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Barbados Caribbean Splash Waterpark A Bad Idea For Graeme Hall

No Waterpark At Graeme Hall


(Why building the Caribbean Splash Water Park at Graeme Hall is a bad idea)


1. Executive Summary

2. Is a Water Park a good idea for Barbados?

3. Why the proposed location in the Graeme Hall Watershed is a bad idea.

4. Drawbacks and omissions of studies to date.

A. The Impact Study is incomplete.
B. Failure to recognize that a watershed is an interdependent zone. (Failure to acknowledge that toxic waste flows downhill)
C. Failure to deal with or ignoring the treatment and dispersal of toxic waste
D. Failure to discuss medical, health, and emergency management issues
E. Failure to discuss Barbados’ agreements to conform with all international environmental standards, treaties and agreements?
F. Failure to consult with downstream and adjacent neighbors
G. Omissions and Inconsistencies which Tend to Mislead
H. There is no plan to cope with the mess if Splash fails

I. South Coast Sewerage Project emergency analysis

J. A Petting Zoo?

5. Why not other locations?


Q. Is a Water Park for Barbados a good idea?

A. Yes. It will provide entertainment for tourists and Barbadians, as well as jobs.

Q. Is the proposed location for Caribbean Splash in the Graeme Hall area a good choice?

A. No. It is all wrong.

Read all of this major article here… No Waterpark At Graeme Hall 

Hi folks… I am sooooo late for work this morning, so I have quickly posted this major article. Formating errors will be cleaned up tonight, and we will tell you who authored the article and let you know of further developments.



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Cricket World Cup 2007 Barbados – No Rooms Left?

Is it hype or reality?

The man in charge of organising the 2007 Cricket World Cup has admitted some fans could have nowhere to stay. (link here)
So says the BBC, anyway…

“We will never satisfy 100% of that demand – no world games can,” said tournament director Chris Dehring.

“But we will certainly be satisfying a reasonable amount. I would advise everybody to book early.”

So… truly no rooms or marketing hype? What say all?

Thanks to our sweetheart Jane for the tip! Hey… you wouldn’t be not married by any chance, would you?

Clive 😉


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