How Many Illegal Dumps In Barbados? Sanitation Authority Contadicts Environment Minister

Sanitation Service Authority Says 62 Illegal Dumps Plus 97 Problem Areas…

On the matter of illegal dumping, Bourne said there were presently in Barbados some 62 identified illegal dump sites, which had to be cleared by SSA virtually on a weekly basis, and another 97 or so other problem areas.

…Ian Bourne, Public Relations Officer with the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA), who participated in the Schools Recycling Initiative, a seminar hosted by the Solid Waste Project Unit at The Barbados Hilton.

… from the Barbados Advocate

Environment Minister Liz Thompson Says Almost 400 Illegal Dumps…

“There are 266 gully segments found to contain 369 dump sites when the consultants for the Gully Eco-system Management Project did their analysis and survey.

“The waste was found to be bulky, domestic, and construction primarily. There were 49 liquid waste sites in 39 gully segments and distributed garbage over 347 locations in gullies.

“That is really a very large number. Ten thousand tonnes of waste is the volume which we anticipate or have calculated to be there,” said the minister.

Thompson said the worst gullies, in terms of illegal dumping, were located in St Thomas, St Peter, St Michael, and St James. St John and St Andrew have also been “adversely affected, but not as severely”.

The Nation News, July 1, 2006

Thompson raised the question of the practice being a crime that transcended mere dumping. She said there were about 300 dump sites in Barbados, too many for a country that was just 430 square kilometres.

The Nation Newspaper February 8, 2006

Minister Thompson Does Gully Tour – Good. Now…What Next?

Minister Thompson just did a gully tour with a number of agencies attending.

Good, but let’s see some real follow-up.

More on this later.



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3 responses to “How Many Illegal Dumps In Barbados? Sanitation Authority Contadicts Environment Minister

  1. If you examine my statement carefully… I said there 62 illegal dumpsites the SSA deals with and 97 problem areas.

    The Hon. Min. says there are 300 to 400 sites, I do not know how many her Ministry is handling, but it can be checked.

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