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Gone Night Tree Fishing In Barbados


Updated – We Are Back – Scroll Down

Up so early and out we go into the night – so no posting today. Maybe late Friday evening if we are not too tired when we get home. I hope those bad charter boys will leave us alone.

Any of our friends care to tell the folks what is “night tree fishing” ?


Update: Tree Fishing

So nobody took us up on Tree Fishing… but then I suspect that the penetration of the internet is greater with those who make their life on land as opposed to the sea.

Tree Fishing is a Bajan south-coast term for a technique known in Trinidad as “Table Fishing” or “Log Fishing”. Whatever the name, coastal fisherfolk know that if you go to sea at night, and then toss a large log or tree into the water, you will get fish. A more refined technique has a 5 or 6 foot wooden table top put into the sea. A float is tied on so it can be seen from a distance.

Then, the fisherfolk wait for sunrise. When Mr. Sun comes up, the small fish will stay under the table as protection from the sun, instead of heading to the bottom as they normally do in the daytime.

Stupid fish.

The bigger predators start to come around and viola! … the feeding cycle is artificially raised from the bottom to the surface. Now, the fish gather in one spot near the surface, an they be hungry! Drag your line by the table top and you pickup Kingfish by the dozen – 3 feet, 4 feet, sometimes almost 5 footers.

A good technique – but the fisherfolk hate it when they have been out all night setting up a tree, and then those bad old charter fishing boats come out of Bridgetown and just drag by to steal the fish. Some bad blood and words happen over that.

Theft. Nothing but theft from people who already can make $1000 in one day.

And that is all I will say about them today.


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Enforcing Environmental Laws In Barbados – Forget The Police, We Need Specialists

According to the Minister of Energy and the Environment Elizabeth Thompson, the Cabinet recently approved “a comprehensive Environmental Management Act for Barbados”. (Barbados Advocate article link here.)

While we are pleased to see the Government finally taking steps to provide Barbados with modern and enforcible environmental laws, nobody should get too excited because Cabinet approval is only the first step in a process that will take many months or even years before we see actual law in place. After 12 years of not one single environmental dumping charge laid, we will not hold our breath for this present government to produce actual results. Barbados has come to expect talk, studies and more announcements like this one. Real results? No.

But as long as we have Minister Thompson and the Owen Arthur government thinking about the environment, let’s talk about enforcement of environmental laws. Here is our position…

Forget About Using The Police To Enforce Environmental Laws

For at least the last year, and perhaps much longer, Environment Minister Thompson has been going on and on about how she wrote two letters – one to the police and one to the previous Attorney General – to try and have some attention paid to enforcing environmental laws. In February, she mused about having the police go undercover at illegal dumpsites. In May, she blamed the police for not trying to catch people dumping garbage by the roadside, and just last week she was again whining in public about those two letters she wrote a year ago.

Liz – get over it. The Royal Barbados Police Force is not coming to the party. The police are currently 130 officers under strength, violent crime is escalating in Barbados as it is everywhere, and they are busy preparing for Cricket World Cup 2007 – the largest and certainly the most demanding security operation they have ever undertaken. And that is even without considering that some of the participating nations near and far are hotbeds of Muslim terrorism.

The police are not interested in environmental investigations and if they are somehow ordered to act, they will only provide lip-service and feign activity. The police rightly believe that they lack the specialized knowledge and training to enforce environmental law – and that their priorities have to be elsewhere – violent crime, public order and safety.

So forget about using the police to enforce environmental laws. The police might agree to an occasional secondary support role, but to expect anything more is simply unrealistic – and is not the best solution anyway.

Barbados Needs Trained Environmental Enforcement Specialists

The Ministry of the Environment should form it’s own Environmental Law Enforcement Squad to investigate violations, gather evidence, bring charges before the court and to work with the prosecution to prepare and present cases at trial. This is what is done in most other jurisdictions because only a specialized environmental enforcement unit can build the necessary longterm knowledge, training and experience to be effective.


Introducing the B.E.E.S. – Barbados Environmental Enforcement Squad

“Obey Environmental Laws Or You Will BEE Stung”

Here is the outline of a plan… (Thanks to our advisor “H”)

* Start with just two investigators – one older hand with wisdom and one younger and full of energy, but both quality people. These two will be the core of the “Barbados Environmental Enforcement Squad” (BEES).

