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Changes At Barbados Labour Party Blog


We notice that the Barbados Labour Party Blog (link here) has been going through some changes – using a new format with the party logo now shown. The blog has also added some other sections about the party and cabinet – and the official contact information for the party.

The BLP and Dr. Duguid have been putting some hard work into the party’s blog and this is just the latest change.

Tongue in Cheek though… Have you noticed that when you scroll down to the bottom of the blog, you find that the blog theme is called “Contempt” ?

Good theme, but a terrible theme name to be used by a governing political party! (Don’t get upset, Doc… only poking a little fun on a Monday morning.) 🙂

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State of Barbados Cricket Grounds A Topic In Hamilton Canada


The local newspaper in Hamilton, Ontario Canada seems to be keenly interested in the state of the Kensington Oval and all things happening for the Cricket World Cup 2007.

This is about the third article we’ve seen come up on the newswire from The Hamilton Spectator. I don’t know if they have a Bajan on staff or if someone is just very interested in cricket and Barbados, but it is very encouraging to see CWC mentioned so far away in a non-cricket-crazy country like Canada.

From The Hamilton Spectator…

Cricket Grounds for 2007 World Cup on Schedule

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS Kensington Oval, site of the 2007 World Cup final, will be ready ahead of schedule, say the redevelopers of the Caribbean’s most historic cricket ground.

The 124-year-old stadium was demolished a year ago to increase seating capacity from 16,000 to 28,000, and last month the government reported the cost had jumped by a third to $69.1 million US ($77.9 million Cdn).

Yesterday, new grass was growing in the outfield and remoulded pitch areas, said Miles Weekes, the chief facilities development officer for Barbados.

He said the work, expected to be completed by January, was on schedule and ahead in some areas…

… read the entire article at The Hamilton Spectator. (link here)

map image courtesy of CNN.com (fair trade for the link)

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