Official BLP Blog Declares “Arrogant” Water Park Developer “Should Pack Up His Bags And Move To Another Island.”


Barbados Labour Party Blog Comes Out Swinging

It is almost enough to cause this writer to vote BLP next time – well, perhaps for Dr. Duguid anyway.

The Barbados Labour Party Blog has posted an article Water Park Still Seeking Approval – where one paragraph captures the mood of the vast majority of Bajans…

What was very clear from the meeting is that the residents do not want it at that location and may be an arrogant developer should pack up his bags and move to another island.

The BLP article was written in response to a Barbados Free Press post OUTRAGE! Town Hall Meeting Learns Barrbados PM Arthur Ordered Waterpark Built On Sensitive Watershed!

This story “has legs” as we say in the blogging world. We encourage our readers to carefully consider the BLP Blog article as well as our own post.

Perhaps the Prime Minister can clarify those issues that seem to be raising questions?


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6 responses to “Official BLP Blog Declares “Arrogant” Water Park Developer “Should Pack Up His Bags And Move To Another Island.”

  1. Did anybody tape this meeting?

  2. Blizzard Jr.

    What is VERY clear, is that one person has access to the internet and thinks he can speak fo the majority! All you are doing is poking a bees nest. Anyone who has a brain, and uses it, will see that you are just a miserably jealous person with access to the internet.

  3. BFP

    Our reply to Blizzard Jr….


  4. Matthew Kerins, promoter of Caribbean Splash, claims to have invested $2myn of his “hard-earned” money in the project. He further claims never to have failed in a business deal before. Out of interest I checked on the Internet hoping to find more about a man of apparent wealth and experience.

    The only Matthew Kerins I was able to find is from Brookhaven, NY, president of Bay Area Excavating Co.who made three donations to the Republican Party in 2004 totalling more than $5,000. Is this the same gentleman? I do not know if it is the practice of Government to conduct routine background checks on investors, but it is certainly normal in international business. How much is known of his bona fides?

  5. ross

    Blizzard, I read the BFP often and enjoy it thoroughly. I find BFP pokes Bees, Dees and Pees nests. Which is great as far as I am concerned.

    This is what is supposed to happen in a democracy, if you can remember that far back.

  6. cat eyes

    Bravo ross. How is BFP intensely jealous? By giving people a voice??? This is big fun. Or did the BFP poke your bees nest??
    Blizzard, let some of that cold wind which your name evokes defuzz your brain and maybe you will be aided in recollecting that Barbadso was a democracy up until two seconds ago. And let’s keep it that way, dog bite muh!