Did High Court Judge Cornelius Resign Her Barbados Central Bank Position?


Way back on February 3, 2006, Barbados Free Press wrote of the appointment of Jacqueline Cornelius as a High Court Judge…

Welcome to your new office, Madame Justice Cornelius. Now, do you intend to resign from your position on the Board of Directors for the Central Bank of Barbados? The bank’s web site still shows you as a Director, and with all those law suits brewing and you now sitting on both the Bench and the Board of Directors – wouldn’t it be better for the appearance of Justice if you resigned from one of the positions?

Must be an oversight. We’re sure you’ll correct it the minute that somebody draws your attention to this posting.

Yesterday, June 22, 2006, a "Madam J. Cornelius" commented on the original post…

"Even the most preliminary research or inquiry would have revealed that upon my appointment I resigned as a director of the Central Bank."

Barbados Free Press Responds To Commenter "Madam J. Cornelius"…

Well, commenter "Madam J. Cornelius"… even the most preliminary research or inquiry on your part would have revealed that the website of the Central Bank of Barbados still shows Jacqueline A.R. Cornelius as a Director on June 23, 2006.

As we said… it is all about appearances, and as long as the Central Bank of Barbados website still shows Jacqueline A. R. Cornelius as a Director, then we will continue to ask whether or not Madam Justice Cornelius did in fact formally resign from the Board and upon what date this supposedly happened.

If the resignation was not published at the time, how do we now know that any resignation letter hasn't been back-dated?

As we said – it is all about appearances, Madam Justice…

On Barbados it is especially important that justice must always be seen to be done as we have very little transparency and accountability enshrined in law. Frankly, we are very surprised that almost five months after we first mentioned it, Madam Justice Cornelius hasn't had her name removed from the bank's website.

So, Madam Justice Cornelius, if you did resign, pick up the telephone and remind the Central Bank of Barbados to remove your name from the published list of Directors.

But again, if the resignation of Madam Justice Cornelius from the Central Bank Board of Directors was not published at the time of her appointment, how do we now know that any resignation letter hasn't been back-dated?

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Graphic: Screen capture of Central Bank of Barbados website showing Board of Directors as of June 23, 2006, 03:10:47hours GMT.


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20 responses to “Did High Court Judge Cornelius Resign Her Barbados Central Bank Position?

  1. honeybee

    What do you expect from a Third World Country? Mediocrity, of course. Barbados has a long way to go to get past the Thrid World attitude. Unfortunately, the leaders of Third World Countries, for obvious reasons, consider transparency and integrity unimportant.

  2. ross

    Are you saying that Barbados is a “Banana Republic”?

  3. Jane

    The topic of judges is very close to my heart.
    Could the BFP please do a piece on past and present Barbados judges and the judiciary?
    Many of our eminent judges have also served in other territories as well as Barbados.

  4. Comment Maker

    The question that I would ask the BFP is did you call to check that the website was not current before “going to press”?

    I would say that before alleging a conflict of interest by a high court judge the very least you could do is double check your source. If you don’t do that then you are smearing the reputation of a blameless judge with innuendo.

    Once M. Cornelius did resign then the fault is that of the Central Bank, you are crucifying an innocent here.

  5. Jane

    If we want to play in the Global game then it is high time we adopt a more professional attitude.
    It is unacceptable that the Central Bank website, or any other site as important as this, is not updated on a timely basis.
    We cannot afford to display outdated information in such a critical area for the world to view via the internet.

  6. ross

    Is it true that these Barbados judges did this horrible thing in the Turks & Caicos Islands? If they did do it, why weren’t they disciplined and imprisoned in Barbados for criminal conduct?


  7. honeybee

    I hope David Commissiong sees this.

  8. wonder if

    I wonder if you guys bothered to confirm from the central bank if Justice Cornelius resigned when she was appointed. if you are making comments as a journalist surely its the least you could do? seems you are trying to create a story where there is none, and cover all your bases by implying that veryone would lie and ceate a cover up if it turns out that central bank says she did resign.

    makes me doubt your motive really. wonder if anyone else feels the same way.

