BLP Slogan “A Brighter Future For Our (BLP) People” – Nation News…

IT WAS THOUGHT that the "our people" in the Barbados Labour Party's (BLP) motto, A Brighter Future For Our People, meant the people of Barbados.

The happenings in this country surely do not reflect that. It would appear as though the "our people" really means the BLP's people. This is reflected in many ways and in many areas throughout Barbados…

…From Carl Noel's letter to the editor of the Nation News. Read the whole letter here.

What do you think folks? Is the divide as bad as Mr. Noel seems to think?


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  1. william duguid

    This is obviously a false and incorrect perception of what it means to be a supporter or member of a political party.

    The party in no way controls the hiring practices, tender processes or promotion activities of Government.

    It is unfortunate that when people are unsuccesful at getting a job, promotion or contract that rather than assessing their presentation, cost of contract or manner in which they do their job instead they immediately jump to the conclusion that they are not a supporter of the ruling party and that is why they did not get the job or contract.

    We also see it on the other side when many of our supporters complain that they have been bypassed for a Dem supporter and feel that they should get preferrential treatment beacause of their support to the party only.

    This Government does not subscribe and will never subscribe to that notion.

    Job promotions, Government Contracts and the like are awarded solely on merit. Certain criteria such as performance on previous jobs, Number of jobs currently doing and simply ability to complete the work in a timely and on budget fashion all come in to the final decision.

    The idea of Party Politics does not enter into the decision.

    Now if for instance 2 candidates for a position are equally qualified and of equal ability but you know one of the candidiates from a Social, Professional or other association and favour that candidiate clearly one can not say that it was because of Party Politics.

    In Barbados being a supporter or member of a party is what people in the USA call networking. This does not in any way gurantee you a job, contract or promotion.

  2. Having read Mr. Duguid’s response I am wondering if Barbados has become Utopia.

    He can’t be serious.

    Fortunately this forum is not a place to offer proof to the contrary but I am sure there are some of us who have seen the value of being a member of the “Ruling party”.

  3. william duguid

    Let me make it absolutely clear that Barbados is not a utopia. From time to there will be certain problems and unforseen circumstances. Even Hants would agree but I can give you proof that regardless of Party Affiliation almost all the contractors who apply to Government for work and their standard of work is proven to be value for money get work.

    If you have information to the contrary Hants you can share it here or email me at

    When people apply to the service commission there is no box to tick about Party Politics of any kind and people are hired based on their merit.

    Even in political appointments. I can immediately think of a man who is a supporter of the DLP and was made a Board Chairman by a previous administration. When the Government Changed he continued as Board Chairman almost until his retirement. He was the right man for the job.

    I would challenge you Hants to bring the proof.

  4. Adrian

    …There are many persons who got government jobs base on party affiliations. There were times when you had to be from a certain constituency to get a job at MTW. I would note that you said MOST contractors and not all, because i heard the DLP shadow minister for housing was calling on the then Minister of Housing, my girl Liz to come clean on some work done or not done by a contractor that may have been very familiar to her, but of course this contractor would have been awarded his contract on MERIT. πŸ˜€ and it is ok if “MOST” not all applys her as well. πŸ˜€

    ….Still Mr. NOELS hasn’t said anything substantive for me to be overly concerned.

  5. Comment Maker

    Gee a discussion about a political party slogan in Barbados. How fair and impartial do you think this will be on either side? πŸ˜‰

  6. BFP

    Comment Maker said “Gee a discussion about a political party slogan in Barbados. How fair and impartial do you think this will be on either side?”

    It doan have to be fair and impartial to be a good discussion. better to talk bout it anyways


  7. Observer

    Does the Barbados Labor Party really think the people of Barbados will continued to be fooled by this empty slogan?
    Has any member of the B.L.P. had to go to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital recently for any form of treatment?
    Do they use Public Transport? unfiltered water from the taps?
    How does Dr Duguid define is a better life for our people. Driving past and admiring Sandy Lane and Royal Westmoreland?
    Get real Dr Dugid and stop insulting your brothers and sisters

  8. Observer: I will extend your questions to all politicians, Lets see which politician had reason for emergency medical services? That would be thompy, who hadn’t read the manual on how to disembark from a truck and thus fell and broke his foot; did he go the QEH? no he did not. Which politician takes public transport? none except Hammie Lah (BLP) and thats occasional,……How does one get unfiltered water from the tap?

    Duguid has put up what he conciders to be improvements and progress in the lives of Barbadians, it is up to you now to demonstrate where he is incorrect, and for you too define what a better life for our people means to you, that differs from BLP’s.

