is in keeping with a progression to a One Party State.

    I guess the calypsonians are going to be under a Gag order.

    Everybody please listen to the calypso Gag Order before it is banned.

  25. missinghome

    “[Blogs] will marginalise our existence as parliaments and will cause disrespect, not just for the rule of law, but for the institutions that are required to keep our societies safe,”

    I did not know that blogging was so dangerous to democracies!

    Is Barbados a democracy? I thought is was a one-party state.

  26. ross

    She better get her own house in order or shut up! She got to be mad.

  27. BFP

    With regard to the libel and slander laws, we consulted with an attorney before we formed BFP and were told that we have nothing to fear if we only tell the truth and that is what we do. He also told us about “libel chill” which is where people who don’t like what we say make threats to sue BFP only for the purpose of making us afraid to publish. Right then we made up our minds that no threat will deter us from publishing the truth.

    If the government, opposition party, or anyone thinks they have been libeled we want to hear from them and we will publish, in its entirety, everything they want to say and let our readers judge whether we told the truth.

    Anyone who wants to can send us something to publish. If it is topical and interesting we will publish it. We know the difference between letters or emails that are signed and contain the person’s address and those that are anonymous and will treat them accordingly. We reserve the right to edit where space limitations or context requires but we promise that a writer’s full message will reach our readers.

    Sometimes people send us information or photos and, for reasons of fear, libel chill, or otherwise do not want to identify themselves. We encourage that. Barbados needs some whistle blowers and people who leak the truth because too much is being hidden that we Barbadians need to know. We promise we will never reveal the identity of these brave people. To us they are heroes.

    We were happy to see that the government of Barbados hurried to pass a law in parliament regulating the internet. We were happy to see it. We were disappointed though, that it did not go all the way and pass Whistle Blower Laws, that protect caring Barbadians who know something is wrong but are intimidated into keeping quiet.

    You have seen it… Time after time, we have made statements about the present government, published photos, our observations and what we think.

    To date there has not been one time where we have received notice that subjects of our articles consider them to be either slanderous or libelous. We leave it for the readers to figure out what that means, however we think it means we are hitting the mark and finding things out that would otherwise be hidden from Barbadians.

    Do you see the government disagreeing with us about our stand on the country’s neglect of the environment? Do you see the government disagreeing with us on the lack of transparency and accountability for elected officials? No, definitely not, because it is all true.

    We will continue to publish the Barbados Free Press until we no longer need to. Should “they” shut down our internet supplier, we have backup servers ready to go in three countries and will be back online within a day. (and THAT would make a great piece for the New York Times or on the BBC… “Barbados Government Shuts Down Citizen Website”)

    In the past it was said that “freedom of the press only belongs to those who own one.”

    Welcome to the new century – where ordinary people can now own a press on the internet.

    We can think of no more healthy development for democracy and for Barbados.


    Marcus, Robert, Shona, Clive and the rest of the BFP family.

  28. Trueblue

    As usual Mia Culpa is at it. The big boast is that she speaks without notes and is, ipso facto, very bright. Well this takes the cake. This is the sound of an empty vessel.

    But it is a dangerous signal. Just like the Emergency Disaster Management Act, the treatment of Vendors, the attack on the young man who spoke at the economic forum last year by the PM and the general self-censorship we practice as citizens.

    And I agree with David Thompson about CBC and taxpayers money being used by government to beam US the worst in external cultures into our living rooms. Let the private sector do that and let’s have a CBC that is democratic.

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  30. cat eyes

    Wow. I never thought it would come to this. These power-hungry politicos are just too thin skinned. Should the international media get hold of what our deputy pm had to say, she will be pilloried. The fact that she made these statements to an international audience is even more abhorrent. Those folks who don’t know any better must think her quite all-powerful. Or plain ignorant.
    As I have said before, I have long been unimpressed with our deputy pm. I have been able to see beyond the air filled rhetoric she can spout off the top of her head. As true blue says, she has made it her trademark to fluff through without written speeches. But she tripped over herself this time because what came out was some deadly fluff. Normally she waffles through quite smoothly, never mind that at the end of her speeches, one is hard pressed to find substance. But we have put up with it because the waffles are usually benign – except when she let out about legalising the homosexuality and prostitution and the horning rubbish.