* Assign one prosecutor from the Attorney General’s office to handle all environmental prosecutions. This person will also advise BEES during investigations, so the proper evidence and evidence gathering techniques will be used.

* If laws need to be changed to allow the BEES to lay charges, do so. Empower them to handle their own charges upon consultation with the AG’s office.

* Institute a training programme for the BEES. Train them in how to properly gather evidence, and to prepare and present a case in court. Set up short, but regular meetings with the Attorney General’s environmental prosecutor so the BEES and the AG’s office continue working towards the common cause.

* Have the police appoint a liaison officer to assist in training the BEES in evidence gathering and case presentation. Perhaps allow the BEES to attend police training classes in evidence gathering and case presentation. Once again, set up regularly scheduled short meetings between the BEES and the police liaison officer. Let the people get to know each other personally and they will help each other… works every time!

* Send the BEES to visit other Environmental Enforcement Squads to observe and learn. Have them visit real working environmental enforcement units in a few countries. They will make friends and learn techniques and strategies that would take years to develop on their own. This will provide a huge jump-start for the BEES and make them more effective sooner.

* Start Right Now even if effective laws are not yet in place. Even if the BEES were created today, it will take time for the squad to become trained and connected. Put them in place now and the learning can begin. The BEES can also start to gather evidence and intelligence about major polluters so they are ready to sting as better laws come into force.

* Choose the initial prosecutions carefully and win every one. Quality, not quantity is the goal, and this should be possible if the AG’s prosecutor is advising at every stage of the first cases – right from complaint, through investigation, charges and case presentation in court. If the BEES become known for having a 100% conviction rate, offenders will start to clean up and modify behaviours with just a phone call.

Barbados Needs Enforcible, Modern Environmental Laws

The Barbados Ministry of the Environment hasn’t laid a charge in 12 years, and a big part of that might be a lack of enforcible laws. The Owen Arthur government has had 12 years to create and pass effective environmental laws, but has only just announced this week that some sort of process has begun.


Faster, please.

post by Marcus, with a little help from friend “H”.


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Shona Always Wanted To Drive A Fire Truck


Everybody loves to see a fire truck speeding to the rescue, and it is no different in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Shona was out the other day and grabbed this video with her little digital Nikon on the “movie” setting. The quality isn’t as good as a “real” video camera, but she always has the camera with her and that made the difference.

Big truck, lots of traffic… the guy at the wheel really knows what he is doing.

What do you think Marcus, could Shona handle one of these big rigs in traffic?

Click on the photo to see the video.

posted by Clive.


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Slave Labour Camps “Vital Part of Chinese Economy” – Should Barbados Take Gifts From Communist China?

“Even without considering our past, should Barbados be taking gifts from a Chinese Communist government that relies upon slavery as a vital part of the economy?”


China’s Christians Enslaved, Tortured and Murdered For Their Faith

On February 22, 2006, Communist Chinese secret police detained filmmaker and blogger Hao Wu. He has not been charged with any crime, and he has been refused legal representation.

It seems that he attended a Christian church that was not “approved” by the Communist Chinese government. (Story links at bottom)

Mr. Wu is just the latest Christian victim of the Chinese Communists. Millions have been murdered or enslaved since Mao and his fellow butchers took over in the late 1940’s. Mass arrests of Christians continue to this day.

“They hung me up across an iron gate, then they yanked open the gate and my whole body lifted until my chest nearly split in two. I hung like that for four hours.”


…Mr. Peter Xu Yongze, tortured by Chinese secret police for being a Christian. BBC News story here.

Many Chinese Christians in Slave Labour Camps Today

Slave Labour “Vital part of the Chinese economy”

China has a vast ‘laogai’ network of some 1100 ‘reform through labour’ prison camps. They were set up in the 1950s by Chairman Mao with Russian assistance, following the Russian gulag model. Mao had been executing intellectuals and dissidents by the hundreds of thousands until he realised condemning them to slave labour would be just as effective and certainly more productive. That continues to this day and forms a vital part of the Chinese economy.

Chinese Pastor Made A Slave For Handing Out Bibles

China Aid Association has learned that jailed Beijing Pastor Cai Zhuohua, a Protestant pastor who was given a three-year sentence for distributing Bibles (see RLP 353), has been forced to work more than 10 hours a day producing commercial ‘Made in China’ handbags since his transfer to Tianhe Prison in January 2006.

