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Blogging Around: Socialism vs. Capitalism at Booker Rising

Akindele Akinyemi.jpg

Detroit Blogger Akindele Akinyemi puts forward this idea…

"We should reject socialism because it is a form of psychological slavery that keep us dependent on a larger system to take care of us."

Answers Roderick in the Comments at Booker Rising

"And pure capitalism is physical and financial enslavement. Neither pure capitalism nor pure socialism is the answer. I like the balance that America has achieved."

Open for Discussion in The Comments Section of Barbados Free Press…


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This Week In The Barbados Free Press…

During last week's heavy editorial meeting, (which we documented in "Mello Sunday: Another BFP Staff Meeting…") we set some goals about doing the following stories…

Part II of our Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary series.

– A look at the PEP, BLP & DLP websites.

– Part I on a series about Bajan money.

– Florida Police Corruption Scandal Touches Royal Barbados Police Force

– Commentary on Gay Marriage in Barbados

While we managed to bring you a few of these stories, our publishing schedule was taken over by events. (See "The Power Of The Internet – In Barbados Politics" below)

We feel most badly about having missed the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary story – which we will try to complete this week.

Graeme Hall Wetlands In Danger

There is a community meeting on (I think) June 7th to discuss the impact of a proposal by Caribbean Splash Inc. to put a tourist water park in Graeme Hall wetland area. As a runup to the meeting, we will continue with our series on this important issue. For details, see our earlier story "Barbados Water Park Battle On The Horizon – Graeme Hall Wetlands In Danger"

The Power Of The Internet – In Barbados Politics

One story emerged to dominate the Barbados Free Press for the past week – the new influence and power of the internet in Barbados politics. On May 25th, we published "Barbados Political Party Websites Reviewed – A Choice Between BLP Racism and Nothing Else"… and saw the number of visitors and people leaving comments go off the scale.

Two days later, we reviewed the new Barbados Labour Party Blog in our story "Barbados Labour Party Blog Reviewed – Linked To" and again the visitor log went off the scale.

We also provided permanent links to the BLP Blog at the written request of Dr. William Duguid: MP and General Secretary of the Barbados Labour Party. Dr. Duguid has been a frequent visitor and commentor at the Barbados Free Press since we published "Standup Comedians Supreme!" on April 26th.

The Barbados Labour Party Blog was established by Dr. Duguid about May 7, 2006, and several bloggers started talking about the importance of this event – including Titilayo from the Bajan blog Gallimaufry, who also received a visits and comments from Dr. Duguid.

On May 29th, former lawyer/chief counsel turned full-time journalist & editor Karen Walrond said of the establishment of the Barbados Labour Party Blog…

"In my opinion, this is huge."

Today, Barbados Free Press received enquiries from two major media organizations – in the United Kingdom and the USA – who are apparently developing stories concerning the BLP Blog and the rising impact of blogging in Caribbean politics.

We also saw major media stories this week concerning a United States Appeal Court ruling that bloggers are protected by law the same as journalists are – and a story that internet advertising revenues will exceed newspaper advertising revenues by 2007.

Power and media structures are shifting. Barbados Free Press will continue to cover the story surrounding the new importance and influence of political blogging.

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Barbados Death Boat – Senegal Connection – Global Voices Photos


Barbados Free Press previously covered the story of the eleven dead men found in a boat floating off Barbados. This week, Global Voices picks up on the Senegal connection – and connects with a heart-wrenching multi-media presentation at Seneweb.com.


Here is the link to the Seneweb photo presentation about the plight of migrants who flee Senegal by the thousands – and then die trying to reach a better life.

God bless them all…. and I am so grateful that I was born on Barbados.

Seneweb invites us to the harshness of these images which show the reality of the suffering of our brothers plopped like cattle in makeshift rafts, decided, determined to flee poverty for Europe and its enlightenment. The images presented to us by the online newssite Seneweb are living testimony of the tragedy unfolding before our eyes. Let’s hope that they contribute to the awakening of consciences, to populations demanding better governance, better management of public affairs, so that our politicians work for the peoples who’ve elected them.

Translated from Senegalese blogger Seckasystemeblog

Story Links

Global Voices: Senegal: Conversations on Drowned Migrants

Seneweb: Senegal Migrant Photo Presentation (WARNING GRAPHIC)

Seckasystemeblog (Story In French)

UPDATE: Excellent New (May 30, 2006) BBC article here. According to the article, authorities believe there were 50 people on board the boat and that it was deliberately cast adrift by a Spaniard who is now being sought by Interpol. 

Barbados Free Press – Death Boat Previous Stories…

May 2, 2006 – Death Boat Arrives In Barbados

May 8, 2006 – Barbados Death Boat Was Headed Senegal To Cape Verde Islands

May 15, 2006 – Barbados Death Boat May Have Held 37 People


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The Nation Newspaper Picks Up On Barbados Free Press Story?

It looks like Tony Best of The Nation Newspaper was detailed to do a follow-up on our May 24, 2006 story "Florida Sheriff Scandal Has Barbados Police Connection – Questions Need Answering By Barbados Police".

On May 28, 2006, the Nation Newspaper also published a story "US Probe" about the scandals involving Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne. Reporter Tony Best has done some additional digging into this still-breaking story, and even tried to call Sheriff Jenne – who for some reason is reluctant to talk to the media.

Have a look at the Nation News story here. We will be publishing more on this story tomorrow – including some original investigative reporting that is sure to cause some upset in certain offices of the Royal Barbados Police Force.

So… it looks like the Nation News and the Barbados Free Press are in a bit of a competition over this story – just like the good old days. "EXTRA! EXTRA! – Read All About It!"

Let's see who can further break the news on the Barbados links to this story.

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Internet Advertising Revenues Will Exceed Newspaper Advertising Revenues in 2007

And while we at the Barbados Free Press are on blogging and internet news today, here is another indication of how the internet is growing and traditional newspapers are fading…

Net Ad Spending Poised To Overtake National Press

Monday May 29 2006 16:55

The internet will this year overtake national newspapers to become the third biggest advertising medium by spend, according to authoritative forecasts.

By the end of 2007, internet advertising will close the gap on regional newspapers, the number two medium, but will still be well short of television, the biggest outlet in the £12bn-a-year media advertising market.

The projection, seen exclusively by the FT, underlines the pace of growth in internet advertising and the challenge to businesses reliant on traditional advertising revenue.

Financial Times article here.


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