DLP Finally Says Something About Barbados Water Park – Sort Of…


Train Pulling Out – DLP Dithers: Get On Board Or Not?

Somebody at the Democratic Labour Party must have realized that the “Save Graeme Hall Watershed” train was leaving the station with everybody on board and they didn’t want to get left behind on the platform.

Oh well – it is hardly leadership, but at least the DLP is now saying something about the proposed water park at Graeme Hall by American developer Mathew Kerins and his company, Caribbean Splash Inc..

Mind you, the DLP haven’t unequivocally stated that they are against putting the water park at Greame Hall. No Sir… that would mean that they would have to have an actual policy on something. So instead of communicating a clear position of opposition to the development, the DLP just released a statement calling for the government to answer questions about the proposal.

Yes, some of the questions in the DLP statement illustrate excellent reasons why putting a water park at Graeme Hall is a bad idea, but Bajans are still left without a straightforward indication as to where the DLP stands on the issue as a party.

Perhaps we are supposed to infer the DLP’s position from the questions they ask?

Sometimes I despair that we Bajans will forever be stuck between a corrupt government and an opposition party that has forgotten that leaders sit in the engine, not in the caboose.

BLP Members Of Parliament Attended Town Hall Meeting – Sort Of…

The DLP statement notes that the two BLP Members of Parliament who attended the recent water park town hall meeting didn’t say a word. In truth, both Dr. William Duguid and Joseph Edgehill remained as silent as frightened school boys not wishing to incur their master’s wrath for speaking out of turn.

While we can appreciate their position of being between a rock and a hard place in terms of not wishing to say too much publically against their own government, the two gentlemen should be aware that for most of their constituents, the water park is a definitive issue.

Unless the water park in Graeme Hall is publically killed dead dead dead (ie: not just deferred until after the next election) – BLP candidates anywhere near the area will have a rough ride against any contenders who clearly oppose the Graeme Hall water park.

DLP Statement

The DLP statement on the Caribbean Splash Waterpark was published in the Barbados Advocate (link here) and in the Nation News (link here).

BLP Blog Tap-Dances

Meanwhile, the Barbados Labour Party Blog tap-dances all around questions of whether the water park developer did meet with the Prime Minister, whether a written agreement of any kind exists between the developer and the government, and the clear statements made by Mr. Kerins that the location of Graeme Hall for the waterpark was chosen by the government.

Relevant BLP Blog articles include…

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10 responses to “DLP Finally Says Something About Barbados Water Park – Sort Of…

  1. william duguid

    It is interesting to see this issue develop when I have been working on this for over a year when the first petition was written and developed by me over a year ago.
    In addition I made my feelings on this matter very clear in the Nation News Paper reaching over 30 000 people. There is no question about my commitment giving every assistance to the residents of theses areas. What I think is unfortunate but expected is that new prospective candidates would find it fit to try to piggy back on an important issue like this simply to promote himself as his sole motive. Where was he when this first came to the attention of the residents.
    Should I then try to speak at the meeting with 300 people especially at a time when the residents of the area were doing a fantatstic job making the case against the water park themselves. I thought not especially as there was a time constraint placed on the meeting and certainly no shortage of very good speakers.

  2. BFP

    Alright, Doc

    We accept your reason for not speaking out at the meeting… and you have made your opposition public.

    But will the Prime Minister listen to you and all who oppose the Graeme Hall location for the water park?

  3. william duguid

    The Town Planner must take note of the views of the residents and if he approves then the PM would also have to be involved. I can not see this project going forward but the process must be allowed to take its course.

  4. West Side Davie

    william duguid said “The Town Planner must take note of the views of the residents and if he approves then the PM would also have to be involved. ”

    We all still be wanting to know if the PM has already met with the water park developer.

    Silence says all far as I be concerned.

  5. William,

    Welcome to the world of Barbados politics. The more progress Barbados makes, the dirtier politics will become because the stakes are higher in the world of money and power.

    I hope you consulted Oh When before you decided to publicly oppose this project.

    The BLP is supposed to be a smooth running political machine so I am sure this issue will die a natural death.

    Compliments to the DLP for leaving the Government to answer the questions.

    Deal with it.

  6. cat eyes

    Dear Willie,
    Enough of the excuses already! The priest told the meeting that due to the nature of the discussions he would give the group all the time in the world. Time constraints what! Your PR positioning in the newspapers was just that. Put your money where your mouth is and meet with the constituents to outline a strategy to spoke the wheels of the developers. Or will you be spoking your PM’s wheels as well?? Come come now. There was no excuse for the BLP MP’s to sit silent and let the residents battle for themselves. In addition, Joe Edgehill has never had a problem speaking out against his own government before. Why now? As we the people see it, this is big money, the stakes are high and there is a lot we do not know and will never know.. Politicians must realise that the constituents today are by and large better educated and more intelligent than they are. The presentations at the residents’ meeting would have proven that. You insult our intelligence with your dog dancing around the issue. Come back to the “30,000 readers” with a strategy Willie.

  7. Jane

    Well said, cat eyes. Yes, “Come back to the “30,000 readers” with a strategy Willie” you too Joe.

  8. william duguid

    At the first meeting a year ago the strategy was a petition. Which was by and large successful. This was submitted and brought to the attention of the PM. Then at the residents only meetting recently I outlined and made it clear that another petition was necessary. Let me explain why, if 14 or 24 or 24 and two MPs get up and speak at a meeting of 200 people that is by no means as forceful as 500 concerned or upset residents signing a petition against a development and delivering it to the Town Planner.
    That is why a second petiton was developed and circulated at the Town Hall Meeting.
    The follow up strategy is two fold.
    1 Do our own this time unbiased survey of the surrounding houses and present that as a counter to the first survey.
    2 Continue to garnish support from other sectors.
    Bear in mind tourist leisure time is finite and if they all flock to this park what will happen to the other tour operators and craft shops and so on.
    While this is going on I can continue to Lobby my colleagues in parliament.

    Hope you now accept this as a startegy that is bound to succeed.

  9. Velzo

    Good political stuff William. Nicely not said and gobbledy for gook.
    Why should William lobby his parliamentary colleagues when Ms. Mottley said just yesterday that parliament is a waste of time since it is dominated by Cabinet (which, in turn, is dominated by the PM). Why not go straight to the top, William?
    I must say that I was never in any doubt that Mr. Stephen Lashley, one of the DLP’s candidates, was clearly stating his opposition to the park.
    I hear BFP, but is the BLP in favour of it or against it? Have you called on the BLP – as a party to get in the engine room and out of the caboose on this? William is the General Secretary of the Party.
    What is happening here is just a lot of kite-flying. The PM likes these issues blown up so he can come in like a kinght in shining armour. I sense that the patience of Barbadians is growing thin.

  10. John

    The PM agrees with Ms. Mottley that Parliament is a waste of time too.

    The phrase “a rubber stamp” is used to describe it.

    Guess it is necessary to have as many parliamentarians as possible as members of the cabinet to spread the cheer and inflict the concept of collective responsibility.

    Liz and Greenland is a perfect example.

    We pay these guys and gals exorbitant sums so they are not tempted to corrupt practices. Few of them are trained or experienced in any way when they are appointed minister.

    Seems to me it would be cheaper if we could do without the minister title and perquisites and let the civil seervice do its job.

    To be stuck with having to pay pensions to unqualified personnel, many of whom make a mess, seems ludicrous.

    Keep the salary and perquisites reasonable and pay on merit.

    All of us yokels face this reality, why not our representatives too.