Will God Keep Barbados Safe From Hurricanes In 2006?

According to the Nation Newspaper, the Royal Barbados Police Force is conducting four days of hurricane simulation exercises next week. Shona's Auntie Moses read the story in the paper and advised all at the table last night that if we all pray hard enough and often enough, God will keep Barbados safe from hurricanes. She also said that over the years, Barbados has seen fewer hurricanes than many other places in the Caribbean because so many Bajans pray.

Auntie Moses, that is probably as good an explanation as any as to why Barbados doesn't get hit as often as some other countries – and we will pray every day…

… but we are also filling up those water jugs and making sure the torches have fresh batteries.


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2 responses to “Will God Keep Barbados Safe From Hurricanes In 2006?

  1. Those of you who haven’t done so yet, should think of how to secure your houses.

    God has blessed you with the intelligence to protect yourselves in the event of a Hurricane.

    I hope a hurricane never hits Barbados but you never know what can happen.

  2. Comment Maker

    I was in Grenada three days after Ivan hit.

    They prayed too.