Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Villency Married In Barbados – Baby On The Way


From our "It Must Have Been Quite The Blind Date" files…

Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle (The Lineup), 37, and Fine Living's Eric Villency (Idesign), 31, were married on Saturday (May 27, 2006) in Barbados and are said to be five months pregnant with their first child, a boy.

The couple met on a blind date last October and were engaged by Christmas, but kept the romance a secret until February, when Kimberly's divorce from San Francisco major Gavin Newsom was finalized. However, a friend of the couple remarks that "The wedding was planned long before she learned she was with child." However, another source scoffs, "[The baby] was the worst-kept secret in town." Ouch.

…from Celebrity Baby Blog here.

Nope… our Shona wasn't invited to the Sandy Lane wedding, nor does she have anything to match Guilfolye's 5.2 carat Asscher-cut diamond engagement ring.

…but she does have a good man who comes home every night and a family that loves her. And that will have to do!



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  1. Susie



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  2. Rumplestilskin

    Very good. But just who are Eric Villain whatcha-ma-caul-it and Kinberley whatever?

    Does anyone care?

  3. Rumplestilskin

    Now iffin y’all wanna see some good overseas showbiz, how about Will Smith in ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’.

    Excellent, must see!!! And what a story! Good for the young’uns to see too.

  4. why should barbadians cares about show peoples lives when the island is under threat by rich people moving in, poor people land getting steal the tales of two cities coming true one for the rich and nothing for the poor costing living going higher ,barbados wake up we will not soon be able to live on our own island soon as the saying go in new york,barbados donot belongs to bajans,ask anyone who come from the other islands next doors

  5. cherry2enpowered

    How the france can you be engaged to someone and still be married?. Pending divorce?. Isn’t some law broken here?
    And we wonder why children exhibit such deviant behaviour?.