Call For More Secure Barbados Hotels

The Nation Newspaper is reporting on a new initiative in the Barbados tourist industry to educate tourists about how to better protect themselves from crime when on vacation.

In our view, this is an excellent strategy – and it highlights what we previously stated about the security of tourists being one of the greatest strengths of the Barbados "tourism brand".

As we mentioned in our previous post "Best Wishes To Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch"…

Why Is Barbados A Better Tourist Destination Than Other Carib Islands?

One of the conference discussions of great importance to Barbados will be about how to distinguish our "Barbados Brand" and product from so many other small Caribbean islands. Think about it… to the tourists, all the islands and all the beaches generally look the same. What can Barbados offer that others cannot?

Tourist Safety – Security

Think "Tourist Safety – Security" and then compare Jamaica with Barbados. No contest. Barbados is a very safe country. Even our few "bad" areas aren't really so bad. Jamaica has some of the most beautiful natural sights in the world – in truth, even prettier than Barbados – but many tourists won't set foot on the island because, as they see it, Jamaica is just not worth the risk…

We in Barbados shouldn't forget about that when the issue of policing comes up. The Royal Barbados Police Force should be the highest paid, best trained and best equipped policing organization in the Caribbean. The police are the true guardians and promoters of the most important segment of our economy. If the tourists don't feel safe in Barbados, you can kiss goodbye to about 80% of our gross national revenue.

No doubt about it. The Royal Barbados Police Force should be the highest paid, best trained and best equipped policing organization in the Caribbean.


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  1. Hi, I’ve just discovered your blog through Technorati. I’ve been on the hunt for blogs about Barbados. I’m just starting up a Bajan blogging community of my own. Back again soon 🙂

  2. BFP

    Hello “Sharon”

    While we are happy to link with any legitimate blog anywhere – we have some reservations about yours. We believe that your blog relies 100% upon cut and paste standard articles shared with other blogs for the sole purpose of generating ad hits and generating income.

    While there is nothing wrong with hits and income, we can illustrate it in this way…

    Your blog currently has a poem posted which “you” say was “inspired by the East Coast of Barbados…

    “This poem was inspired by the East Coast of Barbados. I’ve always like the wildness of that Atlantic coastline, though I still prefer to swim on the calmer West and South coasts.

    East Coast Sunrise
    The sea-fragrant air insinuates itself into your mind,
    Wrapping itself around your waking dreams like a warm blanket,
    Then gently touches your eyelids, your mouth, your body;
    A lover’s caress, to bring you out of sleep.”

    That’s all well and fine…

    Except that the poem is posted at a dozen other sites through a “feed exchange”. Did you write it?

    So… we will watch your site – but right now, we believe it is simply a robot commercial site with some human input designed to fool the search engines.

    What say you?

  3. I have a tale of Hotel Security – My wife left Grand B’dos in Feb. 2005 with no supposed acrimony, she was due backpay from salary negotiations – this was what staff went on strike about in early 2006. When they got paid, she called about hers – but Atif Nicholas never replied to any of her calls. In desperation, she asked if I would pass by in the hopes I could somehow influence the path of events. I spoke with Robin Simmons the current GM, and explained how we have a medical emergency in the family and Vanity really needs her backpay. He agrees to consult Atif Nicholas, who sends him back to me saying that as she left for another company that she forfeited her rights to back-pay!

    I immediately stated this is utter nonsense as ex-CBC staff got their back-pay even when they were no longer at TV8, so I demanded to see Nicholas at once, Robin Simmons goes and comes to let me know that Atif Nicholas has to go to a meeting… I zip past Simmons and say that I wouldn’t even be five minutes with Nicholas, the GM did not say “You can’t go there” nor “That’s not allowed” or any similar remark (unfortunately I had not thought to record this part on my phone)…

    I was kept waiting for a good period and was twice told he’s still on a call (what happened to the meeting?) and I stated I will wait, while waiting I called the BWU and told him what happened, at this point I was irritated and asked the Union Rep if it was a problem if I went to the media about this and he says there is nothing wrong as it is my right – I said this in front of two Admin Assistants and the Mktg Mgr, Anderson Holder, who then went into the GM’s office whizzying and pointing at me like a schoolyard snitch…

    I knew what was coming and set my mobile to record audio! Sure enough, Security came and asked me to leave – they would not say who initiated the “request” nor what reason I was being “asked” to vacate the premises! I never shouted nor used foul language, yet was treated like an urchin from the ghetto… This part is what I was able to record on my phone!

    I am now fulfilling what I said I would do if no satisfaction was forthcoming, I am alerting as many people as possible!

    As for the rest of you? Go to as it has a survey, if you think this is wrong and you fear for any relatives or friends who may think of Grand B’dos as a possible employment move, let your voting on this website reflect your disgust at this sad situation that is not affecting only my spouse, but ALL former employees of Grand B’dos! If as Tony “Commander” Graztte’s calypso song says, that slavery done, then how can any employer set such an example; what exactly is he saying to staff? We just get out of the Brown Sugar No-Union nonsense to meet THIS crap?

  4. Hi BFP, I am a real person (check out and I did write that poem (in 1991 when I went to live in England). I have a few blogs and have posted it on three of them.

    BloggingBarbados arose out of an idea I had for a Bajan blogging community. Truth to tell, it was created before I was ready (by the goldenprose site admin) so there’s not a lot of content there yet. I was looking for more people to join it, but since it’s hosted on another person’s domain, I don’t know whether it will still be there in a few months.

    All that aside, there’s no intention to make it into a search robot fooling site. If you check my other blogs, you’ll find that they have quality information (

    I have nothing to hide, so I look forward to continuing the discussion.