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Surfing is not only an important tourist draw and source of revenue for Barbados… for many it is a way of life. Surfers are also highly aware of the close connection between a clean environment, their sport, and tourist dollars.

With the recent election of a new committee and some hard work by the former leadership, the Barbados Surfing Association has been reinvigorated – and continues important work as the association enters it's 24th year.

From the Barbados Surfing Association website

The main goals of the new committee will be as stated in the BSA's Constitution i.e. to promote the sport of surfing in all its forms in Barbados, to sponsor, hold and organize Surfing Competitions, to send selected members of the Association to Surfing Competitions wherever held, to raise monies by private or public functions or otherwise for the purposes of the Association and to accept contributions from members of the public for the purposes of the Association as aforesaid.

Focus will continue to be placed on Junior Surfing with a view to improving the level of surfing in Barbados and enable our surfers to make a mark on the world stage.

The Barbados Free Press has linked to the BSA on our sidebar under "Barbados Tourism". Head on over and have a look at the BSA website for their schedule of events. Even if you don't surf, you will find BSA events to be a real family affair and lots of fun!

photo of "Pony at Bathsheba" by Shona (an Shona, you are gettin so good with that new Nikon!)


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