Why Is China Giving Money To Barbados?

A few excerpts from a report by PINR

China's forays into Latin America are part of its grand strategy to acquire "comprehensive national power" to become a "global great power that is second to none."

… Nonetheless, Beijing's relations with the region are neither too cozy nor frictionless. For Latin America and the Caribbean countries, China is an enviable competitor and rival, potential investor, customer, economic partner, a great power friend and counterweight to the United States, and, above all, a global power, much like the United States, that needs to be handled with care.

The report concludes…

China's influence in Latin America cannot supersede that of the United States. U.S. trade and investment in Latin America not only dwarfs that of China, but its economic engagement is also qualitatively different from that of China — as a provider of high-tech and knowledge-based goods and services. The enormous power asymmetry between China and the United States, and Beijing's domestic development priorities, ensure that the Chinese leadership will continue to steer clear of direct confrontation with Washington.

Read the entire report here.


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9 responses to “Why Is China Giving Money To Barbados?

  1. Comment Maker

    It is to Barbados’ benefit to cultivate a relationship with China. If for no other reason than as a way of keeping the US concerned.

    In a world where the US can cut off military aid because they do not like Barbados’ position on the international court against war crimes, the possiblility that we MIGHT move closer to China, or that the Chinese MAY offer us an alternative SHOULD give the US a moment of pause.

    China’s growth as a superpower is good for us in the Caribbean.

  2. BFP

    Good points all, Comment Maker.

    My major concern with moving closer to China is that the despotic communist elite has been waging war on our Chinese Christian brothers and sisters since 1947 – complete with torture, murder and unjust imprisonment for the offence of knowing Jesus.

    …or for simply possessing a Bible.

  3. Comment Maker

    I think it was Kissenger who said “countries do not have friends, they have interests”.

    You could potentially find something distateful about every country we have relations with, but I think that we need to focus on what is the best thing for Barbados.

    In this vein, the relationship with the US is not a friendship, but about our interests. They view it as such, as can be seen from Shiprider, OECD etc. etc. which I’m not beating up on them for, but I think we need to recognise exactly what the exchange is about.

    Given the disparity of size our bargaining position is very weak in this game, UN Votes, Drugs, Immigration, China are some of the very few cards that we have to play. Like it or not the US cares about China’s forays into Latin America, if we deal with China, the US notices, the rest of the time we fall below the US radar.

  4. BFP

    All very true, Comment Maker. Barbados is a very small fish in a big sea, and we do fall under the radar regularly – even with Britain, who, one would think, might be more inclined to look upon us with more affection than the USA and certainly China.

    Once again though, I have a difficult time cozying up to evil men who persecute people who love Jesus.

    And cozying up to China is like those in the Europe who once tried to cozy up to Germany to stem Britain’s influence. They dismissed the moral aspect of their relationship and said, “Well, yes, Hitler does kill a lot of Jews, but he makes the trains run on time.”

  5. Comment Maker

    Why should Britain “look at us with affection”? To the extent that it happens its good but we certainly should not depend on it. Particularly in these days of the EU (just look at sugar and bananas)

    We are independant. This is what we signed up for when we became “firm craftsmen of our fate”.

    I do think that comparing China with Nazi Germany is going a bit far… I don’t want to go down this line but you can find nasty things about every country large and small including the US and UK (particularly if you look at the UK’s colonial experience)

  6. Barbados is following the rest of the Capitalist Countries.

    China and India are going to be major players in the future.

  7. BFP

    Hi Folks

    Yes, I understand where the realpolitik folks are coming from.

    And yes, I know about what happened during Britain’s and USA’s imperial days in the late 1800’s.

    But to my knowledge, neither Britain nor the USA in this present time kidnap pregnant women, tie them down and forceably rip the child from their womb as state policy. I haven’t heard of the USA or Britain jailing anyone for possessing a bible, or issuing a death sentence for credit card fraud or copyright violations.

    What I am saying is that all the realpolitik aside, on a moral level, dealing with most other countries is fundamentally different than dealing with a China that uses violent oppression against their own people.

    Bajans certainly understood this during the time when South Africa was under the rule of white elities.

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  9. naturalbajan

    All I got to say is that you all better learn to speak mandarin, cause one day coming there just might be a different type of soldier on the streets.