…from Christian Monitor News (link here)

Barbados Government Ignores Torture For Jesus – Gladly Accepts Chinese Slave Labour Money

As mentioned in our previous articles Barbados Media Forgets Anniversary – China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre and Why is China Giving Money To Barbados? – the Government of Barbados has been receiving various gifts from Communist China for many years.

Even our Royal Barbados Police Force and military have received training and equipment from Communist China.

Every Barbadian should ask their own heart…

“Should we be taking gifts from a Chinese Communist government that relies upon slavery as a vital part of the economy?”

Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering. – (Hebrews 13:3)

Internet Links

About Blogger Hao Wu…

Ethan Zuckerman – About Hao Wu’s Case

Hao Wu’s Blog Site – Beijing or Bust

Previous Articles – Barbados Free Press…

Barbados Media Forgets Anniversary – China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre

Why is China Giving Money To Barbados?


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Monkey Business Expected: Location of Town Hall Meeting For Barbados Waterpark Still Unknown


Water Park Developer Won’t Reveal Meeting Location Until Last Minute

The developer of the Caribbean Splash Water Park in Barbados has not yet announced the location for the Town Hall meeting that they promised to hold on Monday, July 10, 2006.

This is the same stunt they pulled last time – when they cancelled the previously scheduled June 7, 2006 community meeting at the last moment – after failing to set a location.

Caribbean Splash Inc. has had months to set and announce the meeting location, so it seems obvious that they are trying to make things as inconvenient as possible for citizens who want to attend.

Unethical Behaviour, Faked Survey, Attempts To Limit Debate

As we reported in our previous article Barbados Caribbean Splash Waterpark – Faked Survey, Spin Control and Other Monkey Business -local residents are charging that the developers of a proposed water park in Graeme Hall, Christ Church, Barbados, faked the results of a published survey and are using unethical methods to control information and to limit public debate.

This latest seems to be more of the same.

Does Anyone Know Where The Meeting Will Be Held?

Attention: Caribbean Splash Inc.,

If we are wrong here, just let us know. Has an ad appeared in a newspaper? Was a media release given to television and radio stations? The latest Nation Newspaper article mentions nothing about the July 10th meeting.

Please let us know where, when and how you published the location for the upcoming Town Hall meeting. Better yet – send us a copy of the ad and we will post it here at no charge.


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Who Stole Sherman Davis Jr.’s Ashes In Barbados?

What did the thief think was in the box?

From Boston Globe newspaper…

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados –A family has been left puzzled and traumatized after a box with the ashes of a New Hampshire man was stolen from their villa before they had a chance to scatter them.

Before his death, Sherman Davis Jr. of Nashua, N.H., had requested that his ashes be scattered at three of his favorite spots around the Caribbean island. But 12 hours after the family members arrived, they discovered the box had been stolen on Sunday. “We left home to go to dinner at seven and when we got back at nine o’clock and the box was gone,” said Davis’ widow, Jean. “We all cried. It was incredulous.”

Boston Globe article link here.

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1000 Barbados Water Authority Employees Walk Out Over Non-Payment Of Wages


Barbados Government Out Of Cash?

This is the fifth time this year that we have heard reports of cashflow problems with the Government of Barbados. Just last Wednesday June 21st, Barbados Forum posted that sources are claiming that “…the GoB is currently experiencing an acute cashflow problem on Current Account…” (See Barbados Government Cash Flow Problem?)

More indications of cashflow problems surfaced yesterday when 1000 employees of the Barbados Water Authority walked off the job over the government’s failure to pay back wages as previously agreed.


Have We Overspent on the Cricket World Cup, Mr. Prime Minister?

Watch you wallets, folks… Somebody has to pay the piper, and that somebody is going to be each one of us!

Excerpt from the CBC report (link here)…

Workers at the Barbados Water Authority walked off the job and they only returned after management agreed to start paying new wages and salaries from this week.

The near one thousand workers say the BWA had promised to start payment from last month, but nothing has happened.

This morning they refused to drive a stroke telling management that they would stay off the job until an agreement on when they will be paid was reached…

Early last month, the Barbados Workers Union and the BWA agreed to the new rates, which cleared the way for the workers to collect over 10 million dollars in back pay.

At that time, it was said that payments would start at the beginning of May, but this has not happened.


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How Do Bajans Know Who Is Absent From Barbados Legislature?