  9. ross

    The point is that her name was still on the list of Board members on the Central Bank website.

  10. i looked

    and it is not there.the real point is whether she resigned, not whether it was posted. i know public servants have a higher standard, but its amazing that a blog (who have no trnsparency or accountability) can make coments which they could be sued for if they made it under their own names.

    Yet you want ” transparency and accountability”. IS THIS A MAN IN THE MIRROR?

  11. John

    i looked

    The Central Bank of Barbados advertises “way back” in February that a particular person is a director.

    BFP points out the anomaly and asks the particular person a question regarding the appearance of justice.

    That particular person in June (4 months later) states clearly that she is no longer a director and has not been since her appointment. BFP carries her comments.

    The website of the Central Bank continues to display her as being a director, despite her comments and denials.

    In August, you looked and found that the particular person’s name was no longer advertised by the Central Bank of Barbados as being a director.

    Are these the facts?

    Now, suppose I live in Timbucktoo and on April 1 I decide I want to know of the composition of the board of the Central Bank. I can’t just trot on down to the corporate registry in Belmont.

    So I look on the website of the Central Bank….. I mean THE CENTRAL BANK …. duh.

    What would be my conclusion on August 12th when I discover the site was misleading me when I looked on April 1? … I mean apart from the fact that I was an April fool?

    Shouldn’t the suit be directed at the Central Bank for the improper use of an individual’s name?

    Seems BFP has done the person a favour by correcting a misconception that could easily have been had and raising a flag months before any clarification was issued.

    If on April 1 I had also been looking at sites like the Nation, or the Advocate …. or Barbados Free Press, I wouldn’t have been an April fool if I had realised that the CENTRAL BANK site needed closer scrutiny. Actually, the first two wouldn’t have helped me, both subsribe to your philosophy.

    Still, I might have been misled on April 1 because no denial that the person held the post had been made by the person, or the CENTRAL BANK.

    Now, on August 12 I know that:

    1) the certain person resigned when she received another appointment.

    2) the website of the Central Bank requires careful reading

    3) if I want to find out anything about the board of the Central Bank, I need to hop on a plane, travel half way across the globe, and trot on down to Belmont Road.

    Alls well that ends well.

    I can work with that from my desk in Timbuctoo!! Just need to let my boss know I will be traveling to Barbados in the future. Could be fun!!

  12. John

    A good way to increase tourist arrivals!!

  13. John

    i looked

    The boss isn’t buying it. Reckons I can search Corporate Affairs on the Internet and check it out without having to fly all the way to Barbados.

    Yup, they have a site. This e government thingy looks good.

    I decide to try the free service first and look up Central Bank, or Central Bank of Barbados.

    Nope, Corporate Affairs reckons Central Bank or Central Bank of Barbados don’t exist on their statutory registers.

    But I am not discouraged. There is a page long disclaimer that starts like below.

    Hey look, the last time it was updated was April 8th, 2006. If Central Bank or Central Bank of Barbados even existed in its statutory registers it mightn’t help because in April, the Central Bank (according to its website) did not seem to know of the resignation.

    I might just get the flight after all.

    Nope, he says to keep trying, he isn’t paying for me to go to Barbados.

    Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office

    Internet Search Facility
    The database was last updated on Saturday, April 08, 2006

    Disclaimer and Conditions of Use

    The Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office offers this limited Internet Search Facility as a free service to the public as a quick reference for the purpose of enabling persons to ascertain whether or not a particular company, business name, charity or society could possibly be registered in our various statutory registers.

  14. BFP

    Hi Folks

    Once again, some of you don’t understand that this is all about the appearance of Judicial independence. Those who think appearances don’t matter also shrug when we point out that it looks bad for a Minister of Government to end up living on land that his government previously expropriated.

    The Central Bank has now changed its website many months after we pointed out that Her Honour’s name was still shown as a director – so I guess someone finally realized that this was a potential conflict of interest for Her Honour.

