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Barbados Environment Minister Rips Into Staff – “Who Is Leaking To The News Media?”


Our little friend at the Environment Ministry tells us that Minister Liz Thompson was "in a state" all last week trying to discover the identity of "Hummingbird" – the Environment Ministry insider who has lately been talking to Barbados Free Press and other island media.

According to Hummingbird, during a discussion about two recent Barbados Free Press articles, somebody told Minister Thompson about an earlier BFP article that detailed exactly what Thompson and her deputy had to drink during a lunch-time meeting at the Savannah Hotel. Apparently the Minister appeared to be quite upset that BFP's article "Can Barbados Pee It's Way To More Water?" revealed that she likes white wine with lunch.

Shortly thereafter, senior staffers made the rounds enquiring if anyone had any idea as to the identity of "Hummingbird".

Hey Minister… we're not telling. We did receive this poem today – written by someone who sounds like they know something… but the poem also contains a bit of a threat to hummingbird.

Interesting times on our little island…

A Hummingbird Found Floating In A Soup bowl………….

Oh my little Island in the sun
Where de hell did dat humming bird suddenly come from
Rumors did say is dat she did come from de inside buzzing bout causing trouble
Hoping to get de Minista pun de job, pun de double
Flying bout de place wid de name of de humming bird
Materializing her imagination so she could be heard
Behind de little bird would she try fe hide she face
Prooving dat spiritual wickedness hide in a low place
But one of deeze dayz ya gun see who de humming bird is
When a big wind full of da ocean spray mek she jhuri kurl frizz.

I man know wid deeze motives that wunna should be wary
Cause there are those who didn’t want a humming bird, but ah big ugly brown skinned canary
To go pun de BFP and talk bout what would be a messy shituation
Dat wuz plaguing de east coast of dis little island nation
But lemme get down to what is really behind de humming bird’s motivation
A Bumble B did tell me dat she did want to buy de place and put up a set of comdeminiums. HuM!

Anyways, she would tell dis story to everyone she would meet
And daz why Jah neva mek a bajan humming bird tweet
De only reason de humming bird did talk bout de wata
Is fe try fe embarrass de Honorable Enviroment Minista
But wa she did fuhget to yell wunna is
Bout de morning I did see de humming bird taking a baff in de wata she does call piss.

De I man think that da humming should be carefull doh,
Cause even de country rootsman know
Dat de humming bird should check de wata dat she playing in
Cause to date, de I man never see a humming bird swim.

Poem by "De Unknow Comic" first posted at Barbados Beach Sewage: Environment Ministry Embarrassment Of The Week.

For those unfamiliar with local Barbados landmarks, the "Soup Bowl" is a fabulous surfing location at Bathsheba, and Hummingbird has been speaking with BFP about the failure of the Environment Ministry to address sewage problems in Bathsheba. Thus the title of the poem "A Hummingbird Found Floating In A Soup Bowl"

UPDATE – A Reader Comments…


The writer of the poem "A Hummingbird Found Floating In A Soup bowl" is obviously fearful and threatens Hummingbird.

The fear of speaking out is not going to make things any better in Barbados.

If we had more Hummingbirds around here perhaps Barbados would be in a far better position.

Speak out. There is safety in numbers.

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Anger In Barbados – Battle Of Bathsheba “Just Starting”


At Friday night's community meeting, residents of Bathsheba expressed their anger over government plans to develop their area with what they term "cookie-cutter" and "eye-sore" tourist attractions. The sudden change in the development plan "with no notice" was as much a topic of discussion as was the plan itself.

"Dey (government) think dey can do whatever dey want here. This meeting is a farce. Dey are not listenin"

"What the h*ll is 'Amerindian Museum' going to be but cheap trinkets and more bus loads of tourists in an out in half an hour? This is not quality tourism. It will not benefit Bathsheba."

"You got sewage into the ocean now. Why doan you fix that first?" said to Attorney General Dale Marshall by a resident. (Marshall's answer… "We are working on it.")

"This is not over. We are just starting to organize"

If the heated words at Friday's meeting in Bathsheba were any indication of the community's resolve to not accept any development that they don't approve of – the November starting date for construction might have to be delayed. Residents let their feelings be known in no uncertain terms, and several times during the meeting friends had to remind friends to keep calm and lower their voices.

One man was heard to mutter about how construction machines "doan go with sand in the tank" – an obvious reference to the lengths that some might go to should the project proceed as presented.

The Nation News and the CBC website have both posted articles on the meeting which lay out the issues, but really don't communicate the anger that surfaced in the community last Friday evening.

Development debate in Bathsheba is a story that we will continue to follow closely.

Aerial Photo of Bathsheba

Courtesy of Stephen Mendes (228-8027) and Barbados Photo Gallery.Com

If you want to see some beautiful photos of Barbados, you must visit Stephen's websites. Also he is obviously the man to see if you need aerial photographs in Barbados.


Previous Bathsheba Articles in BFP…

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We Link To Barbados Surfing Association

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Barbados Beach Sewage: Environment Ministry Embarrassment Of The Week


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David Jessop Discusses Barbados Tourism Meeting

Today's Jamaica Gleaner has an excellent piece on Carib Tourism by Caribbean Council director David Jessop. Mr. Jessop comments upon the recent government ministers' meeting in Barbados and the paradox that while tourism is the major economic force in the Caribbean, most countries and the region as a whole appear to treat tourism as an afterthought in national policy and strategy.

The Caribbean also wants foreign investment, but hates foreign ownership. In the midst of all this, Mr. Jessop urges a more focused debate on tourism…

Such a debate should not be about service and servitude, or whether the industry's fortunes are fickle. What is needed is a far-seeing look over the horizon at the broader implications of what an ever-greater reliance on a continuing flow of visitors will mean for the region.

It should focus on core issues. These ought to include a consideration of the eventual limits to growth in the region's tourism product; how the ultimate size of the industry relates to the environment; the impact that global warming may have on the industry; and, what steps need to be taken on a region-wide basis to defend the economic value of the industry.

David Jessop, Director, Caribbean Council

Mr. Jessop is also concerned that security and violence issues are threatening to undermine the Carib Tourism industry – not just in Jamaica but throughout the region. The entire piece is well worth reading and echos some of the concerns raised by BFP in previous articles.

Tourism Story Links

Jamaica Gleaner The Challenge of Carib Tourism

The Caribbean Council (Consultancy Services) website

Selected Barbados Free Press Tourism-Related Articles

Carnival Cruise Ship Drops Barbados – But The Glass Is Still Half-Full

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Cricket World Cup 2007 In Barbados – Doubts About The Ultimate Cost-Benefits

Best Wishes to Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch – Featured Speaker At Dubai Conference

Cuba After Castro – What Does It Mean For Barbados?


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Rally Barbados 2006 Here Soon – Oh Yeah!


Rally Barbados 2006 is almost here. On June 3rd & 4th some of the best teams in the world will be screaming around the Bajan countryside. As Clive reminded us, few in the USA have any idea at all just how big Rally is in Barbados. When Clive first came to Barbados he said he was "blown away" by the popularity of rally. (I guess that means "impressed" or "surprised" ed. robert)

The Barbados Rally Club has again revised the route – trying to balance putting on a challenging course with as little disruption as possible to the public.

Crash Net has an excellent article posted on Rally Barbados 2006. Worth a look here.

Also check out the Barbados Rally Carnival website for excellent photos and detailed schedules. Barbados Rally Carnival organizer Greg Cozier and his team have really been working hard to bring international attention to Barbados and their efforts are paying off as many big teams are heading our way.

Thanks Greg!

photo courtesy of Barbados Rally Carnival

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