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Barbados – Bonito Restaurant Claims Unfairly Said To Be Source Of Bathsheba Sewage

On April 12, 2006, Barbados Free Press filed a story Barbados Beach Sewage: Environment Ministry Embarrassment Of The Week about sewage coming onto the beach apparently from the Bonito Restaurant in Bathsheba.

Since that time, we have not been contacted by either the owners of the Bonito Restaurant or the Ministry of the Environment (despite sending the Environment Minister a copy of our original post) – and the problem of sewage running into the sea persists.

We have just received the following email from a reader, who states that the manager of the Bonito Restaurant claims…

a/ The sewage is not coming from their property, and

b/ He has "contacted everyone and done everything in his power to rectify this serious problem, to no avail…"

Fair enough. On two days, BFP staffers attended at Bonito and saw what appeared to be sewage coming from their property. Another reader also attended independently and confirmed our observations.

Could we be wrong? The manager of Bonito Restaurant thinks so. "Jane" the reader who sent the email, does not give her observations about where the sewage is coming from – only that it is sewage.

Fair enough. Now could we PLEASE have someone from the Ministry of the Environment attend and identify the source of the sewage as well as stop it from running onto the beach and into the sea?

Here is the email from reader "Jane"…

AND WHAT ABOUT THE MANY SEABATHERS & SURFERS WHO MAY NOT EVEN EALIZE THAT THEY ARE SWIMMING IN SEWAGE? What is the Ministry of Health doing about this dangerous health hazard?

Finding the source should not be difficult. Make those responsible pay to rectify the problem and clean up the mess.

Today I spoke to the manager of the Bonito Restaurant. He says that this is sewage. It is NOT coming from the Bonito. It originates from a property behind the Bonito over which he has no control.

The manager also told me that he has contacted everyone and done everything in his power to rectify this serious problem, to no avail.

Unfortunately, neither he nor a spokesperson has contacted BFP to enlighten them on the facts and set the record straight.

It is very unfair for the management of the Bonito to have to take the blame for something over which they have absolutely no control.

Imagine just how frustrating it must be for these people, who run a delightful and popular restaurant which serves delicious food to locals and tourists, to be expected to tolerate the stinking and unhealthy sewage so close to the restaruant and to the sea.

I have no financial interest in the Bonito Restaurant but have enjoyed eating there for many years. In my opinion the East Coast is the most beautiful coast in Barbados.

I cannot understand why so many of us, at the risk of losing our livelyhood and Barbados losing its good name, choose to remain silent. What is the problem? Somebody please tell me.

Thanks, Jane. We do know that you love Barbados, and we appreciate the trouble you've taken to document this situation.

We sent a copy of our post to Environment Minister Liz Thompson when it was first published in April. Perhaps others could give her a call?


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Bathsheba Barbados – Controversy Hotspot – Meeting Tonight


Beautiful Bathsheba is becoming a focal point for the type of debates and problems that are happening all over Barbados – as conflicts arise about quality of life issues, managing change, the environment, and a word that is guaranteed to start real or figurative fist fights: "Development"

Residents of Bathsheba and the surrounding area will be meeting tonight (May 19, 2006) at the community centre with Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. (BTII) and the Community Development Department. New plans will be unveiled for development of tourist attractions and more tourist cottages at Bathsheba.

The Nation News today features a front-page article by Maria Bradshaw – Bathsheba Bind – that details how the original development plans have been changed without the knowledge or consent of the citizens. Some excerpts…

Residents, vendors and other interested parties were approached and asked for their input for the project. The objective was not only to enhance Bathsheba, but to empower residents and other persons through business enterprises and to attract more visitors to the area.

Those plans were apparently scrapped after the Community Development Department approached the BTII and at least one private sector business for funding for the multi-million dollar project.

Sources close to the community plans, said the BTII was impressed with the plans… However they have made drastic changes to the proposals and designs much to the dismay of the Community Development Department and concerned residents.

The new plans will be seen by residents for the first time tonight, but if the rumblings about big changes are true, this development programme just might shape up to be The Battle of Bathsheba. "Fight 'em on the beaches…" and all that Churchillian spirit.

Forget The Development – Until Bathsheba Gets Some Sewage Treatment Facilities

The east coast of Barbados lacks the sewage collection and treatment infrastructure of the west and south urban areas and Bathsheba is becoming infamous for raw sewage running onto the beach and into the sea. BFP wrote about this in…

"Sewage Flowing Ankle Deep Onto Bathsheba Beach – From Barbados Government Facility"


"Barbados Beach Sewage: Environment Ministery Embarrassment Of The Week."

It would be just like Barbados to go ahead with some large half-baked tourist and development scheme at Bathsheba – and to still have raw sewage flowing into the ocean when the project is complete.

But this time, the Government of Barbados just might find that the residents of Bathsheba have taken all they are going to take…

Photo by Shona: Raw Sewage flows from public washroom onto the beach and into the ocean at Bathsheba.


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Barbados Promises Tax Money To Other CARICOM Nations

When John Williams, the new Barbados Ambassador to CARICOM, presented his credentials to Deputy Secretary-General of CARICOM Lolita Applewhaite on Thursday in Georgetown, Guyana, he gave assurances of Barbados' ongoing commitment to the CARICOM concept.

Ambassador Williams also obliquely made reference to the fact that Bajan tax dollars will be given to other poorer CARICOM members. Here is an excerpt from Caribbean Net News

(Ambassador Williams) also underscored the importance of the regional Development Fund to addressing imbalances in the Single Market between and within Member States.

For those Bajans who need a translation of the Ambassador's words, it means that your tax dollars will be given to poorer CARICOM countries (of which there will be many) to "address imbalances".

Some folks don't mind this use of tax dollars, and some folks do… but many more Bajans simply have no idea that Barbados will be funding CARICOM programs designed to transfer their tax dollars to other countries.

Just thought we'd remind folks that somebody has to pay for it all – and that somebody is us.

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Sir Viv Richards Slags West Indies Cricket Captain Brian Lara


Sir Viv Richards Gives New Meaning To The Term "Master Blaster"

JT over at Caribbean Beat Blog says that Sir Viv has just thrown Brian Lara an unfair googly…

Brian Lara is the current captain of the West Indies cricket team for purely "commercial reasons": it's a short-term fix while younger players gain experience, it's all to do with the run-up to the World Cup in 2007, and isn't a "very popular decision among the players". So says Sir Viv Richards, himself a former captain and "Master Blaster" batsman.

Well, we knew that, didn't we? Though it might seem just a tad ungracious of the great man to be slagging off the WI captain just as the team starts its four-match one-day series against India in Jamaica today.

Read the rest at Caribbean Beat.

Photo – Master Blaster Sir Viv Richards

Friendly wave of the bat to Nicholas Laughlin at Global Voices Barbados


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