Sewage Flowing Ankle Deep Onto Bathsheba Beach – From Barbados Government Facility


Children Seen Playing In This Raw Sewage On Beach


Sewage Flows From Bathsheba Public Washroom Onto Beach


Yellow Tape Is Only Warning That Tourists Are Swimming In Sewage

Health Danger at Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

For at least a year, raw sewage has been flowing ankle-deep from a public washroom onto the sand and into the ocean at one of the most popular beaches on the east coast of Barbados. Bathsheba Beach is world-famous for surfing and is a popular stop for bus-loads of trusting tourists during high-season. The Barbados Government-owned public washroom is converted from a 70-year old train station and has been used for years as a rest-stop for tour buses – whose passengers also dine and make purchases at nearby shops and restaurants.

Health Danger Kept Secret So As To Not Hurt Local Economy

Although local residents and business people say they have been begging Barbados Health Authorities to clean up the mess for almost a year, they have been reluctant to "go public" for fear of harming the local economy. One shopkeeper said he could no longer remain silent "in all good conscience" and contacted the Barbados Free Press with the details.

"The sewage has been going into the sea for at least a year that I am aware of, and there were meetings a year ago about it."

"The toilets were finally closed for the Easter time. Then tourists from the buses come door to door looking to use a washroom. People even let them into their homes because what are you going to do? We have had some meetings at the church but it is all talk talk talk and the children are still playing in sewage on the beach. Enough!"

Bathsheba shopkeeper M.

When BFP staffers Robert and Shona walked Bathsheba Beach this past weekend, they confirmed that ankle-deep pools of sewage are coming from an obviously defective holding tank between the toilet facility and the beach – as can be seen in the above photos. The only warning of any sort is some yellow "caution" tape around the deepest of the sewage pools, but no signs indicate the nature of the problem or any health danger. Tourists and children were seen swimming, surfing and using the beach. One tourist did not even realize she was sitting in sewage-wet sand until the tape and sewage pools were pointed out to her.

In our opinion, this disaster and the cover-up goes beyond an environmental concern and enters into the area of criminal responsibility.

Who put up the yellow "constuction" tape, but no descriptive signs?

Who made the decision to close the public washrooms, but failed to protect and clean the scene?

Who in the Health and/or Environment Ministries has attended at Bathsheba but failed to close the beach and alert citizens and tourists?

Have any health studies of the locals be undertaken? What are the results?

All it will take will be one death or serious sickness attributed to human sewage at Bathsheba Beach and you just watch how quickly Cricket World Cup becomes the number two story in the foreign media – right after stories of polluted Barbados vacation beaches.

This type of third-world condition is becoming more prevalent in Barbados. It is a legacy of ignorant or uncaring public servants and irresponsible elected officials who care too little about the country's future, and too much about short-term profits, temporary fixes and "looking good".


This tourist did not realize that she was sitting in sewage until we told her. Red arrow points to the yellow tape seen in the other photos.


Bathsheba Beach Looks Like A Travel Brochure Photo… BUT…


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15 responses to “Sewage Flowing Ankle Deep Onto Bathsheba Beach – From Barbados Government Facility

  1. thats pretty shameful! the beaches are one of our main tourist attraction. it wont even take a death or illness all it will take is for a few surfers to start complaining and their buddies to start boycotting our island.

  2. Eve

    I agree…disheartening to see such a beautiful part of the island ruined. Are there any lifeguards on the beach? What is their role regarding the safety/sanitation and reporting of such health issues? Yes, once this “leaks” to tourists it will be devestating… news travels quickly these days via TripAdvisor, etc. The surfers from away will find other locations.

    I remember seeing a post about a month ago on this site about another Bathsehba sewer leak from a restaurant/shop onto the beach. Did you find out if this problem was fixed? What a shame. What a liability.

    Keep up the wonderful work-love your site!!!

  3. Jane

    Yesterday, I checked the sewage leak opposite the Bonito Restaurant and it is bigger and worse than it appeared in the picture in the past article. And the smell is very offensive.

  4. Eve

    Very disturbing…any illness reported? I think there are some surf competitions coming up – – in the area. Lots of kids… Hope more people speak up about these sanitation/health problems. Keep us posted Jane!!!

  5. John

    There is an organisation (National Resource Defence Committee) in the US which hands out “Beach Bum” awards for such disrespect of the environment. Here are some examples of past recipients.

    Click to access 040805_1.pdf

    Its home page is at

    We have had this abuse of our beaches and nearshore waters for years.

    Not sure if the award is an international one!!!!

  6. Jane

    Thanks to BFP for bringing this matter to the public’s attention.

    I have passed on the Barbados Free Press website address to Jan Boos (wife of Peter Boos) who is already involved in a clean up campaign at Bathsheba. She was unaware of the problem, so was I.

    Incidentally, there are plans in train for a Bathsheba festival.

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  12. richard l

    My wife and I are coming to Barbados in December. It would be a shame if we came across raw sewage. We would probably go elsewhere next time if this were the case
    Richard L

  13. This revelation is the last straw that should cause every decent and patriotic black and white Bajan in Barbados to close ranks and UNITE and say enough is enough from this Arthur Goverment.

    But what is even more disgraceful and the greatest threat to the DEMOCRACY of Barbados is had this Blog not disclosed this shocking revelation would the Mainstream Press in Barbados have done it? and I say no. I am beginning to think that the NATION NEWS and the BARBADOS ADVOCATE are morally bankrupt and do not give two dams about the environment of Barbados or it’s poor.

    They should rename both of these Newspapers “THE DAILY PROPAGANDA MACHINES OF THE GOVERNMENT”.

    But what is even more shocking is that the Advocate is headed up by who we are told and he wants us to believe is a “DEVOUT” Christian!

    Come on Peter Boos you have clout do something!

  14. thanks bfp for this piece of information,this is a real shame,that something like this allow to fester for so long 1year.that area is real attraction for us & tourist alike. could not a gov’t septic truck draw the sewage/dig another well,so as to accomadate the exsisting one.what is this country coming to.

  15. shanai

    i am from barbados and u have to come richard l.if u come i might show u around .if u can find my house