The Barbados Labour Party Blog made a few good points last Saturday – but one point (we are sure) was completely unintended… Citizens of Barbados are routinely denied even basic information about daily Legislative activities because the government is more comfortable operating without public transparency.

Transparency equals accountability, and we all know that Prime Minister Arthur won’t be having any of that nonsense, thank you!

Here is our brief analysis of the BLP Blog article Politics of Complacency

The article alleges*…

1/ The DLP is Divided

2/ The DLP is Not Ready To Govern

3/ DLP Members are Habitually Late and/or Absent from the Legislature.

How Are Citizens To Know Who Is Absent Or Late For The Legislature?

The BLP Blog charges that members of the Opposition are habitually late or absent for Legislative sittings, and that they arrive unprepared.

While that may or may not be the case, it is true that ordinary citizens have no method of confirming the attendance of elected representatives.

Why should this be? We are routinely denied even the most basic information about Legislative activities – despite the fact that the technology to bring transparency to the Legislature has existed for over a decade. The government could publish each day’s attendance on the internet if it chose to – but it does not, so how are we to know which members are habitually late or absent?

Transcripts of debates are often not available for six or seven MONTHS, so how are we to know who is prepared for debate and who is not?

The government is content to make claims about what is going on in the Legislature, yet refuses to put in place those simple mechanisms that would allow citizens to have first-hand knowledge of their elected representatives and their activities.

This is not rocket science. Even a first year computer student could set up a camera and microphones to live broadcast all parliamentary and committee debates on the internet. Many governments routinely post transcripts of debates online, and even stream live broadcasts of the nation’s business – not only in debates, but also in committee meetings. As an example, check out the website of the Parliament of Canada here.

If the Barbados Labour Party wants to complain about poor attendance by members of the Opposition – that is just fine with us. But for the government to complain about Opposition attendance and then not post the records for all members is dishonest.

We call upon the Government of Barbados to immediately do the following…

1/ Publish on the internet for all to see, attendance records for all members for the past two years, and then update the online record weekly.

2/ Publish on the internet for all to see, transcripts of debates for the past two years, and then continue to place previous years’ archives on the internet for the last ten years.

3/ Direct that transcripts of all new debates and business be finished and posted online within a week of the date recorded.

4/ Broadcast debates and other legislative business live on the internet at the time they are happening, and also put archival broadcast files on the internet for all to see.

5/ Publish legislative and debates schedules in advance on the internet so that interested citizens might observe the business of the nation.

We demand transparency and accountability from all our elected representatives – both government and opposition. We grow tired of an elitist elected body that hides behind closed doors – when simple technologies would allow citizens to know on a timely basis what is happening with the running their own nation.

* Note: As with any summary, it is important to see the original context. We urge our readers to follow the BLP Blog link and to read the original BLP article for themselves.

Also… (can’t help it!)…

We note that the June 24, 2006 BLP Blog article ends with the phrase “Stay tuned Barbadians”.

Marcus points out that the phrase “Stay tuned” has been part of his writing style for years, and can be found in two BFP articles in June alone – Barbados Free Press Takes Advice From Rupert Murdock (June 23, 2006) and Piggies in Barbados: Readers Hammer BLP Blog For Misleading Partial Quote” (June 11, 2006).

Marcus is pleased that the BLP Blog thinks so much of his wordsmithing. Plagiarism is the most sincere form of compliment.



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Barbados Government Cash Flow Problem?


Bendedknees at Barbados Forum posts…

Sources have intimated that the GoB is currently experiencing an acute cashflow problem on Current Account this is being manifested in the holding of a large number of refund cheques at Inland Revenue and the non payment of monies owed to several GoB employees for a variety of services rendered i.e. workers who worked tirelessly on the temporary prison.

Barbados Forum post Cashflow Problem At GoB, Fact or Fiction?

Barbados Free Press speculated on this a few months ago in our articles…

Barbados Government Cash Flow Problem – Tip of the Iceberg?

Barbados Free Press Readers Comment on “Is Barbados Bankrupt?”

Any other red flags out there, folks?


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Barbados Citizens To Be Fingerprinted For New Driver’s Licence

Government Also Orders Facial Recognition Technology


Can a National Identity Card With Fingerprinting Be Far Behind?

Liska Biometry of Dover, New Hampshire, has announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Barbados to produce a new driver's licence.

