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Barbados Tourism: Planning Beyond Sun, Sea and Sand

We were reading the Antigua Sun website this morning and stumbled across a letter from none other than our very own Adrian Loveridge of Peach and Quiet Resort, Christ Church Barbados.

As always, Mr. Loveridge makes some good points. Here are his closing paragraphs, but you really should read the whole thing at the Antigua Sun.

I still feel it’s not too late, but greater emphasis has to be placed on our environment, protecting our architectural heritage and truly understanding the meaning of community tourism.

One thing for absolute certainty, anyone who believes that we can plot our long term tourism destiny purely on sun, sea and sand, will eventually join a long list of extinct species which includes the flightless Dodo bird.

Adrian Loveridge.


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NOAA National Hurricane Center Predicts Above Normal Year – But Better Than 2005


Watching CNN right now and the National Hurricane Center boffins are predicting a higher than normal number of hurricanes for the 2006 season – which starts in 10 days.

Nothing on the NOAA website as yet, but I guess the prediction will be posted after the news conference ends.

Pray harder and more often.

UPDATE: AP News Article Now Posted

MIAMI – A hectic, above-normal tropical storm season could produce between four and six major hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico this year, but conditions don't appear ripe for a repeat of 2005's record activity, the National Hurricane Center predicted Monday.

There will be up to 16 named storms, the center predicted, which would be significantly less than last year's record 27. Still, people in coastal regions should prepare for the possibility of major storms, said Max Mayfield, the National Hurricane Center director…

Full article continues here.

photo – overhead of Floyd, September 13, 1999 from Storm Survival website.

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Barbados Rock Group Kite


Good things happening to the home-grown Bajan rock group KITE. Linda Tompkins has the story over at My Barbados Blog – along with links to the group's website and online music samples.

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Mello Sunday: Another BFP Staff Meeting, Another Barbados Dead Soldier

Barbados Dead Soldier2.jpg

Hey there folks…

Sunday night, 'an I know we shoulda been ta church today, but we just didn't make it. Hope Auntie Moses will forgive us. Clive came over and brought a pretty full bottle of Extra Old Mount Gay Rum. The bottle is not so full now. 'Matter a fact, de bottle appear to have de hole in it 'cause it be empty now.

My oh my, is that a smooth libation! When Clive goes back to school in September, maybe all our kidneys and livers will have a rest. Clive is a bad boy, but he sure can write.


Listening on internet radio to Bandit Blues Radio and Electric Blues Radio. Blind Boy Fuller, BB King, Robert Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughan playing Jimi's Voodoo Child. My oh my!

But we did accomplish something… we think. This coming week we have a few articles of note… Part II of our Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary series, a look at the PEP, BLP & DLP websites, Part I of a series on Bajan money, Florida Police Corruption Scandal Touches Royal Barbados Police Force – and a commentary on Gay Marriage in Barbados (if Clive ever wakes up!).

See you on Monday, folks… but it might be late afternoon or evening… 😉

Meanwhile, here's Stevie Ray Vaughan playing Hendrix better than Hendrix…



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Negrocrat and Uncle Tom In Barbados – A New Perspective…


We came across this at Booker Rising Blog. Were we too harsh on Prime Minister Owen Arthur when he called a newspaper editor a "Negrocrat" ?

From Booker Rising Blog

Quote Of The Day

"To be called an Uncle Tom is an honor. Like our foundational black thinkers, Uncle Tom is often invoked but rarely read. He is not who the Politburo says he is. He was a moral, religious man of dignity and duty who accepted his lot as a slave because he had no choice yet by his behavior transcended it. He was an ancestor of whom to be proud; how has it been overlooked that he chose torture and death rather than inform on two sexually abused female runaways?"

Debra Dickerson, liberal commentator and author of The End Of Blackness: Returning The Souls Of Black Folk To Their Rightful Owners

Selected BFP Negrocrat Articles…

Of "Negrocrats", "Oreos", "Iggas" and Other Racial Slurs In Barbados

Barbados Owen Arthur "Negrocrat" Controversy Will Not Die

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Putting A Price On Ecological Systems – How Much Is A Coral Reef Worth?

Environmental blogger Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of Sustainablog asks the unthinkable and refers to some UN and Cambridge University studies. Interesting reading for anyone interested in sustainable ecosystems (which should include everyone on this tiny island called Barbados).

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