Barbados Kensington Oval Now $135 Million, Not $90 Million – Cricket Committee “What, Me Worry?”


Cricket Chairman DeCaires: "What, Me Worry?"

Just in case anybody wasn't paying attention on Friday when the news of the latest cost overrun broke, we'd just like to point out that only last June, the cost of re-doing the Kensington Oval for the Cricket World Cup was estimated at $90 Million Dollars Barbados.

For some reason, the cost is now estimated at $135 Million Dollars Barbados "for now" with no guarantee that this is final at all. Hey, what's another 45 million or so between friends?

Question: How many times does a pretty girl named Barbados have to say "no" before it becomes rape?


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8 responses to “Barbados Kensington Oval Now $135 Million, Not $90 Million – Cricket Committee “What, Me Worry?”

  1. John

    Yeah, but look what it does to the GDP.

    Owen and the Central Bank can parade and say we are now into our 8th consecutive quarter of growth.

    What management, what sheer genius!!

    … and we will attract so many more tourists for years to come as a result.

    To your question about how many times a girl has to say No I put forward the old DLP campaign slogan.

    “How long is too long if its good.”

  2. John

    Fortunately, we despatched that set of clowns who produced that slogan.

    Seems like we have another set!!

  3. This is what happens when you move into the big leagues.
    Cost over runs of 50 % are likely on Government funded projects. In this case $45million.

    The final cost is going to interesting. It could be even higher
    but they may cut corners to reduce the final cost.

    Optics will be important with an election coming.

    This could become a success story if they use it as a multi purpose facility like the Sports Stadiums in North America.

    Tradeshows, Concerts, etc.

  4. klay

    how de hell these people could get away with this type of foolishness and nobody aint saying anything about it

  5. Jane

    We have talked until we are blue and nothing happens. We could talk until the cows come home but the only talk that gets noticed is money talk. Accountability and transparency are sadly lacking in this place.

  6. John

    Here is a simplistic way of thinking about the $45,000,000.

    Hopefully someboby who knows what he/she is talking about will correct it.

    Say the GDP is $5000,000,000 for one year.

    10% of the GDP is $500,000,000

    1% of the GDP is $50,000,000

    The cost over run is pretty close to $50,000,000.

    It would not normally appear in the economy.

    Its effect is thus to make the GDP increase by approximately 1%!!

    So next year when you hear the GDP grew by 2.2% or whatever the projection is, almost half would have been due to this cost overrun if the overrun was all spent in this one fiscal period.

  7. Ricky

    What cost overruns?
    These people have money to burn. On the Challenor Stand, walls are being built, knocked down and then rebuilt, the most recent being the elevator shafts. Walls are being plastered 8ft above the ceiling level.
    Cutting Corners?
    A sub-contractor was fired because his workers did not posses the requied skills, but they are now hiring anyone who will accept the low wages they offer, as a result sub-standard work is now being accepted.

  8. Ricky

    Only in Barbados
    Would workers allow non-nationals to force them to use water that is being used to water the grass at the oval “to wash-up”after a hard days work. There is water for the grass and cement mixers but very little for the workers. If you go to the toilet there is no water to wash your hands. Why? The contractor responsible waters the field during the day, when he is doing this, workers on the media centre and challenor stand have to do without water.