Charles Benz, Chairman and CEO of Liska, stated that the company's proprietary fingerprint BIN technology would be integrated into the new Barbados driver's licence.

Liska Biometry Fingerprint Technology

The company website explains that the "BIN" (Biometric Identifier Number) is generated from a fingerprint image. In other words, in order to have a new Barbados driver's licence, you must have your fingerprint "imaged" (read "photographed") on at least one finger.

The Big Question… Is the photograph of the fingerprint kept on file after the "BIN" number is generated? If so, then Barbados will be making fingerprinting a pre-condition for driving, and will be retaining that fingerprint.

Liska Technology Also Includes "Automatic Face-Tracking"

With Liska's technology, once your facial photograph is also taken for your driver's licence, it can be used in a system to automatically spot your face when you are seen by surveilance cameras.

Such fingerprinting and facial-recognition technology has far-reaching implications for human rights and freedoms.

Hopefully, the government will clarify it's policies surrounding the use of this technology so citizens can decide whether or not we view the government to be acting in our individual best interests.

Times change, but we are seriously concerned with this move by government.


Market Wire Announcement – Liska Biometry Announces Project MOU With Barbados

Liska Biometry – Company website


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Warren Buffett Giving Away 42 Billion – How Much To Barbados Abortion Advocates?


Abortion advocates throughout the world are smiling tonight as the world's second richest man just announced that he is giving away 85% of his fortune to "charity".

What is the connection?

Besides being filthy rich, Warren Buffett is a long-time serious supporter of Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups – having given millions upon millions to abortion supporters over the years. The funds were primarily given through the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, a "charity" started by Buffett's deceased wife. According to a CNN article (link here), "This foundation has focused on reproductive health, family planning, and pro-choice causes, and on preventing the spread of nuclear weapons."

LifeSite News states…

The Buffett Foundation has "quietly, almost secretly," become one of the largest donors to organizations that promote abortion, population control and "reproductive health" (a code word for family planning and abortion).

In fact, Warren Buffet's business empire, the result of his life's work, gives 75% of all its charitable giving — $21 million in 2001 — to groups that promote the abortion culture. A review of public tax records shows that the foundation is devoted financially to the issue above any other cause.

… continue this article at LifeSite News. (Link here)

Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger – Negros as "Reckless Breeders"


Planned Parenthood was founded by members of the eugenics movement, including one of it's more famous (or infamous) founders, Margaret Sanger. Sanger is well on the published record as being in favour of compulsory sterilization for negros and other "reckless breeders" (Sanger's words).

We at Barbados Free Press haven't yet talked about abortion on the island, so we thought this would be an excellent opportunity – seeing as billions of dollars are now going to be available to the cause.

I wonder how much of Buffett's abortion support money will be heading for Barbados? I mean, we do fit the criteria of being a country of mostly dark-skinned people – so that certainly fits the Planned Parenthood / Margaret Sanger vision. Perhaps the government and some of the "private special clinics" on the island should apply for some of Buffett's money… (said tongue-in-cheek, of course)

Story Links

Yahoo News: Buffett to give away billions to charity

USA Today: Buffett set to disburse $45 billion fortune amongst 5 foundations

CNN Money: How Buffett's giveaway will work.

Diane Dew: Black Genocide: Planned Parenthood's Evil Roots

Diane Dew: Margaret Sanger In Her Own Words


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Barbados Culture and Heritage – Liz Thompson Speaks The Truth

Minister of the Environment Liz Thompson made some excellent points last Wednesday evening while addressing the annual meeting of the Barbados National Trust (BNT website here).

Here are some of the Minister's statements as taken from a Nation News article (link)…

"In the redevelopment of Bridgetown, there has been an unwarranted influx of new designs, which reeks of 'architectural uglification'…"

"(There is a conflict in Barbados between tradition, culture and custom) and the mimicry and adoption of cultural expression, building practices, language and behaviour which are more reflective of developed countries…"

"(Barbados had lost much of its cultural heritage) by the elimination of many true icons…"

"We have, especially amongst younger generations, relegated cou-cou, flying fish and pone to the back-burner in preference of foreign fast food."

…Barbados Minister of The Environment Elizabeth Thompson, speaking at Barbados National Trust annual meeting.

Minister Thompson is saying what many of us are thinking – our history and culture are slipping away faster and faster every day. Some will say that merely talking does not solve this crisis in culture, and that is true. But it is also true that identification of any problem must be the first step.

