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Caribbean Splash Waterpark Developer Says Barbados Government “Cannot Back Out Of The Deal…”


Is There A Signed Memorandum Of Understanding?

Hey… we thought we heard from some in the BLP that there was “no deal” (backroom or otherwise) on the proposed Caribbean Splash water park , but Mathew Kerins, the developer and principal of Caribbean Splash Inc. apparently said otherwise at the recent town hall meeting.

From a comment by “Blizzard”, an anonymous poster on this blog…

The abrasive Mathew Kerins claims to have invested “two million dollars of my hard-earned money” on this project. It would be interesting to see this itemised. It would be no surprise to see that a couple hundred thousand dollars had been spent on technical surveys and there was a large proportion unexplained which might have gone to help “persuade” decision makers. It is naive to think this does not happen in business life. It is our duty and right to see it did not happen here.

More frightening was Mr Kerin’s threat that government cannot back out of the deal unless they can prove the project is not viable. There was an outcry at the meeting when he said this.

Read Blizzard’s full comment here.

Did anyone else hear this at the town hall meeting? (I wasn’t there and I can’t contact our source right now)


One of our readers commented…

“Cannot back out of the deal” says Mr. Kernins.

Is there a memorandum of understanding signed by the Gob? (Government of Barbados)

And yet another regular reader comments…

Mr. Kerins sounds like a man who has a written agreement with the Government of Barbados. Would anyone invest 2 million without at least a piece of paper?

Excellent point. Well – how about it? Is there a memorandum of understanding signed by the Government of Barbados and Mr. Kerins?

Better watch out, Mr. Kerins… those “consulting fees” you have been paying won’t be worth a penny if the government changes because they are being corruptly paid and you know it. Not to mention that the citizens are mobilizing.

Our bet? We think that the citizens will win this one and that Matthew Kerins will have to kiss that 2 million dollars goodbye.

Above photo from The Nation News article “Not Here” by Trevor Yearwood. (Excellent article well worth reading… Marcus)

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