Barbados Boa Snake Caught – 7 Feet Long


A fast-thinking backhoe operator trapped a seven-foot long Peruvian Red Tail Boa snake at Morgan Lewis Hill yesterday.

As we explained in our earlier article Barbados Big Snake Hunt

We have this little problem on Barbados… well, maybe not so little…

Over the years, people illegally imported baby snakes as pets, and then when they became too big to feed – or too dangerous to keep in the house – they just let them go wild. The website of the Caribbean Herpetological Society says that about 10 very large snakes are loose in various places on the island, with the largest being at least 18 feet long…

Seven feet is just a little fella compared with the big daddy 18-footer, but it is nice to know that we have one less big snake to worry about.

Read all about the capture in The Barbados Advocate. (link here)

Photo from the Barbados Advocate – fair trade for the link 


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10 responses to “Barbados Boa Snake Caught – 7 Feet Long

  1. blah

    I have this 12 inch anaconda tha…..hahaha lemme stop, seriously, it was just today I was looking at some videos on snakes when I came across this on youtube.

  2. blah

    so that didnt work, lemme try again!

  3. BFP

    That is pretty gross… but it underlines how dangerous these large snakes can be.

    Yup… the thing swallowed an entire hippo.

    Even Robert’s old girlfriend wouldn’t be safe! Ha ha! 😉

  4. Hipolite

    dat was nasty, i really hate snakes tho.

  5. dallas wood

    you guys are fools. that is a red tail boa and even at its maximum size it could never pose a threat to a human. but hey, way to go and perpetuate unfounded phobias. why don’t you make a story about nasty scary spiders while you’re at it.

  6. J. Payne

    It seem true that particular form of Boa seem pretty harmless.

    You’d probably get a bigger nip from a Jellyfish…..

    (Which on a side note is why Barbados needs to preserve them Turtles to keep the all de Jellyfish population in check.)

  7. Kathy

    Not dangerous? Not poisonous, but a boa could strangle a person, especially a small child, although it would probably not be able to swallow him or her afterwards. The person would still be dead, though.

    Like the 6-foot alligator that was swallowed by a 13-foot python in Miami, see
    Both died, but that would not give me any satisfaction at all if I were the alligator.

  8. Part of the allure of Barbados is that it is/was the only island in the Caribbean free of posonous snakes.

    We all know that the dreaded “fer de lance” (“mapepires” to Trinis) was introduced to Martinique so that the slaves would not try to escape, and that mongoose were brought in to try and eradicate them, but found it easier to eat chicken. Why mongoose were brought to Bim I am yet to learn. Cute pets, perhaps?

    Ireland is the other island famous for its lack of snakes. Jeffrey Archer wrote a marvellous short story in his collection “Twelve Red Herrings” entitled, “There Are No Snakes in Ireland” which may be a warning to us. One day it’s the Giant African Snail, then boas. Who knows what next with all these illegal immigrants. 😦

  9. Jerome Hinds

    greengage , asks ,

    ” Why mongoose were brought to Bim I am yet to learn. Cute pets, perhaps? ”

    Maybe our fellow blogger……Wry Mongoose…..can give us the substantiated answer …..with impunity….!!!

  10. Rumplestilskin

    What…and I missed this?

    Is this quite ironic, or iconic 😉 , that this snake was discovered on Morgan Lewis Hill i.e. near the home of the great Lowdown!

    Surely Hoadie must have commented on this and I missed that too?!

    Alas, I surely would have loved to read his take on the loose snakes thrusting and thrashing in the Morgan Lewis area, giving the young nubile lasses of the area goosebumps and blushes?!

    Such a commentary would be quite amusing, I am sure!