    If the BLP can’t fooled the people with this “empty slogan”. Can the DLP fooled them into believing that they are united and ready to be the government? Is a question of who has the best fooling skills? πŸ˜€

  9. william duguid

    Yes I believe a Senator was in the other day.
    And he reported his stay was very pleasant at the QEH.
    The PMs Father was in. Again well attended to.
    Lionel Craig has been receiving excellent treatment.
    The standard of care at the QEH is certainly one of the best in the Region.
    There are some problems which need to be resolved and I understand that they are receiving urgent attention.

  10. Was the senator a blp or dlp ite? cause the topic just change to BLP members getting good care at the QEH at the expense of everybody else. πŸ˜€

    Opposition members being driven all the way from St.Phillip to Bellville to a private clinic by-passing the QEH, and it is your party’s fault for denying Thompy the opportunity to act poor, in solidarity with the people that are poor and being price out of land, which is being sold to foriegners, with his help as a lawyer, which resulted in him becoming a millionaire, and this has led to him being afflicted with “affluenza” but not to the point of him giving back or away, those millions that the BLP maliciously allowed him to make, by allowing the sale of land to non-bajans. It is your fault Duguid we blame you. πŸ˜€

  11. william duguid

    The senator was a BLP ite.
    Thompy’s choice of Doctor is what resulted in him going to The Private Hospital as the doctor he went to only practices there.

    Remember the first project Westmoreland. Done in the last few days of DLP administration when he Thompy was mininster of Finance. More of this later. Then he was the attorney doing he transactions after he approved all the concessions. Hmmm.

  12. william duguid

    Please do not Blame me I was in Wales in 1994.
    Just learning my way around in politics

  13. Can one of you living in Barbados please call DLP headquarters and ask that they get a representative on this Blog.

    We need some balance. Mr. Duguid is almost as good as Ezra Alleyne and with the Advocate its BLP 3 DLP .125

    This Blog is going to be fun once elections are called.

  14. Jane

    William Duguid: Please do not Blame me I was in Wales in 1994.

    Tell us what happened in 1994?

  15. Jane

    I too have a good 1994 story. You go first.

  16. Anonymous

    Duguid says:Thompy’s choice of Doctor is what resulted in him going to The Private Hospital as the doctor he went to only practices there.

    Starcom network report says:
    Thompson calls for major improvements at QEH
    03-22-2006 — STARCOM Network News
    Mr. Thompson recalled when he was recently injured that he would have been glad to go to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, but because there was no provision to get into the X-Ray Department he was diverted to a private facility.

    So who is correct? This should be easy to prove. I heard the clip Thompy can’t refute wuh he said, So Duguid where is your proof? πŸ˜€

  17. Anonymous

    Jane what is there to tell: Thomy aint gine refute that he is a millionaire as a result on the real estate industry, specifically facilitating transactions of land sales to Foreingers; there is nothing wrong with this which begs the question as to why Thompy is now trying to make something out of it? He seem to have you fooled, No? But tell your story lets see what relevance is has today.

  18. Adrian

    Sorry these anons are mine.

  19. william duguid

    No provision to get into Xray Department of a 600 bed hospital treating Broken legs every day. Nonsense. Political Spin. by the way Xrays can be dine anywhere and taken to the hospital. Also you need the xray once or twice. He was in for weeks. Did not need an Xray every day.

    What more proof do you want.

    Thompy went to his Friend and mine. he only operates at Bayview.

  20. william duguid

    Jane asked what happend in 1994. I believe that is when the administration changed. When Sandi called the election after the NO Confidence Motion. Question is after that the confidence still has not returned to the BLP

  21. william duguid

    Jane asked what happend in 1994. I believe that is when the administration changed. When Sandi called the election after the NO Confidence Motion. Question is after that the confidence still has not returned to the BLP

  22. william duguid

    Jane asked what happend in 1994. I believe that is when the administration changed. When Sandi called the election after the NO Confidence Motion. Question is after that the confidence still has not returned to the DLP

    I am nowhere near as good as EZRA. Still young and learning the ropes.

  23. william duguid

    What an awful slip of the finger obviously I mean DLP

  24. Adrian

    ha ha ha see that, now the DLP is going to say that they have you on record as expressing a willingness to jump ship. πŸ˜€

    Thompy and the QEH: Yes i must agree that Thompy lied, he lied lied

    and i responded probably the first first to link his self impose lable as the champion of the poor with his choice of medical facilities.

    [quote name=’Adrian’ date=’Dec 1 2005, 09:08 AM’ post=’39299′]
    He could get sympathy votes, but all play and no work makes Jack a dull boy. Tings want fixing and he bout de place partying.
    ……But i wonder what the out cry would have been if it were the PM or some other Pol who went to Bayview, instead of the our premier health institute QEH, which i think would have been closer.

