Barbados Landship: True Words By Chief Justice Sir David Simmons


Can the Chief Justice Revitalize Barbados Landship?

For those unfamilar with the Barbados Landship movement, here is what is written on the Barbados Government culture website (link here)

The Barbados Landship

Barbados is the only country which boasts a "landship" movement – a navy that never goes to sea.

Established over 100 years ago, through the initiative of Moses Wood a retired seaman, the fleet is commanded by an Admiral and has incorporated all the ratings of the British Navy. The Club House is the ship that always carries the prefix BLS (Barbados Landship) before its name. Before Independence, the prefix was always HMLS (Her Majesty's Landship).

The ship's crew wears uniforms similar to those – worn – in a professional navy, and are trained and disciplined in the manner of the military. The language of "Jack Tars" is used. The landship attends church services and parades with their corps of drum (a tuk band). Their manoeuvres are gala affairs, packed with excitement, rhythm and movement.

Missing in this description is the sense of comradeship, public duty and personal discipline that the Landship members gain from their time spent with the organization. Chief Justice Sir David Simmons is well aware of the benefits of the Barbados Landship to individuals and to society, and he has pledged to revitalize the movement.

The Nation Newspaper carries an account of the Chief Justice's remarks made last Sunday (11th) at the Barbados Landship meeting (link here). His remarks are well worth reading. Parents should encourage their children and all young people to participate in an endeavor that will benefit them all their lives.

Nation News photo: Patron of the Barbados Landship, Chief Justice Sir David Simmons (right), and Anglican priest Canon Noel Burke (centre) listening to Landship leader Captain Vernon Watson tracing the development of the movement. (Picture by Clifton Henry.)

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17 responses to “Barbados Landship: True Words By Chief Justice Sir David Simmons

  1. A chief Justice with no credibility, to my mind the Original owner of the nick name “wuk fuh wuh” now held by Glyne Clarke. It is easy to be cynical of the system when such persons are it’s prominent benificieries. If a Prime Minister did not have to use pensions, PLACEMENTS, and legal curroptions to maintain his/her place, as is the case with our system of government, this man could not otherwise be granted such a respected position, and then we preach the gospel of hard work and rewards to our young people, no wonder in my mind why they are so disallusioned.

  2. BFP

    Hello Adrian

    As you know, I had a tremendous objection to Mr. Simmons being appointed as Chief Justice – and I still do object.

    How can justice be seen to be done when the Chief Justice who is supposed to decide cases against the government was only a few weeks prior to his appointment, a major figure in that government?

    Not to mention still a good old drinking buddy of the PM over at…. you know…. that restaurant at the Gap. Fancy place where they close off the upstairs whenever the PM shows up?

    Do you know the place Adrian? Anybody else? Dr. Duguid?

    heh heh πŸ˜‰

  3. BFP

    I was going to continue by saying, “but now that the Chief Justice is the patron of the Landship, let him do the best he can to assist the movement”…

    …. but then I saw this in the Advocate…

    from the article…

    “It is hoped that Sir David ensures that the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Social Transformation and the National Cultural Foundation all play key roles in the restoration of the Landship, but this may not be such an easy task.”

    Well – wait a minute here. It is hoped that the Chief Justice will use his influence upon the government to benefit Landship….

    … but what ever happened to “As Chief Justice, I am independent from the government”?

    Can’t have it both ways!

  4. David Simmons is a loser in many ways, I have no respect for him.

    …..wuh place???? Braddies place? wait since he got sick eating pudding n’ souce up in de Pine he shift places?

    ….Yes he can have it both ways, because i believe his silence and cooperation with Owen was bought and paid for with this chief judgeship. Mixed governments are some of the most day to day corrupted forms of governments there is, and can only succeed and continue with the ignorance and apathy of the citizen.

  5. BFP

    Adrian… I am surprised that you don’t know “the place”!

    How about it folks? Name the restaurant that closes the upstairs when the PM shows up!

  6. Adrian

    wuh would you be surprise? I am not nor have i been a yardfowl, or cared much about de shortman to know such information, and if i did know anything about him i would not keep if a secret, so send me an email with de dirt so i can put out there, I love doing such things. BTW if you got any info that could substantiate that Tom Adams is indeed Thompy father past that on, and if you can help me confirm or refute any relationship between Thompy stepfather a Mr. Pilgrim who bought a plantation somewhere in St.Thomas and George Pilgrim current GS of the dlp past that on too. πŸ˜€ Back tuh de PM it was rumoured that he went to florida to get married, so that would suggest that he and Beverly broke up fuh good, so who is new wife? that he did not invite the good people of Barbados to wedding with?

  7. ross

    Adrian, did you hear that Beverley is building a hotel in Guyana? I going send you the details.

  8. Wrong Beverly Arthur: The one i know is Beverley Jeanne Batchelor, Jamaican, who owned some store up at quayside mall.

  9. ross

    I have been told that the lady in the photograph is not Owen Arthur’s wife. Thanks, Adrian, for clearing that up.

  10. John

    ….. ex wife

  11. John

    He is a batchelor now.

  12. Anonymous

    Sure thing!

  13. Anonymous

    La?rd, a wen Owen go stop womanize

  14. Thanks alot this didn,t help me at all. Try putting pictures of the landship please.