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Sewage Flowing Ankle Deep Onto Bathsheba Beach – From Barbados Government Facility


Children Seen Playing In This Raw Sewage On Beach


Sewage Flows From Bathsheba Public Washroom Onto Beach


Yellow Tape Is Only Warning That Tourists Are Swimming In Sewage

Health Danger at Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

For at least a year, raw sewage has been flowing ankle-deep from a public washroom onto the sand and into the ocean at one of the most popular beaches on the east coast of Barbados. Bathsheba Beach is world-famous for surfing and is a popular stop for bus-loads of trusting tourists during high-season. The Barbados Government-owned public washroom is converted from a 70-year old train station and has been used for years as a rest-stop for tour buses – whose passengers also dine and make purchases at nearby shops and restaurants.

Health Danger Kept Secret So As To Not Hurt Local Economy

Although local residents and business people say they have been begging Barbados Health Authorities to clean up the mess for almost a year, they have been reluctant to "go public" for fear of harming the local economy. One shopkeeper said he could no longer remain silent "in all good conscience" and contacted the Barbados Free Press with the details.

"The sewage has been going into the sea for at least a year that I am aware of, and there were meetings a year ago about it."

"The toilets were finally closed for the Easter time. Then tourists from the buses come door to door looking to use a washroom. People even let them into their homes because what are you going to do? We have had some meetings at the church but it is all talk talk talk and the children are still playing in sewage on the beach. Enough!"

Bathsheba shopkeeper M.

When BFP staffers Robert and Shona walked Bathsheba Beach this past weekend, they confirmed that ankle-deep pools of sewage are coming from an obviously defective holding tank between the toilet facility and the beach – as can be seen in the above photos. The only warning of any sort is some yellow "caution" tape around the deepest of the sewage pools, but no signs indicate the nature of the problem or any health danger. Tourists and children were seen swimming, surfing and using the beach. One tourist did not even realize she was sitting in sewage-wet sand until the tape and sewage pools were pointed out to her.

In our opinion, this disaster and the cover-up goes beyond an environmental concern and enters into the area of criminal responsibility.

Who put up the yellow "constuction" tape, but no descriptive signs?

Who made the decision to close the public washrooms, but failed to protect and clean the scene?

Who in the Health and/or Environment Ministries has attended at Bathsheba but failed to close the beach and alert citizens and tourists?

Have any health studies of the locals be undertaken? What are the results?

All it will take will be one death or serious sickness attributed to human sewage at Bathsheba Beach and you just watch how quickly Cricket World Cup becomes the number two story in the foreign media – right after stories of polluted Barbados vacation beaches.

This type of third-world condition is becoming more prevalent in Barbados. It is a legacy of ignorant or uncaring public servants and irresponsible elected officials who care too little about the country's future, and too much about short-term profits, temporary fixes and "looking good".


This tourist did not realize that she was sitting in sewage until we told her. Red arrow points to the yellow tape seen in the other photos.


Bathsheba Beach Looks Like A Travel Brochure Photo… BUT…


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American Yacht Cocaine Bust In Barbados – But Who Will Get The Yacht?

Hardbeatnews, BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Mon. May 15, 2006: Two American-born tourists to Barbados are set to appear in court today on charges that they tried to import, supply and traffic 61 kilograms of cocaine into the island.

Police busted Terry Wayne Moore, 33, and Joshua Brooks Walker, 26, on Friday May 12, 2006 after the drugs along with money, guns and ammunition were found aboard the yacht Leyla after an apparent tip-off. Approximately US$15,000 as well as two high-powered guns was also found aboard the vessel. The illegal drugs street value was put at around US$1 million.

Yes, this is just a small matter as drug trafficking goes on Barbados. The last time we heard about the RBPF making a bust it was over a thousand pounds. A Nation News article says the boat came from St. Lucia.

But the message remains the same for all our visitors: Welcome to Barbados. Have Fun. Bring Those Tourist Dollars…. but God help you if the police find drugs and guns.

UPDATE: 5pm May 15, 2006

A Florida paper is now reporting that 135 pounds of cocaine were seized… so it is a major arrest. Se the Herald Today article here

Anybody Want To Buy A Seized Yacht?

Or… as one annoymous reader asks, "Has the brother of someone in the government already spoken for it?"

We would like to know folks. Can anyone advise how this seized yacht will be dealt with? Is the system for disposal of seized assets transparent and accountable? Is it possible that our reader is correct and someone has their eye on the yacht?

We will do a follow-up on this part of the story if the source will kindly contact us again. Thanks!

barbadosfreepress (at) yahoo.com


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Barbados Death Boat May Have Held 37 People

The Gulf Times Newspaper is reporting that the death boat found drifting off Barbados with eleven mummified bodies may have originally held 37 people.

MADRID: A Senegalese boat carrying the mummified bodies of 11 passengers has been found off the coast of Barbados, the Spanish daily El Pais reported yesterday. Documents found on board indicate that the boat set sail with 37 African migrants on board.

Investigators believe they died as they drifted for three months from the Cape Verde archipelago, near Senegal, to the island of Barbados on the other side of the Atlantic, with those who survived longest throwing the bodies of their weaker fellow passengers overboard.

The small pleasure boat was discovered at the end of April by a Barbadian fisherman and had apparently been towed from Cape Verde by a large ship. Barbadian police found a cut-off cable attached to the boat.

Investigators suspect the appearance of a plane or military vessel may have frightened the crew of the larger ship into abandoning the smaller boat to the mercy of the currents.

The Senegalese and Malian migrants had apparently drifted for around three months, covering 2,800 nautical miles.

The 11 bodies were described as being in a state of mummification, with their clothes stuck to their skin. They did not display any signs of violence, but could not be identified.

On board investigators discovered the telephone number of a Senegalese who had remained in the country, and who said the passengers on the boat were hoping to reach Brazil. – AFP

Earlier, the Nation Newspaper from Bridgetown, Barbados quoted Spanish authorities as saying that the Canary Islands – not Brazil – was the intended destination.

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