    It is quite evident she is not as bright as she thinks she is.

    She outdid herself this time though. Will Oh When jump in again and beg Barbados to lay off her? I doubt it. She is going to get her backside roasted by all free thinkers/speakers/bloggers, and deservedly so. Oh When needs to look for a deputy. She is just not cutting it.

  31. Crusty

    West Side Davie Says:
    July 19th, 2006 at 10:34 pm

    What is overboard, Crusty?

    Is the title of the Nation News Article “Regulate call-in shows, says Mottley” overboard?

    From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (c) 2003, page 1174:

    “overboard / … 2. go overboard to do or say something that is too
    extreme for a particular situation: I hope politicians will not go
    overboard in trying to control the press. …”

    The sample sentence in the definition is coincidentally relevant to
    the reaction in this case.

    Mottley’s statements suggest she want to improve (reform) the
    parliamentary processes to make them more attractive in the hearts
    and minds of the people, not to shut down blogs and call-in shows.

    The title of the Nation article does not appear in Mottley’s quoted
    words, rather it seems to be from the writer/editor.

    Mottley is quoted:

    “… basic standards of accountability,” she noted, “and so far, that
    has been driven only by the avoidance of libel and defamatory action
    as opposed to the requirement for informed criticism, …”

    The operative phrase is “informed criticism”. Ignorance and bias,
    masquerading as truth yet unsupported by repeatable evidence, do
    not qualify as informed criticism.

  32. Jane Goddard

    Transparency International TI, National Integrity Systems Questionnaire, Caribbean Composite Study 2004 – see Barbados is on page 76

    Click to access carib_compos_q.pdf

  33. BFP

    Crusty is part of the BLP Damage-Control Team – formally or not.

    Look Crusty, you just can’t excuse what Mia said by now claiming it was just a little hyperbole designed to make her point. She is way over the line and into the territory of little green men from the planet Zantor…

    “[Blogs] will marginalise our existence as parliaments and will cause disrespect, not just for the rule of law, but for the institutions that are required to keep our societies safe,” she said.

    Blogs will marginalise our existence as parliaments…!!!!!!!!!!

    Give us a break!

    AND…. as IF Mia is the least bit concerned about transparency and accountability! What a joke.

  34. John

    Minister Mottley did not have a good hair day yesterday and it was evident from her contribution at the Town Hall Meeting to discuss objective 4 of the draft National Strategic Plan which dealt with the environment.

    She reacted to two questions put by a very astute Bajan dealing with land use and accountability and turned them into what she wanted them to be, one question on disenfranchisement of the masses.

    The meeting was treated to standard sound bytes on Tom Adams and the Plantation Tennatries Act in 1980 and Erroll Barrow and Security of Tenure legislation from 1965.

    When I heard them, I realised it was for the umteenth time. I think that probably every politician in Barbados is trained to hold forth on these two topics and the wonderful service that was done for the Barbadian masses by our great leaders and their parties.

    To the man’s credit he wouldn’t be silenced and there was a bit of a too-ing and fro-ing but I suspect he finally gave up in exasperation.

    We even heard about Brazil and their masses …. but the english was sweet. The lady can talk.

    Minister Thompson and Minister Clarke were also there but only Minister Clarke spoke at the end.

    Usually ministers stay far from the madding crowd so I suspect the Graeme Hall Town meeting and the question asked by bfp about why ministers were present and said nothing must be hitting a nerve.

    Credit must go also to William Duguid as he is showing up his collegues by being accessible and willing to take a position on an issue.

    May be wrong though as I did not attend past meetings on the plan so do not know if ministers were there too and what they said.

    The next meeting is on the 9th of August.

    The Physical Development Plan which is due by law every 5 years was hardly discussed but this is another issue. It relates, I think, to the basic questions the Bajan asked the meeting.

    The real benefit to last night was that ministers were there and made contributions.

    It augurs well for the future and shows up the past. Hopefully things will get better.

    Shine some light and evil shrivels up and dies.

