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Barbados Government Agency Promoting Tourism By Selling Below Cost… Really

Sometimes I think I'm living on the planet Zontar instead of in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Our old friend and hotel owner Adrian Loveridge is at it again – pointing out that the Emperor has no clothes…

This time, Mr. Loveridge dares to mention that the Barbados Tourism Authority is promoting vacation packages to American visitors that will result in a loss with each one sold. The more Americans visit Barbados, the more money will be lost.


A sample from Mr. Loveridge's letter to Caribbean Net News…

It was with absolute incredulity that we recently received notification that the Barbados Tourism Authority has yet again resurrected the highly discounted Best of Barbados programme in our second largest market (United States) for this summer…

And perhaps most worrying of all, considering the use of taxpayers monies, and that this is the only national initiative, it should be noted that in order to participate in the programme you will need to have a rate of at least US$80 per night …

Forget the daily free full breakfasts, the free night�s accommodation, the two (2) three course dinners at a variety of restaurants and various other offerings substantially diluting revenue, just ask yourself one question!

How many of 160 plus registered hotels, guest houses and apartments, including the over 100 small properties on Barbados, can command a tour operator rate of US$80 per room per night in the summer months?

Based on a net room rate of US$80 per night with two sharing lets compare the revenue produced.

(see letter for calculations)…

So even if we attracted 20,000 Best of Barbados visitors, there would be an overall loss of US$1.3 million.

As opposed to a net gain of US$7.7 million, if the same number booked directly at normal prices!

Yet five years after 9/11, with all the combined creativity of our industry policymakers the only thing that they come up with is selling our product below its actual cost.

…read the entire letter at Caribbean Net News


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Barbados Hosts Cricket Championship for the Blind

May God bless our blind friends. I don't know that I would have the courage to be blind…

VISUALLY challenged players from across the region are stepping up preparations for the West Indies Cricket Championship for the Blind in Barbados in July.

Five teams, hosts Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Jamaica and the Windward Islands will contest the one-week tournament from July 4 and organisers are encouraged by the teams’ build-up to their tournament.

Read the entire article at Trinidad & Tobago's Newsday.

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Barbados Seasonal Farm Labour In Canada – A Crisis Of Character?

Trevor Yearwood at The Nation News is reporting that Bajans of bad character have virtually destroyed the market in Canada for seasonal workers from Barbados.

We are truly in shock… more so because Trevor is a very down to earth journalist not given to hyperbole. Terribly sad. Read it and weep…

BAD HABITS, including quarrelling with bosses, refusing to work and turning up late, are threatening to push Bajans out of Canada's seasonal farm labour programme.

And, Barbados' hopes of getting more locals employed in the Canadian hospitality industry have not been helped by reports of a few Bajan hotel workers moonlighting as striptease dancers.

These comments were made by head of the Barbados Liaison Office in Canada, George Brome, in a telephone interview from Canada with the DAILY NATION on Monday…

Read the entire article at The Nation News.

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