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Gone Night Tree Fishing In Barbados


Updated – We Are Back – Scroll Down

Up so early and out we go into the night – so no posting today. Maybe late Friday evening if we are not too tired when we get home. I hope those bad charter boys will leave us alone.

Any of our friends care to tell the folks what is “night tree fishing” ?


Update: Tree Fishing

So nobody took us up on Tree Fishing… but then I suspect that the penetration of the internet is greater with those who make their life on land as opposed to the sea.

Tree Fishing is a Bajan south-coast term for a technique known in Trinidad as “Table Fishing” or “Log Fishing”. Whatever the name, coastal fisherfolk know that if you go to sea at night, and then toss a large log or tree into the water, you will get fish. A more refined technique has a 5 or 6 foot wooden table top put into the sea. A float is tied on so it can be seen from a distance.

Then, the fisherfolk wait for sunrise. When Mr. Sun comes up, the small fish will stay under the table as protection from the sun, instead of heading to the bottom as they normally do in the daytime.

Stupid fish.

The bigger predators start to come around and viola! … the feeding cycle is artificially raised from the bottom to the surface. Now, the fish gather in one spot near the surface, an they be hungry! Drag your line by the table top and you pickup Kingfish by the dozen – 3 feet, 4 feet, sometimes almost 5 footers.

A good technique – but the fisherfolk hate it when they have been out all night setting up a tree, and then those bad old charter fishing boats come out of Bridgetown and just drag by to steal the fish. Some bad blood and words happen over that.

Theft. Nothing but theft from people who already can make $1000 in one day.

And that is all I will say about them today.


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Enforcing Environmental Laws In Barbados – Forget The Police, We Need Specialists

According to the Minister of Energy and the Environment Elizabeth Thompson, the Cabinet recently approved “a comprehensive Environmental Management Act for Barbados”. (Barbados Advocate article link here.)

While we are pleased to see the Government finally taking steps to provide Barbados with modern and enforcible environmental laws, nobody should get too excited because Cabinet approval is only the first step in a process that will take many months or even years before we see actual law in place. After 12 years of not one single environmental dumping charge laid, we will not hold our breath for this present government to produce actual results. Barbados has come to expect talk, studies and more announcements like this one. Real results? No.

But as long as we have Minister Thompson and the Owen Arthur government thinking about the environment, let’s talk about enforcement of environmental laws. Here is our position…

Forget About Using The Police To Enforce Environmental Laws

For at least the last year, and perhaps much longer, Environment Minister Thompson has been going on and on about how she wrote two letters – one to the police and one to the previous Attorney General – to try and have some attention paid to enforcing environmental laws. In February, she mused about having the police go undercover at illegal dumpsites. In May, she blamed the police for not trying to catch people dumping garbage by the roadside, and just last week she was again whining in public about those two letters she wrote a year ago.

Liz – get over it. The Royal Barbados Police Force is not coming to the party. The police are currently 130 officers under strength, violent crime is escalating in Barbados as it is everywhere, and they are busy preparing for Cricket World Cup 2007 – the largest and certainly the most demanding security operation they have ever undertaken. And that is even without considering that some of the participating nations near and far are hotbeds of Muslim terrorism.

The police are not interested in environmental investigations and if they are somehow ordered to act, they will only provide lip-service and feign activity. The police rightly believe that they lack the specialized knowledge and training to enforce environmental law – and that their priorities have to be elsewhere – violent crime, public order and safety.

So forget about using the police to enforce environmental laws. The police might agree to an occasional secondary support role, but to expect anything more is simply unrealistic – and is not the best solution anyway.

Barbados Needs Trained Environmental Enforcement Specialists

The Ministry of the Environment should form it’s own Environmental Law Enforcement Squad to investigate violations, gather evidence, bring charges before the court and to work with the prosecution to prepare and present cases at trial. This is what is done in most other jurisdictions because only a specialized environmental enforcement unit can build the necessary longterm knowledge, training and experience to be effective.


Introducing the B.E.E.S. – Barbados Environmental Enforcement Squad

“Obey Environmental Laws Or You Will BEE Stung”

Here is the outline of a plan… (Thanks to our advisor “H”)

* Start with just two investigators – one older hand with wisdom and one younger and full of energy, but both quality people. These two will be the core of the “Barbados Environmental Enforcement Squad” (BEES).

