Royal Barbados Police Force Paying Paupers’ Wages – Government Wonders Why Not Enough Recruits

UPDATED: August 8, 2011

Pay Police Officers a fair wage!

This article was published over five years ago here at Barbados Free Press. Can anyone tell me what has changed since then?

Original article published June 25, 2006…

Exodus From Police Force is Driven By Low Wages

Barbados needs an immediate 130 new Police Officers, but few Bajans are applying for employment with the RBPF.

I can’t blame young people for not wanting to jump into a generally thankless policing career – especially a “career” that pays about the same as a garbage-truck driver.

Memo to Prime Minister Arthur:

According to a Nation News article, so few Bajans want to join such a low-paying job as the Royal Barbados Police Force that we are considering hiring non-Bajans to police our country.

Do you see anything wrong with this situation, Mr. Prime Minister?

Try this potential solution, Mr. Prime Minister: Spend less on cricket circuses for the elites – instead pay police officers a fair wage.


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9 responses to “Royal Barbados Police Force Paying Paupers’ Wages – Government Wonders Why Not Enough Recruits

  1. …..This is one of my peeves. I always wanted to be a Barbadian policeman, and when i did look into it, the pay turned me away. I decided that i could make more money, smiling in the tourist industry. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in PC Quarless shoe right about now, who will be facing a possible career ending investigation for doing his job in a thankless community. Tourist pay for good service, some community residents will cut your throat for daring to protect them. Today it aint only the pay, law abiding citizens just are not interested in risking their lifes to police lawless people who have more rights than they do. Liberal progressivism in Barbados is turning good people away from public service. Let the Lawyers do the policing.

  2. John

    CSME should be providing a large pool of labour. If this isn’t working already, we could try the UK or USA and throw in some vacation stay at a local Hotel as one of the perks.

    Guadeloupe and Martinique have Gendarmes from France, why can’t we have one or two Bobbies or State Troopers.

    It was rumoured that some undercover cops from over and away posing as tourists dealt with a situation affecting the tourists a couple of years ago.

    So maybe you can get your wish. Join up in the USA and prepare.

  3. John

    ….. lawyers are some of the most corrupt individuals in Barbados. Besides, they aspire to be politicians, not policemen.

  4. John

    …….. oh yes, and judges!

  5. Tony

    Things will never change as far as the police are concerned. Respective governments have just given lip service. It is amazing that recently a lot of government departments were crying out about bad working conditions. Dilapidated buildings. Years ago the police were working in poor conditions along with poor salaries. This is 2006. They are still working in poor conditions along with poor salaries. Nobody cares! Does the government really think or care about attracting recruits? I dare say NO. Just lip service. I have lived it.

  6. miss. bless

    what do you expect do you know how corrupt this country is? look what they are doing to violet , lawers taking her money for 22 years , and doing nothing for her . now they want to give her land to americans . where are these poor people live , after all they are born here.

  7. Lynne

    I have spent the last 18 years in Canada in the Police world and would love to share my thoughts and ideas on how to improve the force in Barbados. I’ve been to Barbados a few times now and think with the right political powers supporting and pushing for change the RBPF could poise itself as a great force and an excellent career choice.

  8. yatinkiteasy

    What do police earn anyway?As much as a teacher? More?
    They dont have to pay for working clothes and boots, so their net take home might not be bad.Just asking.

  9. just want to know

    This was written in 2006, 5 years ago. with a new Government, has anything changed for the better? Just asking.