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Barbados Group Calls For Creation of Graeme Hall National Park – Issues Watershed Management Plan – Stunning Revelations


A Barbados group calling itself “Friends of Graeme Hall” today called for the creation of a Graeme Hall National Park and issued a major report that is sure to be on every Government Minister’s desk within hours this morning.

Major Report Contains Stunning Revelations

During the early morning hours, Barbados Free Press received a copy of the meticulously researched 23-page report, Graeme Hall National Park Watershed Management Plan, which is subtitled “(Working Document August, 2005 and updates)”.

Besides calling for the creation of a National Park taking in the Graeme Hall watershed, and providing a Watershed Management Plan for Graeme Hall, the report contains references and analysis that should be of concern to every Bajan.

According to the Report…

– Barbados does not have an applied environmental policy or even a comprehensive management plan for the protection of one of its most valuable assets: the environment.

– Various Barbados Government Agencies are operating without a written environmental management plan or policies. These agencies include Town and Country Development Planning Office, Public Investment Unit, Environmental Unit, Coastal Zone Management Unit, National Conservation Commission, Environmental Special Project Unit, Environmental Engineering Division, Soil Conservation Unit, Fisheries Division and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

A recent engineering report highlights the fact that the Government of Barbados has no Watershed Management Plan at all.

– Barbados Water Authority management authorized the dumping of thousands of gallons of raw sewage into the Graeme Hall watershed from a government facility. Waterbodies and springs in the Graeme Hall watershed were significantly contaminated by the raw sewage. The government does not yet have standards or testing equipment that can tell how serious the ecological damage is or how it will effect humans or wildlife in the future.

– Some Government-approved developments in the Graeme Hall watershed are contrary to the government’s own studies. Over the last 30 years, numerous studies have been undertaken by the Barbados Ministry of Energy and the Environment, Ministry of Tourism, University of the West Indies, Inter-American Development Bank, The Barbados Water Authority and others.

– In speeches and private conversations, senior government ministers including the Prime Minister of Barbados, have underlined the “sheer madness” that would result from any policy that would not preserve the Graeme Hall wetlands.

Prime Minister Owen Arthur Said To Favour Creation Of Graeme Hall National Park

The Friends of Graeme Hall also told Barbados Free Press that Prime Minister Owen Arthur, certain senior Ministers and some other members of the government, including Christ Church West MP Dr. William Duguid, have expressed support for the creation of Graeme Hall National Park in private conversations.

Barbados Free Press Publishes Complete Report

We understand that the virtually every print and electronic news media outlet in Barbados has been sent a copy of the report Graeme Hall National Park Watershed Management Plan.

BFP has published the entire report word-for-word on a special page here.

If you read nothing else for the rest of the year, this is the one document that you should consider fully.


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Barbados Land Expropriation Debate



tr.v. ex·pro·pri·at·ed, ex·pro·pri·at·ing, ex·pro·pri·ates

1. To deprive of possession: expropriated the property owners who lived in the path of the new highway.

2. To transfer (another’s property) to oneself.

Free Online Dictionary link here.

The Barbados Advocate is reporting that the House of Assembly will today debate two resolutions for the compulsory acquisition by the Crown of lands at Westbury Road, St. Michael, for housing development, and a parcel at Greenwich Village, St. James, for road improvement. (Barbados Advocate article here.)

Is It Proper For An Elected Member Of Government To Live On Land That Was Expropriated By The Same Government?

While the House of Assembly debates expropriating privately-owned land for public housing, we ask the question…

Is It Proper For An Elected Member Of Government To Live On Land That Was Expropriated From Another Individual By The Same Government?


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BFP Adds Links For All Barbados Political Party and Candidate Websites

Barbados Free Press now features a comprehensive listing of links to all official websites of Barbados political parties, elected representatives and candidates. To our knowledge, this is the only such list now on the internet, but other websites are certainly free to either copy the list or link to it.

The links appear on a separate page shown in the sidebar menu under “Barbados Free Press – Barbados Political Parties, Candidates”. We will be updating the list as we become aware of new websites and would appreciate your help in keeping the list complete and accurate.

Please email or leave a comment on the links page to inform us of additional websites that should be included in this list.

We will be rotating the party on the top of the list every three months – cycling through all the parties in alphabetical order.

Here is the list of all official Barbados political websites that we know of. So far, it is a pretty short list…

DLP – Democratic Labour Party

Official Party Website – DLP

Ronald Dacosta Jones MP – Christ Church East Central Constituency

PEP – People’s Empowerment Party

No Barbados PEP websites known to us.

BLP – Barbados Labour Party

Offical Party Website – BLP

Official BLP Blog

Elizabeth Thompson MP – Environment Minister – St. James South Constituency Office Website

Dr. William Duguid MP – Christ Church West – Website


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