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Call For More Secure Barbados Hotels

The Nation Newspaper is reporting on a new initiative in the Barbados tourist industry to educate tourists about how to better protect themselves from crime when on vacation.

In our view, this is an excellent strategy – and it highlights what we previously stated about the security of tourists being one of the greatest strengths of the Barbados "tourism brand".

As we mentioned in our previous post "Best Wishes To Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch"…

Why Is Barbados A Better Tourist Destination Than Other Carib Islands?

One of the conference discussions of great importance to Barbados will be about how to distinguish our "Barbados Brand" and product from so many other small Caribbean islands. Think about it… to the tourists, all the islands and all the beaches generally look the same. What can Barbados offer that others cannot?

Tourist Safety – Security

Think "Tourist Safety – Security" and then compare Jamaica with Barbados. No contest. Barbados is a very safe country. Even our few "bad" areas aren't really so bad. Jamaica has some of the most beautiful natural sights in the world – in truth, even prettier than Barbados – but many tourists won't set foot on the island because, as they see it, Jamaica is just not worth the risk…

We in Barbados shouldn't forget about that when the issue of policing comes up. The Royal Barbados Police Force should be the highest paid, best trained and best equipped policing organization in the Caribbean. The police are the true guardians and promoters of the most important segment of our economy. If the tourists don't feel safe in Barbados, you can kiss goodbye to about 80% of our gross national revenue.

No doubt about it. The Royal Barbados Police Force should be the highest paid, best trained and best equipped policing organization in the Caribbean.


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Cricket World Cup in Barbados – 20,000 Cruise Passengers In One Day!

Linda Thompkins over at My Barbados Blog is a very practical person – so she points out that on April 28, 2007, eleven cruise ships will bring 20,000 visitors to Barbados on a single day. Linda also asks THE question…

…While this will obviously provide taxi drivers, shops, island vendors and restaurants with an considerable increase in business, one also has to wonder if 20,000+ cruise passengers arriving on the same day can actually be serviced. And this does not include World Cup visitors staying in hotels, apartments, resorts and villas.

Fire up the BBQ's folks! Grill dem fish and cool down those beer and sodas, drive them taxis and rent out those hotel rooms 'cause we all gonna make a killing at Cricket World Cup 2007!

After that, well…. that will be another story.

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New Sony Documentary: Who Killed The Electric Car?


"100 Years ago there were more electric cars on the road than gas cars…"

At lunch, I stumbled across this Sony movie trailer on the net. Go to the website and click "trailer" at the bottom center of the page…

Who Killed The Electric Car?

It was among the fastest, most efficient production cars ever built. It ran on electricity, produced no emissions and catapulted American technology to the forefornt of the automotive industry. The lucky few who drove it never wanted to give it up. So why did General Motors crush its fleet of EV1 electric vehicles in the Arizona desert?

WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? chronicles the life and mysterious death of the GM EV1, examining its cultural and economic ripple effects and how they reverberated throught the halls of government and big business.

Barbados Well Suited For Electric Vehicles

Barbados is a tiny island country where our small land area and high population density makes waste disposal difficult. But our smallness could also be a strength – allowing us to make large changes in lifestyle and energy use far more quickly than would be possible with a larger population base.

Watch the movie. Think… then, let's talk.

All of us.


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Wise Words From Dame Billie Miller in Barbados

"Once sugar ceased to be king, tourism became our major foreign exchange earner. Although we will remember sugar and we are lifting up certain monuments in Barbados, which have become parts of our history, the City will now reflect post-modern Barbados, more and more."

Dame Billie Miller – Bridgetown, Barbados

In The Nation Newspaper article "City Facelift" – commenting upon the major upgrading going on in and around Bridgetown.

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Florida Sheriff Scandal Has Barbados Police Connection – Questions Need Answering By Barbados Police

Corrupt Florida Sheriff & Associates Trained Barbados Anti-Terror and Drug Police

A top U.S. federal prosecutor is leading a joint investigation of Chief Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne and his hand-picked deputies on corruption charges that include Jenne's activities in providing training for the Royal Barbados Police Force anti-terror and drug sections.

While there is no allegation of intentional wrong-doing on the part of any Barbados Police personnel at this time, Barbados Free Press has uncovered serious questions that need answering by senior RBPF management.

