Scoundrels! Caribbean Splash Waterpark Meeting Date Confusion – UPDATED


UPDATE: Friday July 7, 2006 9:23am

We are now told verbally that the Caribbean Splash waterpark meeting is in fact still on Monday, July 10, 2006. We are told that the article in the Nation was incorrect in stating that the meeting is tonight.

We cannot find any advertisement from Caribbean Splash Inc.

One of our contacts at The Nation News states that the wrong date was published because “someone” provided the Nation with incorrect information.

We Are Still Unsure Of The Meeting Date

More confusion. No openess and no fair notice from Caribbean Splash Inc. We can’t find any public advertisement of the meeting. Has anyone seen a formal meeting notice from Caribbean Splash Inc.?

Scoundrels, indeed. We don’t trust them anymore.

Original BFP Article…

Just as we predicted… as everyone predicted.

The developers of the controversial Barbados Caribbean Splash Waterpark have once again shifted the date of the long-promised town hall meeting – and once again there was little public notice of the last-minute change.

Long scheduled for Monday, June 10, 2006, the meeting is now “apparently” on for today… Friday, July 7, 2006 at 7pm at the Christ Church Parish Church Centre, Church Hill, Christ Church. We say “apparently” because with all the trickery going on, one can only guess as to whether the meeting will really be held.

The above few lines in last Monday’s Barbados Business Authority was the only notice that we know of, and was sent in by a reader.

After cancelling the previous June 7, 2006 public meeting at the last moment, Caribbean Splash Inc. scheduled another meeting for Monday, July 10, 2006 – which they have now moved to today, Friday July 7th.

As we detailed in previous articles, local residents are charging that the developers of the proposed water park in Graeme Hall, Christ Church, Barbados, faked the results of a published survey and are using unethical methods to control information and to limit public debate.

This latest nonsense is just more of the same.

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4 responses to “Scoundrels! Caribbean Splash Waterpark Meeting Date Confusion – UPDATED

  1. Make sure BFP is represented tonight and Monday night just in case there is a bait and switch happening.

    They may be telling their supporters it is tonight and tell others it is Monday.

  2. william duguid

    I have one of the circulars they sent out and it says the meeting will be monday night. The other meeting was a private meeting of concerned residents, which I attended and spoke at. I imagine the Monday night meeting will be big. Hope to see you there BFP make yourselves known.

  3. I attended the July 7 meeting at Christchurch parish hall and every one of the sixty of so people there are appalled that the project has got this far. We were told that Splash Inc did not pick Graeme Hall, it was given to them by “Government”. It was also made clear that the Ministry of Agriculture, whose land would be leased to the company, did not endorse the scheme, but that the Min. of Planning & Development overruled them. No good reason has been put forward why Min of Planning and Dev is flying in the face of all the expert opinions that it would be a disastrous site. This sounds very odd if not fishy. What is more, it will cheapen the image of Barbados as a “classy” destination to all passing from the airport. Even if the “powers that be” have given the project their blessing, for whatever good reasons, they must rethink the detrimental effect it would have on the island’s image to have a 60 ft waterslide plus all the lights and music etc, right on the main highway!

  4. If Government gave them the site, then there should be an explanation as to why this was done.

    There are still people who do not understand that a “swamp” is a critical part of the ecosystem of a country.

    There are those who would prefer the West coast situation where natural watercourses and swamps were converted to concrete channels and a Hotel built on a swamp (Holetown).

    Nuff respect to Mistah Duguid for getting involved but he better check with Oh when See more Arta.