Mello Sunday: Another BFP Staff Meeting, Another Barbados Dead Soldier

Barbados Dead Soldier2.jpg

Hey there folks…

Sunday night, 'an I know we shoulda been ta church today, but we just didn't make it. Hope Auntie Moses will forgive us. Clive came over and brought a pretty full bottle of Extra Old Mount Gay Rum. The bottle is not so full now. 'Matter a fact, de bottle appear to have de hole in it 'cause it be empty now.

My oh my, is that a smooth libation! When Clive goes back to school in September, maybe all our kidneys and livers will have a rest. Clive is a bad boy, but he sure can write.


Listening on internet radio to Bandit Blues Radio and Electric Blues Radio. Blind Boy Fuller, BB King, Robert Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughan playing Jimi's Voodoo Child. My oh my!

But we did accomplish something… we think. This coming week we have a few articles of note… Part II of our Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary series, a look at the PEP, BLP & DLP websites, Part I of a series on Bajan money, Florida Police Corruption Scandal Touches Royal Barbados Police Force – and a commentary on Gay Marriage in Barbados (if Clive ever wakes up!).

See you on Monday, folks… but it might be late afternoon or evening… 😉

Meanwhile, here's Stevie Ray Vaughan playing Hendrix better than Hendrix…



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