  25. John

    OK, but why would William’s and Thompy’s doctor friend choose to operate only from the Bayview Hospital and not from the QEH?

    As far as I know, QEH has problems but still delivers good care. I know from experience.

    Thompy’s choice in this seems trivial compared with the doctor friend’s choice. All Thompy is is a politician and we know they lie!!

    ……. sorry, he is a lawyer too!! Surprise, surprise. There is a moral in here somewhere!!!

    Am I missing something?

  26. John


    Why does your doctor friend not operate at the QEH?

    Do you operate and if so where?

  27. John Says: It is not the choice that is/was of concern to me. It is how it stacks up against the image he wants to project, and also against the reason he gave for not going to the QEH.

    …as for you first question….. don’t start another song and dance that would point to the GoB for Dr. Thorpe’s decision, I would be satisfied to believe that even for the most socialist of us there is a little capitalist out look on things. Private practice would pay a hell of lot more than working at the QEH, this is a truism around the globe.

  28. John

    Why follow a perception when a fact can be had?

  29. What perception is that? and what fact superceeds it?

  30. John


    Who is Dr. Thorpe?

    I really am missing something here.

  31. Sorry i meant orthopaedic surgeon Jerry Thorne

  32. John

    So who is orthopaedic surgeon Jerry Thorne and what has he got to do with all this?

  33. Observer

    I am regretting that I started all this QEH talk, and giving you political yardfouls the opportuinity to canvas, but i had a close relaetive die there recently because 1 , there was no gas available in the x-ray room to accomodate this patient who needed the gas at the time of xray and 2, eventually she made it to the Intensive Care Unit where she died because a young doctor admitted that he puntured her lung accidently while performing a procedure in her chest.
    Apparently he was not experienced enough to do the procdure and the senior doctors were unavailable for a week.
    The BLP’s and Thompy can afford to go to Bayview. They have the choice. What about us who do not.
    This is not so funny. remember Dr Newton?

  34. Distressed & Perplexed

    To the MINISTER OF HEALTH and who ever feels the need, and the empathy to be concerned.
    There is an extreme need for investigation at the Q.E.H

    That patient came into the hospital on a Wednesday. Went into cardiac arrest. After having CPR done, and resuscitated, was to be taken to ICU. There was no oxygen in the exray room ( remember this is a critical patient), so the patient was sent directly to the ICU. No exray to this day. Sedated that night, and the next day Thursday, the patient is just resting, still with some complications of fever. Friday morning the patient, with a rather small body frame, starts to swell as a result of the following: The DOCTOR while doing a procedure to the heart, NIPS THE LUNG. Another doctor, not knowing the family was already aware of this turn of events, tried to COVER UP for him.She stated that maybe during CPR, the lung may have been punctured. Please note, the patient had no swelling Wednesday nor Thursday, before this procedure was done. The patient dies Friday night.
    Tell me, how in God’s name can anyone from DLP OR BLP can address this situation. Put yourselves in the shoes of that family. Put your family in those shoes. See what you come up with.

  35. Observer

    Your comments on the last post Dr Duguid or Adrian

    A “brighter future’? How about a better present. I pray God that neither of you have to go there.


  36. Jane

    The staff at the QEH are doing the best with what they have.

  37. Jane

    I believe you are doing the right thing by speaking out. Nothing happens if nobody knows.
    Blogs like this one are the only outlet we have right now in Barbados.
    We should try to make the most of this opportunity before this door closes too.

  38. John

    We waste time talking politics when life and death situations occur.

    I am sad for your loss.

    I was fortunate and watched a very close and dear relative in a public ward survive a life threatening situation in 2000.

    I can’t imagine how I would feel if the outcome was anything like what happened to your loved one. I know what it was like when I thought she would not make it.

    We need to be open and vigilant and pray we can stop such an awful situation from recurring to anyone.

    What has been done to our country and is passed off at progress and development drives me mad.

  39. John

    Sorry for the grammar. Just got a little emotional.

  40. John

    So why aren’t some doctors practising at Bayview and not the QEH?

    Is it simply an issue of money?

  41. Adrian

    Look Observer it is easy to dismiss me as a yardfowl, as the truth is hard to deal with. You can continue to dwell your relative demise and think that things will get better with this current system of healthcare in Barbados. Free healthcare has tremendous hurdles where ever it is in place. Be it London, Boston, or Toronto the same challenges are proping up, why would we persist with it is beyond me. The saying the “free things are not good” has reach healthcare in a big way, you are getting what you paid for.

  42. Jane

    Unacceptable, Adrian.

    We the taxpayers are paying a high price for healthcare for everyone.

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