* Assign one prosecutor from the Attorney General’s office to handle all environmental prosecutions. This person will also advise BEES during investigations, so the proper evidence and evidence gathering techniques will be used.

* If laws need to be changed to allow the BEES to lay charges, do so. Empower them to handle their own charges upon consultation with the AG’s office.

* Institute a training programme for the BEES. Train them in how to properly gather evidence, and to prepare and present a case in court. Set up short, but regular meetings with the Attorney General’s environmental prosecutor so the BEES and the AG’s office continue working towards the common cause.

* Have the police appoint a liaison officer to assist in training the BEES in evidence gathering and case presentation. Perhaps allow the BEES to attend police training classes in evidence gathering and case presentation. Once again, set up regularly scheduled short meetings between the BEES and the police liaison officer. Let the people get to know each other personally and they will help each other… works every time!

* Send the BEES to visit other Environmental Enforcement Squads to observe and learn. Have them visit real working environmental enforcement units in a few countries. They will make friends and learn techniques and strategies that would take years to develop on their own. This will provide a huge jump-start for the BEES and make them more effective sooner.

* Start Right Now even if effective laws are not yet in place. Even if the BEES were created today, it will take time for the squad to become trained and connected. Put them in place now and the learning can begin. The BEES can also start to gather evidence and intelligence about major polluters so they are ready to sting as better laws come into force.

* Choose the initial prosecutions carefully and win every one. Quality, not quantity is the goal, and this should be possible if the AG’s prosecutor is advising at every stage of the first cases – right from complaint, through investigation, charges and case presentation in court. If the BEES become known for having a 100% conviction rate, offenders will start to clean up and modify behaviours with just a phone call.

Barbados Needs Enforcible, Modern Environmental Laws

The Barbados Ministry of the Environment hasn’t laid a charge in 12 years, and a big part of that might be a lack of enforcible laws. The Owen Arthur government has had 12 years to create and pass effective environmental laws, but has only just announced this week that some sort of process has begun.


Faster, please.

post by Marcus, with a little help from friend “H”.


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Shona Always Wanted To Drive A Fire Truck


Everybody loves to see a fire truck speeding to the rescue, and it is no different in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Shona was out the other day and grabbed this video with her little digital Nikon on the “movie” setting. The quality isn’t as good as a “real” video camera, but she always has the camera with her and that made the difference.

Big truck, lots of traffic… the guy at the wheel really knows what he is doing.

What do you think Marcus, could Shona handle one of these big rigs in traffic?

Click on the photo to see the video.

posted by Clive.


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Slave Labour Camps “Vital Part of Chinese Economy” – Should Barbados Take Gifts From Communist China?

“Even without considering our past, should Barbados be taking gifts from a Chinese Communist government that relies upon slavery as a vital part of the economy?”


China’s Christians Enslaved, Tortured and Murdered For Their Faith

On February 22, 2006, Communist Chinese secret police detained filmmaker and blogger Hao Wu. He has not been charged with any crime, and he has been refused legal representation.

It seems that he attended a Christian church that was not “approved” by the Communist Chinese government. (Story links at bottom)

Mr. Wu is just the latest Christian victim of the Chinese Communists. Millions have been murdered or enslaved since Mao and his fellow butchers took over in the late 1940’s. Mass arrests of Christians continue to this day.

“They hung me up across an iron gate, then they yanked open the gate and my whole body lifted until my chest nearly split in two. I hung like that for four hours.”


…Mr. Peter Xu Yongze, tortured by Chinese secret police for being a Christian. BBC News story here.

Many Chinese Christians in Slave Labour Camps Today

Slave Labour “Vital part of the Chinese economy”

China has a vast ‘laogai’ network of some 1100 ‘reform through labour’ prison camps. They were set up in the 1950s by Chairman Mao with Russian assistance, following the Russian gulag model. Mao had been executing intellectuals and dissidents by the hundreds of thousands until he realised condemning them to slave labour would be just as effective and certainly more productive. That continues to this day and forms a vital part of the Chinese economy.

Chinese Pastor Made A Slave For Handing Out Bibles

China Aid Association has learned that jailed Beijing Pastor Cai Zhuohua, a Protestant pastor who was given a three-year sentence for distributing Bibles (see RLP 353), has been forced to work more than 10 hours a day producing commercial ‘Made in China’ handbags since his transfer to Tianhe Prison in January 2006.

