Barbados Free Press Ranked #71 Of 200,000 WordPress Blogs – Worldwide

Frankly Charlotte… we are a bit lost for words…

WordPress.Com ranks Barbados Free Press as #71 most popular blog out of over 200,000 hosted blogs.

How is the daily ranking achieved? We have no idea, but WordPress says "The most popular blogs are ranked here according to a special formula."

While we are, of course, happy to be ranked anywhere as #71 out of a list of over 200,000 blogs, we will remember (with some humility) that we were beaten out by blogs like Binky The Doormat (#9) and All Angelina Jolie (#8)

You can view all rankings here.*

* I notice that, at this moment (2:27pm) we are bouncing around from #70 to #79 in the rankings, so this is obviously a fluid "up to the minute" ranking system – dependent upon the number of hits we are receiving at the moment. If you hit the link tomorrow and don't see us there, it means that someone else bumped us off the top 100. Fame can be fragile, I guess!

* At 11:10pm, I see that we have slipped to #89 and traffic is dying down on the blog for the night – as is usual after 11pm. I wonder if we will make the list again tomorrow? Goodnight all… I am up at 4:30am tomorrow morning for work. Robert 

Google Rankings Achieved By Barbados Free Press

Barbados Free Press usually does well with our Google rankings where – much to our surprise – we are often ranked ahead of both the Barbados Advocate and The Nation Newspaper.

World wide, when Google is searched for topics relating to Barbados, it is not unusual for Barbados Free Press articles to appear on the first page of returns. For instance… do a Google search on the following and see what comes up!

"prime minister owen arthur" (BFP is hit #3 out of 397,000 Google returns)

"owen arthur barbados" (BFP is hit #7 out of 176,000 Google returns)

"mia mottley" (BFP is hit #3 & #4 out of 15,900 Google returns)

"gline clarke" (BFP is hit #3 & #4 out of 764 Google returns)

"Liz Thompson Barbados" (BFP is hit #1 & #2 out of 292,000 Google returns)

"barbados politics" (BFP is hit #13 out of 4,870,000 Google returns)

"barbados political corruption" (BFP is hit #1 out of 512,000 Google returns)

"barbados BLP" (BFP is hit #9 out of 28,500 Google returns)

"barbados DLP" (BFP is hit #2 & #3 out of 67,000 Google returns)

"barbados environment" (BFP is hit #6 & #7 out of 11,600,000 Google returns)

"cane ethanol" (BFP is hit #4 out of 586,000 Google returns)

"ethanol barbados" (BFP is hit #1 & #2 out of 125,000 Google returns)

"barbados cricket" (BFP is hit #10 out of 2,380,000 Google returns)


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2 responses to “Barbados Free Press Ranked #71 Of 200,000 WordPress Blogs – Worldwide

  1. As the owner of All Angelina Jolie I have some advice for your blog:

    More pictures of sexy barbados chicks!

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂

  2. I found you because you were #91 on the rankings today (because I was obsessively checking my own position). I have noticed that my own rankings float a great deal depending on the time of day and what I’ve posted. I’ve also noticed that a Michigan in Pictures photo blog I maintain that gets more general traffic but never a “top post” seldom makes the top list while my personal blog with its wild mood swings and frequent appearance in “top posts” is almost always there.

    Formula and rankings fascinate me because I’m a web developer. Your blog fascinates me because in 1990 … or was it 89? … I was an intern at the Caribbean Tourism Organisation in Christchurch and very much treasure the time I spent in your country.

    One suggestion: the web site Flickr ( has a lot of Barbados photos (many very, very good) and I think that a photo of the day or week interpreted by someone knowledgeable about Barbados would be a great addition (check out how my Mich Pics does it as a possibility).