Barbados Caribbean Splash Waterpark – Rumours Of Meetings

Hey folks,

Is there anyone out there who can confirm the dates and locations of any public meetings having to do with the Caribbean Splash Waterpark? Did we miss an newspaper or radio announcement?

Previous BFP June 27, 2006 Article:  Monkey Business Expected: Location of Town Hall Meeting For Barbados Waterpark Still Unknown.


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3 responses to “Barbados Caribbean Splash Waterpark – Rumours Of Meetings

  1. Surely the MP for this area should have been informed of any Townhall meetings.

    Right thinking Barbadians should do all they can to preserve Graeme Hall along with Bathsheba, the East Coast and the natural Gullies all over the Island.

    We need green space other than Golf courses.

  2. Jane

    Monday, July 10th from 7 pm at the Christ Church Parish Church Centre, Church Hill, Christ Church –

    Town Hall Meeting to provide further information to the public about the proposed project and to respond to queries.


  3. BFP


    A small note in the July 3, 2006 Barbados Business Authority published by The Nation…

    The meeting is now on Friday July 7th…

    Just as we predicted…