  35. OK folks, the more I read what Mia said the more ridculous it is.

    Blogs are tame compared to what is said in the streets, rum shops and on Cricket grounds etc.

    Is it possible that Mia has spent her whole life so far removed from the average Barbadian that she has no idea how Bajans interact when it comes to politics.

    She should go to a Cricket match on Saturday and she would really hear libelous talk.

    I really think she heard the Calypso Gag order and is upset about the line which says. Sorry folks, I can’t write what the Calypso said. I have to check with my lawyer. “smile”

    I guess the DLP and Leroy Parris should complain about the comments made on the BLP blog about them.

  36. ross

    Mia could go to the cricket match but she would have to be a “fly on the wall” because the average Bajan is too terrified to say peep infront of the people they elected to serve them. They know they would get blistered and intimidated. Even “the man at the top” the PM is known to phone average citizens and abuse them when they say something he doesn’t like.
    Enough now!

  37. ross

    This is why we all need a safe outlet for our frustrations, which are many. Some of us are brave enough to go on the call-in programme, some of us prefer to blog because we can choose to remain anonymous if we want.

    Victimization is real but

  38. Anybody want tuh call me can do so. I luv talking to people. Some people say i don’t talk to people i duz cuss dum. Well….words are used. I stand ready tuh talk/cuss to any politician.

    It would have to be an all girls cricket match fuh Mia to attend. 😀


  39. ross

    Adrian, the offer of an ear is good but people want recourse, satisfaction and comfort that things will get better. Is this something you can offer confidentailly? Unless you live here, you cannot possibly imagine the frustration of living in Barbados at this time.

  40. Crusty

    BFP Says:
    July 20th, 2006 at 12:54 pm

    “Crusty is part of the BLP Damage-Control Team – formally or not.”

    I am many things, but that is definitely not one of them.
    I would say the same about any person whose comments
    are being misinterpreted.

    Voltaire said:

    I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend
    to the death your right to say it.

  41. John

    Remember when the PM said that Brass Tacks on a Sunday was for malcontents and it would keep Barbadians from taking their normal Sunday rest.

    What was he doing on Brass Tacks last Sunday?

  42. Steve

    Thanks guys, Since a certain minister thinks she is a big maguffy she has lost touch with the average person. I am glad to see she was not allowed to get away with any threats to press or any other freedom. It was about time she received some dick…Sorry I mean stick.

  43. Velzo

    That comment about Brass Tacks by the PM was to try to get Starcom to rethink it. Congrats to them for ignoring his silly comments.

    Are you sure Mia’s comments were not skilfully made to achieve what has, in effect, been achieved i.e. to help you forget about the water park corruption and give the Master Illusionist and Egotist Owen Arthur some air and space to breathe?

  44. passin thru

    If Mia’s comments were to cause BFP to forget about the waterpark, it did not work! 🙂

  45. cat eyes

    So did the PM have a private meeting with the waterpark folk or not? YES or NO. Asked that last week.
    And where did the waterpark folk spend the $2m. We want a breakdown. And did anybody read today that the flyover project is costing $20million more than originally announced? Have heard not one word about that from anybody. The reporter did not even mention what caused the overun on a project that aint start yet!!!!!! $20million more is not two cents. Come on folks!

  46. John

    What is sad is that there seems to have been a full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes attitude.

    Don’t mind it seems to be in conflict with much of the DRAFT NATIONAL STRATEGIC PLAN on points related to ENERGY and THE ENVIRONMENT. Guess that’s why it is only a DRAFT.

    What are we spending this kind of money on cars for?

    Shouldn’t we be trying to reduce their number by improving Public Transport?

    Sorry, the PM says we should not criticise major projects by moaning over where else the money could be spent.

  47. Karma_1

    Mia Mottley is obviously frustrated that she and the Barbados Labour Party are unable to hoodwink the people of Brabdos anymore. Their clothes are being taken off piece by piece and the people of Barbados are seeing what they are truly made of. The BLOGS and programmes such as BRASS TACKS would come in for criticism because they advance democracy, and the Barbados Labour Party is scared of the advance of democracy under the voices of the people. While MIA MOTTLEY and the BLP shudder in their boots the people will continue to speak out and use the blogs to highlight injustice and corruption.

