Caribbean Cricket Broadcaster Mocks Hindi Accent On Air

Titilayo from Gallimaufry Blog thinks that for a Caribbean broadcaster to mock a Hindi accent on air is "not cricket".

We agree, and it reminds us of a time when British broadcasters in Barbados would mock Bajan accents on air… or when certain jokes would be told in public at the yacht club.

Titilayo has the full story and the supporting links here. An excerpt taken from her blog…

One of the members of the Cricket Plus team was interviewing a visiting commentator from India and invited him to do a bit of commentary for the match, first in English and then in Hindi. Which I thought was really cool, until the Caribbean presenter closed off the segment by reeling off some-rapid fire gibberish, presumably in mockery imitation of the Hindi commentary. I suppose that he thought that it was funny. I thought it was offensive…


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17 responses to “Caribbean Cricket Broadcaster Mocks Hindi Accent On Air

  1. ….and wunnuh ready fuh CSME???? what is offensive about that? How can people unite if they have to be constantly stepping lightly and carefully as if on eggshells. schuupses. Whew somebody open de window doo and let in de air, um really stuffy in hey.

  2. Comment Maker

    Suppose it had been an English commentator saying “yeh mon”? Based on the description provided I would say that the comment was inappropriate.

  3. BFP

    Adrian is always willing to forgive certain racial comments by certain people… but hasn’t said much about other racial comments by other people.

    Perhaps he is aware of the dichotomy of his position and chooses to remain silent when convenient.


    We still love him… for he provides some much-needed spice and salt in our day. πŸ™‚

  4. Adrian

    To Comment Maker: and if i was a Jamaican i would feel honoured that this Englishman was attempting to use my Dialect. πŸ˜€ not inappropiate to me I am not stuffy and i have learned how to laugh at myself. I spoke to a British Collegue of mine today and always I greeted him with my interpretation of the stiff royal upper lip, Prince Charles style, I also interface with a Canadian Collegue today and as always we made fun of each others accents.

    I love Russell Peters, and an Indian friend turn me onto him

  5. Adrian

    BFP: your opinions on race doesn’t bring people together, it keeps them apart. Not taking oneself too seriously helps tremendously in bringing about unity amonst diverse people. I have seen it at work for the last 10 years.

    ….so wuh you mean by “I does provide much needed spice and salt in your day”?

    Variety is the spice of life, if you take yourself a little less seriously maybe you wouldn’t need me in your day. πŸ˜€

    or is it that i am de only black man in hey?

  6. BFP

    adrian, adrian, adrian…

    If we could only do some shortline fishing together. Perhaps have a Banks on the water together at the end of the night (although I cannot drink in de boat as I always “feed the fish” when I do!)… then you would know me truly.

    … and you would see that I and my woman and my son are all Bajan. Doan matter that each one of the family has a different hue.

    But who is what?


  7. BFP

    ‘an Titilayo is a very dark girl… so, is she wrong?

    m’be you should come ta home more often. New Jersey has made you forget how things sometimes are.

  8. BFP

    ‘an yes you do give us some spice so we still love you… even you be wrong! πŸ˜‰

  9. Adrian

    so who is de black person in the family? you or de woman? and with Titilayo being a girl, I sticking to my statement that i am de only Black MAN in hey.

    I am not in NJ I am in RI and i don’t agree with the often made simpleton argument that being on the island counts for much in understanding and being able to speak to “How things sometimes are”, there.

    …..Duguid isn’t the only one that express amazement at my level of knowledge of things on the island inspite being away for 13 years, and how do you kow that i don’t visit every year? and given the level of technology why would i have too?

    …..anyway NA as open up my minds eyes to the fraudulent arguments that have such a strong base in Barbados, and i will continue to explore the strenght of these arguments with my questions.

  10. BFP

    Adrian says… “BFP: your opinions on race doesn’t bring people together, it keeps them apart….”

    So not talking about racial issues is what you want BFP to do, Adrian? If we see, for instance, that the website of the Government Party of Barbados chooses to show only Barbadians of one race – to the exclusion of all other races – then we should keep our mouths shut?

    This is your answer to racial harmony… only citizens of the racial majority are shown on government websites, and the minorities had better shut up.

    Alright for some, I guess… but not tickety-boo with us.