In our rush to modernize our small island, we as individuals and as a country, must not forget where we come from.

Give Liz full marks for her speech.

A Bit of Barbados History – Can You Identify This Home…?


No prize offered except the opportunity to be made famous by Barbados Free Press. 🙂


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Barbados Nation News Sets Trap for DLP – Democratic Labour Party

An editorial in The Nation News claims that the Prime Minister will not call a general election in Barbados anytime soon – and calls upon the opposition DLP to relax and "take its lead on timing from the BLP…"

Would A Friend Ever Give Such Advice?

Perhaps the Nation News is just trying to stimulate some conversation with the editorial (link here) – because any fool knows that the Dems are in total disarray, The DLP won't stand a chance unless they pick their candidates now and allow time for new faces to develop a presence in their communities.

The timing for the election may well be as the Nation News predicts – just after the Cricket World Cup – or it could be a snap election this fall, which makes more sense to some.

But whatever the timing of the next election, the DLP had better keep the throttle at full steam ahead and try to work harder and smarter.

After all – the DLP can't even get a simple website together after a year of "under construction". With organizational skills like that, the DLP gang had better not "relax" too much.

Official DLP Website here (such as it is)

The Nation News Editorial: The Essence of Timing


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Barbados Government Owned Hotel Serves Mauritius Sugar – Packaged In Florida

Most Bajans will read our headline and say, "We knew that. How is that news?"

The operative point is – people from other countries look at the same headline and are shocked that a Government-owned hotel in a sugar-producing country does have their own sugar on the table.

The Stabroek News thinks that the story is newsworthy and so do we.

Just chalk it up as one more embarrassment when the Cricket World Cup circus hits town next year.

From the Stabroek News article "The View From Europe – Caribbean governments need to be more aware of national branding" by David Jessop…

Ten days ago I was having breakfast at a hotel – government owned – in Barbados. On the table was a plain brown packet of sugar. Astonishingly, in large letters it identified its contents as, "A natural cane Demerara sugar from Mauritius in the Indian Ocean" and then noted in much smaller type that it had been packaged by a Florida based company.

A few days later I was in Martinique. There the sugar on the breakfast table had the words "Mémoire d'une culture, Sucre de canne de la Martinique." Elsewhere it made clear its origin was with a local sugar factory and to complete the image of sugar as a part of the island's culture, linked the past to the present, with a simple line-drawing of a traditionally dressed worker cutting cane.

I make this point not to indicate the absurdity of importing sugar from the Indian Ocean via the US to a country with a cane sugar industry that wishes to add value by branding local cane products. Nor do I make these observations to be critical of a tourism industry that seems not to see value in enhancing the Barbadian experience through the offering of local product. Rather I do so to make the point that there is a pressing need for the anglophone Caribbean to seize control of its own identity and culture and use this as a tool to create a branded national environment, as have the French in Martinique…

Read the rest in Stabroek News (link here)

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Royal Barbados Police Force Paying Paupers’ Wages – Government Wonders Why Not Enough Recruits

UPDATED: August 8, 2011

Pay Police Officers a fair wage!

This article was published over five years ago here at Barbados Free Press. Can anyone tell me what has changed since then?

Original article published June 25, 2006…

Exodus From Police Force is Driven By Low Wages

Barbados needs an immediate 130 new Police Officers, but few Bajans are applying for employment with the RBPF.

I can’t blame young people for not wanting to jump into a generally thankless policing career – especially a “career” that pays about the same as a garbage-truck driver.

Memo to Prime Minister Arthur:

According to a Nation News article, so few Bajans want to join such a low-paying job as the Royal Barbados Police Force that we are considering hiring non-Bajans to police our country.

Do you see anything wrong with this situation, Mr. Prime Minister?

Try this potential solution, Mr. Prime Minister: Spend less on cricket circuses for the elites – instead pay police officers a fair wage.


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Will God Keep Barbados Safe From Hurricanes In 2006?

According to the Nation Newspaper, the Royal Barbados Police Force is conducting four days of hurricane simulation exercises next week. Shona's Auntie Moses read the story in the paper and advised all at the table last night that if we all pray hard enough and often enough, God will keep Barbados safe from hurricanes. She also said that over the years, Barbados has seen fewer hurricanes than many other places in the Caribbean because so many Bajans pray.

