Barbados Nation News Sets Trap for DLP – Democratic Labour Party

An editorial in The Nation News claims that the Prime Minister will not call a general election in Barbados anytime soon – and calls upon the opposition DLP to relax and "take its lead on timing from the BLP…"

Would A Friend Ever Give Such Advice?

Perhaps the Nation News is just trying to stimulate some conversation with the editorial (link here) – because any fool knows that the Dems are in total disarray, The DLP won't stand a chance unless they pick their candidates now and allow time for new faces to develop a presence in their communities.

The timing for the election may well be as the Nation News predicts – just after the Cricket World Cup – or it could be a snap election this fall, which makes more sense to some.

But whatever the timing of the next election, the DLP had better keep the throttle at full steam ahead and try to work harder and smarter.

After all – the DLP can't even get a simple website together after a year of "under construction". With organizational skills like that, the DLP gang had better not "relax" too much.

Official DLP Website here (such as it is)

The Nation News Editorial: The Essence of Timing



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3 responses to “Barbados Nation News Sets Trap for DLP – Democratic Labour Party

  1. Wait the DLP is a victim now? The party that wish to convince the voting public that is has what it takes to run 21st century Barbados, can be misled by a measly newspaper? schuuppse. The DLP says that the poor people of Barbados needs to be recued from the BLP. I think that most persons in need of rescue would relish their chances with a Knight in shining armour, and certainly not another or fellow victim. 😀

  2. BFP

    Hey Adrian

    The DLP is hardly a victim. All we are saying is that the advice to “relax” and follow the BLP lead is bad advice. The DLP had better keep their backs into it if they hope to have any chance at all of forming the government.

  3. John


    Isn’t Thompy the son of a Knight?

    You contradict yourself!!