  11. ha ha ha there is a difference between discussing racial issues and using every little thing that has color in it to project a non-issue; every little thing being the words Negrocrat, causcasian, and picture contents, and the non-issue that Whites, Indians, and the Chinese, who make up the “Minority” in Barbados, the Minority that is the wealthy, and that has the power, and control of the economy. You are distorting the real picture to no avail, you don’t have a valid point outside the confines of your head. Even the picture that you presented as a representation of the Barbados that you wish to see in the future left out “Doolal” that i when to school wid at wesley hall, a picture that left out “Edwin and Erwin Choo” that i did business with. You have not convince me that this is nothing more than trying to protect the near stranglehold that White people have on the economy of Barbados. You are very mistaken that we can move ahead without discussing the past, and good way to do so is by not taken one self so seriously. I see you in the same light as i see our favourite “Pan Afrikanist” but on opposite extremes. The same that way that others in the US would see Louis Farakhan and David Duke. No unity can be achieved with your approach.

  12. honeybee

    Adrain, you are exposing the “agenda”. Wealth is power, right?

    Take a closer look at what is happening in Barbados. While internal attention is focused on vengence and spite, look what is really happening and it’s not about race at all. Race is the smoke screen and it is working exceedingly well on Barbadians like you.

    Wake up! Time you come back home and see for yourself what is happening so you can talk some sense with authority and perhaps make a difference.

    My feeling is that it is too late, too many valuable assets gone already, but I would be very glad to be wrong.

  13. BFP

    Who said we do not discuss the past? Only you.

    Have a look at this blog mon. We have put more about the past and history on this blog in the last six months than has appeared in The Nation and The Advocate together in the last year!

    But now we want to move ahead, and we believe that racial terms in common language are a barrier to progress – so we point them out when we see them.

    If you don’t like that, once again Adrian, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

    As for comparing us to David Duke, Farakhan or other such nonsense – why not just go all the way and declare BFP staffers to be Hitler?

    Careful old friend – you might end up having to limit your rantings to the BLP blog…

  14. Your emotional clamour is clouding your reading skills, Remedial reading anyone? I compared you to David Commisiong but on the other extreme. I then sought to verify those extremes only not the person,by using those individuals as reference points for extremism only. As for the Hitler thing, oh well they seems to be lot up in your mind. Rather than seek clarification to what i meant you did as you allways do, you applied your interpretation to what i said then opine. I don’t try to be vague, I try real hard to make absolutely clear what i mean, as such if i wanted to compare you to those two individuals it would be easily ascertain, and if i wanted to compare you that infamously notorious German they would have been no reason to mention the previous two, but your arguments does not present and overriding issue for me, they are very simple and easily shot down, any non-partisan person looking to the facts and truth would dismiss you as i am doing.

    ….As for Threat of censor, banning or whatever, You are not doing anything special here, you don’t have any authority that i reconize on thought, opinions, or readership. I don’t have to be here anymore than i do come here, it is just something i do without any sense of belonging, of really caring what you think about me, no concern there, I go where ever i can for a debate, today here tomorrow some other site, it matters not to me, and i will never give in to some cocka meemee fear tactic. schuppssee

  15. HoneyBee: What is it that you are seeing that i am not?

    What vengence and spite?

    Who on this blog is constantly crying race and racism? be honest now in that regard what are they doing that is markedly different from the baiting that David Commisiong does from time to time?

    Do you agree that i have merely reponded to shouts of racism by demostrating that such shouts comes from the other side? and i further opine that since these similar shouts from the majority side has not resonate, that this activity from BFP side will not either. and that i further suggest that any solutions to whatever remaining empasse there is amonst the races can only be achieve by openly discussing our feelings rather than attempt to silence by labeling everything as racist?

    I think it is having more of an effect on BFP than on me in fact i know it is so. Again there is only one person in this blog that broach everything in race and that is BFP, you seemingly have not read much of my contributions or have done so selectively, maybe you are having problems with my many spelling and grammer errors. I can help if you want to understand, just point out the offending articles or comments, and i will consult Titilayo for the correction.

    I don’t know why i have to return home to accomplish what you suggested, it is increasingly becoming a global village.

    HoneyBee says:
    My feeling is that it is too late, too many valuable assets gone already, but I would be very glad to be wrong.

    ha ha ha ha yup just dismiss me as yet another person with a few screws loose, I can live with that insult and attack, indeed i did just that for the first 27 years of my life , such is a national passtime in Barbados, debating the issues is relatvely new to bajans who are known for going all out to defend even the indefesible. Uh mean i should know. πŸ˜€

  16. titilayo

    Cheese on bread, Adrian, you wouldn’t let that grammar thing rest at all, at all, man! πŸ™‚

  17. Titlayo whatever do you mean. My sole purpose here is to impart ideas, and to learn in return, if someone doesn’t understand what i am saying, and this results from my lack of good grammer, and spelling and i feel incapable of correcting the offense to truthfully convey my intent then i would seek your help. πŸ˜€ fuh real