BLP General Secretary Duguid Joins Fight Against Caribbean Splash Waterpark Location


The General Secretary of the governing Barbados Labour Party has joined the battle to have the proposed Caribbean Splash Waterpark located away from the Graeme Hall Wetlands.

Dr. William Duguid, who is also an elected member, announced his position yesterday on the Barbados Free Press. Commenting on the BFP article Barbados Caribbean Splash Waterpark – Faked Survey, Spin Control and Other Monkey Business, the Secretary General had this to say…

"I am very concerned with this matter. I do not believe that the location is the correct one and maybe some other location should be found. This location I believe is unsuitable and the residents are quite rightly making their feelings felt. I have already assisted the residents on my side with a petition and I will continue to help in this matter."

Dr. William Duguid, BLP General Secretary to Barbados Free Press (link here)

Shoutin' at you Doctor! Good to have you on board. Hopefully you will be able to convince your fellow members of the Government that while Barbados must continually work to attract tourists, to locate a waterpark in the last major wetlands on the island is criminally short-sighted.

We can all work together to find a proper location for this major tourist attraction, but Bajans will not let it be built in or near the Graeme Hall Wetlands.

And since it is the Government of Barbados that is about to lease the land to the Caribbean Splash Waterpark, all that Prime Minister Owen Arthur has to do to prevent this abuse is to say…


Just say the word, Prime Minister. Save the Graeme Hall Wetlands and many Bajans will work with the developer and the government to make the waterpark successful at a proper location.


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11 responses to “BLP General Secretary Duguid Joins Fight Against Caribbean Splash Waterpark Location

  1. I guess we will have to start building Sea Walls soon.

    Disappearing swamps leaving buildings venerable
    06-21-2006 — STARCOM Network News

    “At least 90 per cent of Barbados’ mangrove swamps have disappeared as development takes place along the island’s coast.

    And Acting Director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit, Dr. Lorna Inniss says the situation is translating into less protection for buildings constructed along the coast.

    She told Starcom Network News that reduction of these swamps, as well as healthy coral reefs makes these structures more vulnerable to storm surges and tsunamis.”

  2. Jane

    It is heartening to see a politician who is thinking long term about what is best for this country and is being guided by basic common sense.

  3. Tell the truth Jane, only if he was a DLP politician, life would be really good. 😀

  4. Jane

    I am not sure about that, Adrian.

  5. John

    Tell the truth Adrian, how many politicians are there who actually take a position on anything vaguely controversial?

    Give Jack his jacket.

    Now if we could get him to speak to the Oil up Gibbons Boggs or the lunacy of Apes Hill, or the ham-fistedness at Bathseba, or Six Mens or ……. we might have us a politician in the making with a national outlook.

    The stand on Graeme Hall still has a ring of enlightened self interest about it as it relates to Mr Duguid’s constituency. But it is a start.

    Nuff respect William, but there is alot more to be done. This country is in a mess.

  6. William Duguid

    Thanks all. I came to politics for just these reasons. Let us be clear I am working on the Bathsheba sewerage problem. The info is that it comes from a farmer up hill. Apes Hill is beyond my control and I think that the investment is good for Barbados and yes there is still loads of land available for all of us. Gibbons Boggs is sub judice and it would not be a good idea to get involved in it at this stage but I have done some work on it behind the scenes.

  7. William Duguid

    London is great at this time of year.

  8. John


    The issue with Apes Hill goes beyond land. It is about water. You will find that like Westmoreland, it is more about financial gain for a few at the expense of a sustainable supply of water for the many.

    Who is fighting whom at Gibbons in Court? I think I missed this.

    I would guess given the nature of the soil that the sewage at Bathsheba is a product of many sources. The farmer angle I have never heard but suspect someone is looking for a scapegoat and where else but a farm could one be found.

    But in addition at Bathsheba, what about the Hillcrest Development and the confusion?

    And Sixmens……

    I agree, London is great at this time of year, test cricket, Wimbeldon, long days, warm sunshine, theatres, museums, man …. but don’t get too carried away and forget we have some problems back here that need fixing.

  9. william duguid

    The farmers have taken shell to court and are in the settlement phase.
    The Apes Hill project I understand will have their own water and sewerage treatment systems. You will need ti give me some more info on the Hill Crest and Sixmen’s Problems.

    The Bathsheba sewerage problem is definitely being assessed by the Health Department I understand at the request of the residents who informed me that they suspect the farmer uphill.

    On my way home today after meeting with the EU in Vienna to discuss the plight of Small Island States. Had a long and heated debate with Peter Mendelson Commissioner of the EU about their policy about open trade for Aid and the Economic Patnership Agreements.

    All problems can not be tackled or Financed at home some can be tackled abroad and maybe financed from the EU.

  10. John


    Hope you had a safe flight home yesterday. Just a few comments and questions.

    Do you have a case number on the farmers vs shell so I can ask an attorney to get a copy of the court file? I am interested to see what is being said by whom.

    Apes Hill goes beyond sewerage treatment. If you believe what you have been told about having their own water you have been pretty badly conned.

    Just do a search on Hillcrest in Nationnews or BFP or look at some of the letters from some of the residents in the local papers.

    Ditto Sixmens. Something fishy is going on down there!!

    Ask the Bathsheba residents to take you and show you the farmer. There is a good aerial photo from Barbados Photo Gallery you can take a look at there or on BFP which has linked to it. Its from 2002 but I am sure Mr. Mendes could get you one of a more recent vintage.

    Glad to know you are involved in the plight of the Small Island Development States. Brings back memories of the Village of Hope, Dr. Hudson and the UN Conference back in 1994. They were heady times. Hope you had a chance to talk with Colin before he was taken from us. He was a fount of wisdom and knowledge.

    Check out on the Web the types of problems with water other small island developing states have and how they are addressing them. Pick an island’s name and add water in Google. You will see we are not alone.

  11. william duguid

    Thanks John I will start the various investigations and report back.