Auntie Moses, that is probably as good an explanation as any as to why Barbados doesn't get hit as often as some other countries – and we will pray every day…

… but we are also filling up those water jugs and making sure the torches have fresh batteries.


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Barbados Environment Minister Liz Thompson Writes TWO Letters in Six Months!

"I have written to the former Attorney-General, I have written to the Commissioner of Police and I have urged that environmental crime should be treated seriously…"

Barbados Minister of the Environment Elizabeth Thompson in The Nation News June 23, 2006.

Liz Thompson Legacy: All Talk – No Action

Please correct us if we are wrong, but back on February 7, 2006 Liz Thompson said in the Legislature…

“It’s time to arrest and charge illegal dumpers”

On February 9, 2006, Barbados Free Press wrote about Minister Thompson's comment and published Barbados Environment Minister Admits Failure Over Hundreds of Illegal Garbage Dumps – where we stated…

Just what has she done?

“Thompson said she had written the police and the Attorney-General on the subject….

Oh very good! Written two letters! And just what does she now propose after 12 years?

“The day the police do some stings at these dumping sites and charge illegal dumpers, we might see a stop to this,” Thompson said.”

That is your plan? A few stings at a illegal dump or two? That’s it?

So here we are five months later, and Liz Thompson is still giving speeches about the same two letters she wrote last year. Meanwhile, personnel from her Ministry have yet to lay a single illegal dumping charge in TWELVE YEARS!

How About Something Closer To Home, Liz?

Ok, Liz – maybe the hundreds of illegal dumps on the island are just too much for a low-level manager like you to handle, so how about something closer to home that you can (perhaps) do something about?

On Monday, here is what we want you to do, Liz…

When you get to your Constituency Office, park your nice new automobile in your usual spot. Just in case you've forgotten where your office is, here is a photo of the building taken from the field just to the northeast…




Now, exit your auto, and walk a measured 158 steps north and then cross the street. What you see are numerous old trucks and engines dumped in the field – with oil from engines, gas tanks and sumps seeping into the ground and water table. The owner of the field is posted on the sign.

Here are some photos to assist you in finding this illegal dump after you walk the 158 steps from your office…



Liz – May We Suggest…

– Send one of your Environment Ministry personnel into the field to assess the situation, take soil samples, gather evidence and note the owner of the field. (The sign displays "Apex Construction Inc. – Telephone 428-7678")

– Send written notice to the owner to clean up the mess within 10 working days.

– Have as a condition that Environment Ministry personnel be present to supervise the clean-up and proper disposal of the contaminated soil and leaking engines/wrecks.

– Follow-up to ensure that not only has the mess been cleaned up, but that the contaminated soil and leaking engines/wrecks have been taken to a proper location for disposal.

There… pretty easy. Do that Liz, and in a few days you will accomplish more to clean up the island than the BLP has done in the past twelve years.

Think you can handle it, Liz?

BFP photos by Shona 


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Barbados Free Press Takes Advice From Rupert Murdock


"To find something comparable, you have to go back 500 years to the printing press, the birth of mass media – which, incidentally, is what really destroyed the old world of kings and aristocracies. Technology is shifting power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite. Now it's the people who are taking control…."

Rupert Murdock talks about blogging and the internet in July, 2006 Wired Magazine.

When NEWS Corp. CEO Rupert Murdock engineered the purchase of last year, it was just one more step in fulfilling his vision of embracing the internet and all it's potential before NEWS Corp. itself became a victim of what is arguably the most powerful communication tool the world has ever seen.

The July 2006 issue of WIRED Magazine features a major article on Mr. Murdock's vision of the future, and it is one that anyone trying to reach a mass audience would be wise to read. The BFP staff all read the article last night, and we are PUMPED!

Coming Barbados Election Will Be Different

There is an election on the way in Barbados and this time around, the internet, citizen journalism, online networking and the Barbados Free Press will all play significant roles in shaping the future of our country. In the Caribbean, Barbados has one of the highest percentages of citizens online.

With no gatekeepers, no advertisers to please and the ability to directly reach thousands upon thousands of Bajans every week, the Barbados Free Press and other political websites* bring a new and largely unknown factor into Barbados politics.

Stay tuned, folks. It is going to be a wild and interesting ride.

* Other political websites include…

– Barbados Labour Party website

– Barbados Labour Party blog

Barbados Forum

– The Scandal Institute

Still No Website For the PEP and DLP.

Hello? Anybody home?



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