Illegal Immigration – One Bajan’s Opinion

Our friend Jdid writes Doan Mind Me blog out of Toronto, Canada where he now lives. Last week he came upon a protest by a group of illegal immigrants and was torn between feeling empathy for them as fellow immigrants, and being vexed because he stood in line lawfully and went through all the bureaucratic hassle that is part of coming legally to any new country.

Says Jdid…

…But on the other hand to be completely honest with myself I just can't really side with the protesters because of the reason I listed previously. How many would be legal immigrants are on hold trying to go through the mire of red tape, proving why they want to come here and that they would be valuable citizens, getting police records and bank statements and a million and one documents as proof of their skills and intentions, and paying a head tax, patiently waiting for some Canadian Immigration official to get to their file so they can come here and these cats jump the line, come here illegally and then get upset about being deported.

And I'm supposed to have sympathy? Sorry I know I probably should but I can't really lie and say that I do.

Read the whole article at Doan Mind Me.

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