…from Christian Monitor News (link here)

Barbados Government Ignores Torture For Jesus – Gladly Accepts Chinese Slave Labour Money

As mentioned in our previous articles Barbados Media Forgets Anniversary – China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre and Why is China Giving Money To Barbados? – the Government of Barbados has been receiving various gifts from Communist China for many years.

Even our Royal Barbados Police Force and military have received training and equipment from Communist China.

Every Barbadian should ask their own heart…

“Should we be taking gifts from a Chinese Communist government that relies upon slavery as a vital part of the economy?”

Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering. – (Hebrews 13:3)

Internet Links

About Blogger Hao Wu…

Ethan Zuckerman – About Hao Wu’s Case

Hao Wu’s Blog Site – Beijing or Bust

Previous Articles – Barbados Free Press…

Barbados Media Forgets Anniversary – China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre

Why is China Giving Money To Barbados?


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Monkey Business Expected: Location of Town Hall Meeting For Barbados Waterpark Still Unknown


Water Park Developer Won’t Reveal Meeting Location Until Last Minute

The developer of the Caribbean Splash Water Park in Barbados has not yet announced the location for the Town Hall meeting that they promised to hold on Monday, July 10, 2006.

This is the same stunt they pulled last time – when they cancelled the previously scheduled June 7, 2006 community meeting at the last moment – after failing to set a location.

Caribbean Splash Inc. has had months to set and announce the meeting location, so it seems obvious that they are trying to make things as inconvenient as possible for citizens who want to attend.

Unethical Behaviour, Faked Survey, Attempts To Limit Debate

As we reported in our previous article Barbados Caribbean Splash Waterpark – Faked Survey, Spin Control and Other Monkey Business -local residents are charging that the developers of a proposed water park in Graeme Hall, Christ Church, Barbados, faked the results of a published survey and are using unethical methods to control information and to limit public debate.

This latest seems to be more of the same.

Does Anyone Know Where The Meeting Will Be Held?

Attention: Caribbean Splash Inc.,

If we are wrong here, just let us know. Has an ad appeared in a newspaper? Was a media release given to television and radio stations? The latest Nation Newspaper article mentions nothing about the July 10th meeting.

Please let us know where, when and how you published the location for the upcoming Town Hall meeting. Better yet – send us a copy of the ad and we will post it here at no charge.


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Who Stole Sherman Davis Jr.’s Ashes In Barbados?

What did the thief think was in the box?

From Boston Globe newspaper…

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados –A family has been left puzzled and traumatized after a box with the ashes of a New Hampshire man was stolen from their villa before they had a chance to scatter them.

Before his death, Sherman Davis Jr. of Nashua, N.H., had requested that his ashes be scattered at three of his favorite spots around the Caribbean island. But 12 hours after the family members arrived, they discovered the box had been stolen on Sunday. “We left home to go to dinner at seven and when we got back at nine o’clock and the box was gone,” said Davis’ widow, Jean. “We all cried. It was incredulous.”

Boston Globe article link here.

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1000 Barbados Water Authority Employees Walk Out Over Non-Payment Of Wages


Barbados Government Out Of Cash?

This is the fifth time this year that we have heard reports of cashflow problems with the Government of Barbados. Just last Wednesday June 21st, Barbados Forum posted that sources are claiming that “…the GoB is currently experiencing an acute cashflow problem on Current Account…” (See Barbados Government Cash Flow Problem?)

More indications of cashflow problems surfaced yesterday when 1000 employees of the Barbados Water Authority walked off the job over the government’s failure to pay back wages as previously agreed.


Have We Overspent on the Cricket World Cup, Mr. Prime Minister?

Watch you wallets, folks… Somebody has to pay the piper, and that somebody is going to be each one of us!

Excerpt from the CBC report (link here)…

Workers at the Barbados Water Authority walked off the job and they only returned after management agreed to start paying new wages and salaries from this week.

The near one thousand workers say the BWA had promised to start payment from last month, but nothing has happened.

This morning they refused to drive a stroke telling management that they would stay off the job until an agreement on when they will be paid was reached…

Early last month, the Barbados Workers Union and the BWA agreed to the new rates, which cleared the way for the workers to collect over 10 million dollars in back pay.

At that time, it was said that payments would start at the beginning of May, but this has not happened.


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