Group Tours Of Russian Mail-Order Brides Coming To Barbados


A Russian mail-order bride service is arranging group tours to Barbados for prospective Russian brides and North American men. BogDana.Net is the Russian marriage introduction service that will be arranging for groups of lonely hearts to stay at local resorts and to meet potential mates in a social setting.

While this might produce a chuckle with some folks, international marriage introductions and mail-order brides are big business in Eastern Europe, Central America and Asia as North American men seek (so they say) women who have the more "traditional family values" than most North American women. (Again – so they say. Don't shoot the messenger, island ladies!) 😉

Why Barbados For These Mail-Order Marriage Group Tours?

While Barbados is a beautiful and romantic island (as we all know), for North American men seeking Russian ladies, the allure of Barbados is also about our visa requirements – which are easier than the USA and Canada…

The choice in favor of island of Barbados was prompted by our customers who enjoyed their trips to this island; the average life standard of the population of this island is high enough (up to $11 200 per capita) to make it safe to men from America and Europe; the level of services provided and rates – for any income and meeting any taste; and what matters most for us – flights schedule allows us, Ukrainians, to avoid wasting attempts to apply for obtaining Schengen Visas.

From the BogDana.Net mail-order bride website – Barbados Tour Page

So if you see an American man escorting a Russian lady, wish them well but don't expect that they will be paying too much attention to the sights of Barbados! 😉

Thanks to a special reader for the tip.

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    ….Where there ever Bajan catalog brides?