Hugh Grant Proposes To Jemima Khan In Barbados


Why do so many celebrities choose Barbados to pop the question?

Could it be the beautiful sunsets? The beach, the moon?

Hmmmm…. maybe it was the rum punch!

Now Hugh… this time, please remember… behave yourself!

Read the entire story at Sky Showbiz here.


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7 responses to “Hugh Grant Proposes To Jemima Khan In Barbados

  1. Pat

    And why should we care? That woman is so skinny she does not even look like a good piece of dog meat. She should spend some of her millions on food that sticks to her ribs. I am still scratching my head to figure out why the British papers describe her as beautiful. Maybe it is all in the eyes of the beholder….

  2. …ha ha ha ha Pat i was asking myself what makes this person anymore important to us than the average tourist who visits? Are they using their celebrity status to advertise Barbados?

    …..They choose Bim becuase of it’s remote location

  3. BFP

    Once again, the question is why so many come to Bim to do the deed or at least propose.

    No complaints from us as, judging by the hits on the article, Barbados is enjoying significant worldwide publicity because a couple of celebs decided to get hitched while visiting our little island.

  4. John

    Look at the benefits which accrued to Barbados with Tiger Woods getting married here. Forget the ABC closure and traffic like you never saw.

    Now anybody who is somebody is following his example and getting hitched here.

    Imagine the millions in foreign exchange from this one PR coup.

    (Tongue firmly in cheek)

  5. Imaging that you are one of that small number of super-duper-celebrities whose careers and personal lives are followed obsesively by millions–a Jennifer, a Katie, a Tom, or Brad. How to gratify your lust for power? Well, you could take up residence in one of the world ‘s poorest nations, illuminating its shanties and deserts with the light of your glamour. This will bring publicity to that nation, and tourists, Then leveraging these benefits, you might easily persuade the nations’s government to grant your every whim. So it was when movie stars Anelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose the dirt-poor African nation of Namibia as the birthplace of their first child. Vexed by intrusive journalists and photographers, the celebrity couple snapped their fingers, and the Namibian government promptly expelled one South African and three French photographers, and announced a general ban of foreign journalist not approved by the star couple. Explained the Namibian prime minister when human-rights groups protested: “The lady is expecting. You guys are harassing her. Why don’t you allow her some privacy? Harassment is not allowed in Namibia.” The merely rich have servants and lackeys at their beck and call—celebrities of the Brad and Angelina magnitude have governments.

    Of course our celeb visitors may not be aware that our country stands ready, not to meet their every demand, not that this would stop them from trying, but that we stand ready to enforce the laws of this country should they break them, celebrity status not withstanding : Just ask Jerry Hall

    On Feb 21 1987 Jerry Hall was aquitted on charges of possession of 20 pounds of marijuana.

  6. Comment Maker

    Adrian I think that you should recognise that Barbados benefits greatly from this. If you google “Barbados” on The island gets significant exposure from these celebrities. For months after Tiger Woods’ wedding we were still mentioned in almost every article about him. Similarly almost every press mention of Joss Stone carries a mention about the article that BFP covered last week. This will be no different.

    In a similary but slightly different vein, Rihanna is publicity that Barbados could never pay for.

    Should we bend the laws for them? No.

    Is the benefit of the traffic diversion for Woods’ wedding worth the disruption? I would argue yes.

    BTW Jerry Hall was acquitted because the evidence didn’t support the charges. Paul McCartney was busted, tried and found guilty.

    To answer the question posed by BFP: I think they choose Barbados because most Bajans really don’t give a damn about their being a celebrity!

  7. BFP

    Comment Maker said, “To answer the question posed by BFP: I think they choose Barbados because most Bajans really don’t give a damn about their being a celebrity!”

    That might be very possible…