Corrupt Sheriff Gave Speech At Barbados Police Graduation Ceremony

It is disturbing to learn that the senior Florida Sheriff who helped train RBPF officers and even gave a Spring 2005 speech at a RBPF Graduating Ceremony is now under investigation for extensive corrupt practices over a long period. It is also disturbing that the Royal Barbados Police Force utilized the services of an outside training agency that made improper payments to senior American police management. ("Improper payments" is a polite term for "illegal bribes")

The Miami Herald details the Barbados connection in a story "Top Feds On Jenne's Case"

…In one job, Jenne was paid $4,000 by a Broward Sheriff's Office vendor, Innovative Surveillance Technologies, to develop training services for the Barbados police force. Top BSO commanders, Tom Carney and Tom Brennan — Jenne's partners in his consulting firm, Havloc LLC — oversaw the development of the training courses and provided a list of deputies qualified to conduct the classes.

Sources familiar with the deal have told investigators that the anti-terrorism and drug-training lesson plans were written up by three deputies at BSO headquarters while on duty. At least seven deputies — including those three — took BSO computers, training tapes, satellite phones and radios to the Barbados sessions.

In addition to paying Jenne, Innovative paid the BSO deputies about $1,000 each to train the Barbados police officers.

Jenne's consulting firm also did work for a New York-based security company, T&M Protection Resources of New York, that advised the Seminole Indian tribe and paid the sheriff $60,000…

There is much more to the story and it can be seen that Sheriff Jenne and the companies he is associated with have a track record of arranging and/or accepting improper kickbacks for serving police personnel with everybody involved taking a little piece of the action.

Why Did The Barbados Police Use A Private Training Agency?

According to media accounts, the Royal Barbados Police Force contracted with a U.S. company called Innovative Surveillance Technologies (IST) to provide anti-terrorism, drug squad and other training to RBPF officers. IST then made illegal payments to Senior US police officers and their hand-picked deputies to design courses, manuals and provide training to RBPF anti-terror and drug units.

One source states that the courses and manuals provided to the RBPF were basically just copied from the Broward Florida Sheriff's Department – which makes sense. The question then arises as to why the Royal Barbados Police Force chose to hire a private company to train its personnel and provide reference materials – rather than utilizing the many international government-sponsored training resources available to accredited policing organizations.

What About Commissioner Dottin's Contacts With International Policing Organizations?

If the RBPF needed anti-terror and drug squad manuals, why wouldn't Commissioner Dottin just pick up the phone and speak with one of his comrades from the International Association of Chiefs of Police? Why wouldn't he contact one of his classmates from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Senior Officers' Course – or from the Police Staff College in Bramshill, England? Both England and the United States have extensive international police training programmes. Even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are involved in international police training.

With all the training and resources available to Barbados through accredited policing organizations, why did we pay a private agency? And… how much did we pay… and to whom and for what exactly?

Barbados Police Hired Corrupt People & Companies – So Now The Public Trust Demands Some After-The-Fact Accountability & Transparency

Barbados Free Press assumes that the RBPF was acting in good faith when it hired the corrupt company Innovative Surveillance Technologies (IST) to provide training to our officers. But now that IST has been found to have provided improper payments to corrupt serving U.S. police officers, it is necessary for the RBPF to explain it's actions to the public and to provide an accounting.

The public trust demands nothing less than transparency and accountability – especially when the RBPF (unitentionally) associated itself with a corrupt private company and corrupt policing officials from another jurisdiction.

We Call Upon RBPF Commissioner Dottin To Do The Following…

We Call Upon RBPF Commissioner Dottin To Do The Following…

– Explain to the public why a private company was hired to train RBPF officers when so much training and management consulting is available to Barbados through accredited international policing organizations.

– Explain to the public why a private company was hired to provide the RBPF officers with training manuals and reference materials that were basically just copied from another policing organization.

– Explain what, if any steps, were taken by senior RBPF management to obtain appropriate training and resource materials from accredited international policing organizations rather than a private company.

– Detail what payments were made to IST or other private companies for training, resources or equipment.

– Reveal any monies or gifts received by any RBPF personnel from private companies or persons associated with the providing of training, resources or equipment to the RBPF.

Reference Links

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Miami Herald April 16, 2006 "The Time To Go Has Come For BSO's Jenne"

Neil Rogers Show "Inquiry Widens Into Broward Sheriff's Moonlighting"

Miami Herald (Google Cache) "Jenne's Business Is Under Federal Scrutiny"


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