    Now… can someone tell us how we are to know that Her Honour did, in fact, resign before her appointment? I guess we can take her word for it or the bank’s “word” for it…

    And we will have to take their “word” for it…

    … because if the resignation was not publicized at the time, how is the public to know that the resignation was not back-dated only in response to our articles?

  15. pat

    On Feb 3 when you carried the story when was the site last updated before then?

  16. pat

    and its not on the register because its not a company.And why would someone resign BEFORE an appointment? And why do you think the whole world knows about this site?I read the beginning of the story and it was posted 3 days after she was apointed. I think you wanted a story whatever the real faxts.

    But I think you did her a favour by bringing it to her attention.

  17. buck

    Free Press must know that corruption on the high court bench started and ended with elliott belgrave leave out cornelius why you think the chairman of the prison commision called for a stop to interference belgrave will do anything for a dollar extortion of litigants was childs play but belgrave is a rotten dem barrow put he dey dont mind he called sandi a lil black boy that en come from no way that is why the appeal court threw out all of his cases lemma hear yuh

  18. Royalrumble

    Buck, you hit the nail right on the head when it comes to this DLP dog on two feet call Belgrave. There is nothing honourable about him now, in life nor will there be anything honourable about him in death.

    I am certain that God is going to have to build a special place in hell to house the likes of Belgrave, Evelyn Greaves, Phillip Greaves,Sleepy Smith, David Thompson, Marson Gibbs and the lot.

    If any judge deserves to be lock away in prison it is Belgrave. Is this the same judge that ones called a plaintiff in a case that he was presiding and told him that he, Belgrave was going to deliver judgement in his favour the following day to the tune of $5000,000 and wanted know what was in it for him?

    Before you Dems start to express your views on morality and what is wrong and right you should do some house cleaning.

    I know quite a lot about the personality flaws of this Belgrave. Buck what else do you know? Maybe we can compare notes. And to the Dems wants to talk about Cornelius. She is but a mere babe to compare with these anti-christ.

  19. Solomon

    I am appalled at the amount and level of accusation aimed at Madam Justice Cornelius over an alleged incident in her past legal practice and which is now trailing her in her present status as one of our esteemed High Court Justices vis a vis the Central Bank of Barbados.

    I stand in defence of the hapless lady, not only because I sincerely believe like Mr. Buck that she is innocent, but because a pure shameless vagrant like Elliott Fitzroy Belgrave has risen from the gullies and sewers of Boscobelle to the heights of Pine Gardens only by dint of his cronic trademark thievery and consumate brazen dishonesty.

    Let it be known that this scum of the legal profession has hitherto as Deputy Registrar of the Supreme Court, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, and as a High Court Judge, engaged in harrasment of lawyers, litigants and unfortunate poor persons peddling justice for sale all for the sake of his own personal filthy enrichment.

    Today he sits next to two emminent gentlemen for whose personal image I fear contamination, save only that I have sufficient confidence in the integrity in Sir Austin Lisle Ward, and the Reverend Gentleman Andrew Hatch, that neither of them will permit the seepage of effluent from Belgrave to tarnish the reputation which has been with both of them for and during all of and each of their distinguished generations.

    Then Prime Minister Barrow who had the insidious task of elevating the scoundrel Elliott Belgrave to the Bench, said in a private conversation, but which is very much now well known, that he (Barrow) knew and was well aware that Belgrave was indulging in heinous illicit practices as DPP, but that he (Barrow) thought then that Belgrave could do less harm as a Judge. Prime Minister even thenquestioned the derivation of the Master of Arts degree that Belgrave claims. Did he steal that too?

    Were it not for the after dark intervention of proprietor of Howard’s Super Market, it was the determined intention of Prime Minister Barrow to dismiss double dealing Elliot Belgrave as DPP.

    My final plea and fervent submision is for Belgrave to recuse himself from this current commission, before much more is made public about him and the very purpose and report of the commission placed in jeapardy.

    Will there be more? Perhaps.

  20. BFP


    That Royalrumble and Solomon are one and the same having a conversation with themself.

    That is a whole lot of trouble and typing for a private agenda, don’t you think?

    BFP george