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Barbados Grantley Adams International Airport – One Year Behind and Cost-Overruns Growing

Grantley Adams Virgin 747a.jpg

The re-development project at Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados is one year behind schedule and hitting all kinds of cost overruns.

Worst of all – there are rumblings of litigation between contractors, sub-contractors and the airport. The Nation News had a little article a few days ago that hinted at a few things, but our friend "Ramp Rat" tells us that there was a little mini-strike last week by one of the concrete contractors, and that somebody needs to show some leadership here to smooth the waters.

Overruns and delays aside, the terminal at Grantley Adams International Airport has turned out to be one beautiful structure, and it seems to have been well designed from a functional standpoint. You can just tell that when everything is completed, it will be able to handle the crowds and be a showplace point of entry that will make Bajans proud.

Now, Gentlemen… how about making peace on the jobsite so this magnificent airport can be finished in time for Cricket World Cup?

Fabulous Photo Sent By Reader – Virgin Airways 747 pilots deplane at Barbados Grantley Adams International Airport after a nine hour haul from London last week. (Yes – the command pilot is a "she".) Taken airside by "Ramp Rat" and sent to BFP via email.

Thanks, Ramp Rat! We were just waiting for a story to use it with.

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Cricket in Barbados Schools – Start Them Early and Provide Good Equipment

Barbados Minister of Sport, Anthony Wood, recently presided over the gifting of cricket, netball and football equipment to six primary schools.

Hopefully, we will see more of this as there is nothing like sports (especially team sports) to build good character. Too little attention is paid to physical education these days, so it is good to see the Minister starting the children off correctly.

Now, Minister… about those remaining 74 Primary Schools that were not included this time. When might we expect to see additional giftings? We're not being critical, we'd just like to know if there is a plan with a timeline.


Barbados Advocate article here.

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