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Fixing The Boat In Barbados


Oh… fishing is supposed to be such an adventure – the sea, the sun, the freedom and danger of open water. Man against nature as it was in the beginning.

But sometimes the oil needs changing and the injectors have to be cleaned… and Friday is the day.

So… no blogging today for Marcus … see you tomorrow! (unless Robert steps up and posts. Robert? You there?)

photo by Shona – X-40 having some new wood and electronics done at Oistins last month.


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Thanks To Our Barbados Health Inspectors

A big Thank You to our Health Inspectors for shutting down the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex this week and forcing a clean-up. Now, if the inspectors will continue to monitor the complex weekly – and work with the vendors to ensure a proper cleaning schedule is followed – we will all continue to breathe easier.

Oh, and when the inspectors have a spare moment, we have another little job for them in Bathsheba.

Well… maybe not so little. Details on Monday.

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