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  50. fergy

    hey hey, free press huh, lets talk about this for real. Mia Mottley-Owen Arthur government restricting the views of the people from going through. Ok if you say so. Or is it that in some cases, such as in the debate for the national strategic plan in parliament, that some of those who one may have thought to have a vital contribution to make, said absolutely nothing. made absolutely no contribution. and this is facts because i was there. That is the leader of the opposition.So indeed, dothose who claim that Miss. Mottley is trying to silence them have anything to say at all? Didnt seem so to me. and please, such is the norm so i expect that this blog wont even get through.

  51. nonvoter

    As most of you will probably have worked out by now, politics is an ancient game of carrot, stick, smoke and mirrors. These guys have had centuries of treachery to perfect this.

    There are a lot of politicians who are only interesed in the soundbites and feathering their own nests. We need to ensure we elect those who will use their office to better this country and those that live here and expose and hold to account those that refuse to.

    If that means careful use of the word “alleged” or perhaps more “passive prose” then so be it, but that should not silence our dissent. In fact should our dissent not be a clear signal that change is needed ?

    So far my vote has gone firmly for “none of the above” as I have yet to see a politician who truley and unequivically is for the people (“ain’t no sense in voting, same song with a different name…”).

    Please may that situation change and soon.

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  53. J. Payne

    Mia you can’t regulate the Internet…… The servers for Barbados Free Press aren’t even on Barbados soil I bet you.

  54. J. Payne

    Her seeming admission of guilt reminds me of the phrase my grandmother used to say. Night will only run until day catches it. Hit politicians with the light of the day and they ready to ban it…..

  55. J. Payne

    Ohhh and here’s another one…

    * How dare the BFP ask the Government of Barbados and Royal Barbados Police Force to take notice of the “Gang members” flashing gang colours on the Internet and informing the officials to keeping a close eye on them for the safety of society.

    Lawd. With advice like that the BFP sure must be trying to “marginalize…parliaments and cause disrespect (for the rule of law and institutions that keep our society safe,)”… Right?

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  57. Leroy McClean

    This comment from Ms. Mottley needs to be revisited in light of the action taken by Antiguan authorities.

    It is obvious that the journalists will get no support from the Barbados government. They have their own record of abuse of journalists.

    Remember Albert Branford was banned from covering Parliament by Burton Hinds (Late BLP Speaker of the House)? Prime Minister Arthur called a Journalist an indentured servant and then had the Speaker remove it from the records of Parliament without an apology.

    However, the BLP has used journalists to their advantage. After the 1994 BLP victory jounalists were appointed as: Personal Assistant to the Prime Minister, Press Secretary to the Prime Minister and two took up positions at the National Cultural Foundation.

    The BLP’s policy on Press Freedom, as espoused by the Deputy Prime Minister, is frighteningly similar to that of China.


    Leroy you should not be a person with a short memory.But nevertheless its one track ,(DLP)thinking. You went all the way back to Hinds/Branford issue,let me refresh your memory How about the issue with the late Dipper and the press conference on CBC with then DLP ememy Harold Hoyte,Further You seem to Forget the Press being banned from your party Annual Conference at Combermere School in the 70’s .Come on Leroy you were employed I think at CBC when The Late Peter Morgan who was the then Minister Of Imformation gave the news room Direction on what was to be Carried blocking all news from the then BLP (opp).You seem not to remember that around that same time the thenLeader of the Opp independence Message was not carried on CBC. Leroy do some research and you will find out who or which party are “press-haters”.Leroy yu too one sided.ah gone.

  59. Verdana

    Come on ladies and gentlemen…it’s very clear that many government people want to see this Nation became like Cuba or China, they are working very hard on it, with not freedom …everybody must obey and keep his mouth shut!! Why relationships are so tight between Barbados and these two Countries??!! Think about it…is just business?

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  62. dick turpin

    Ok there seems to be a lot of trouble here,if your media wont listen then try the UK (the sun for instance)they love a good scandal and this sounds right up there street especially the old lady that had her land stolen by the goverment minister

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