Barbados Chattel Houses Become American Fashion Statement


Wichita, Kansas might be a long way from Grape Hall, Barbados, but that hasn’t stopped a couple who love Barbados from turning their backyard into a bit of the island. Cyndee and Robin Pollock have made their pool house in the style of one of our chattel homes.

The Wichita Eagle (now, there is a name for a newspaper!) has posted an article on line. No photos of the “chattel home” but we will see if we can dig one up.

From “A Bit of Barbados”…

Cyndee and Robin Pollock retreat to a beach house in Barbados at least once a year. But they’re able to get the get-away feeling just by walking out to their backyard in Wichita, too.

They’ve decorated the inside of their simple brick pool house in Crestview in the bold colors of the chattel houses of Barbados.

Chattel houses are sometimes called the original mobile homes — they were built for plantation workers who often were forced to move from plantation to plantation and could take these tiny houses with them.

Today on the Caribbean island, many of the chattel houses have been converted to craft shops or expanded as residences.

Cyndee Pollock, president of Greenbrier Home & Garden in Wichita, couldn’t resist the charm of the houses, steeply roofed and gabled, with louvred windows and crotcheted curtains. When she and her husband were remodeling their pool house, they decided to mimic a chattel house.

… continue the article at The Wichita Eagle (link here)

BFP photo of chattel-house (now bar) by Shona 


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  1. Barbados in Kansas – Very interesting article. I posted in the blog with a link to yours

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