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Young Barbados Sailor Has “The Touch”


From a friend of a friend, we received a photo and an email telling of a young Holetown lad who is becoming someone to watch on and off the water.

Gregory Douglas just had his sixteenth birthday and finds himself competing in Weymouth, Great Britain, where he is a sponsored athlete in the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship 2006. He has skippered Lasers (as in the photo above) and has been racing competitively since he was nine years old.

Says our friend… “The kid can smell the wind. He has the touch on the tiller… instantly likeable… will probably go far…”

And now it looks like Greg is moving up to a whole new class of competition.

Good for you, Greg. Beats the heck out of long-line fishing off Trotter’s Nose.

Link to Volvo Boy’s Single Handed race results here.

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Barbados Sex Workers… or Prostitutes? Words Matter

At the Barbados Free Press, we often have very rowdy discussions about all manner of subjects – from children to politics to condoms in prisons, abortion, sale of land to non-Bajans, education failings and the price of a bit of swordfish.

We are by no means a group in harmony about all things – especially when the “big family” gets together for a party about once a month. Even Shona’s Auntie Moses can get a tad vicious about certain subjects. (Yes, darlin’… Frankie Sinatra was the best singer ever. Really. Yes, we know you saw him in the old yacht club days. Yes, he smiled at you… best singer ever. Really.) 😉

But the one thing we all agree upon is that a prostitute is a prostitute – not a “sex worker”.

Lately, we’ve been seeing the term “sex worker” used by members of government to describe prostitutes. The Nation News has also been leaning to the term “sex worker” when they are not quoting someone.

Words Matter

The term “sex worker” tends to legitimize the, er, “profession”, while the term “prostitute” conjures up the dirty, shameful and illegal aspects of a young girl selling her body to old men who are unfaithful to their wives.

“Sex workers” are legitimate professionals.

“Prostitutes” are diseased women – perhaps of low morality, or enslaved by circumstance or threatened violence.

“Sex Workers” need no rescue.

“Prostitutes” need help, saving, grace, education, prayer and escape while they can.

The reality of “sex workers” is more properly described by the word “prostitute”.

Words matter… and our elected representatives should know the difference between “sex worker” and “prostitute”.

See the Nation News article CWC Lookout for Sex Workers


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