Selective Immigration Enforcement in Barbados? Illegals OK For Sugar Industry, But Not Construction

Barbados has charged the Indian construction firm Larsen & Toubro and its management for illegally hiring 14 Indian labourers who worked at the Kensington Oval Redevelopment Project last year – but BIM Today questions why only illegals from India were charged when illegal immigration to Barbados from Caribbean countries is rampant…

Tightscenes at BIM Today writes…

I see we in Barbados have a very selective suing process. If you are an indian hailing from the south american continent, then no permit necessary, come right through.. stop by the PM's house and he may even sort you out with a lil job. You can even bring your "uncle" to stay with you, don't mind we hear the bed creaksing at night, all in the family right?

But, if you are an Indian crossing the Atlantic, cakes burn… we uh… don't tolerate illegal immigrants working here and am… yea.. ting. I sure dem got nuff twangs from down south labouring without a work permit on the same kesington oval, digging holes for the same $10 a day.

Too true, Tightscenes. Too true.

Maybe our Immigration authorities in Barbados should take a page from the American Immigration and go hunting for illegals using mass raids in the middle of the night?

From The Cincinnati Post

Four supervisors for Fischer Homes were among 80 people arrested Tuesday as part of a two-year probe into the use of illegal immigrant workers in the home construction industry in Northern Kentucky.

The supervisors were charged with hiring illegal immigrants. The other 76 persons arrested were charged with being in the United States illegally.

The investigation, which is continuing, ties Fischer Homes directly to the subcontractor who hired and employed the undocumented immigrants, according to court documents. Indeed, court papers say, the subcontractor, Robert Pratt, also provided housing for the immigrants, most of whom are from Mexico or Guatemala…

Somehow, I don't think that the Barbados sugar industry could survive if all the illegals were rounded up. Bajans sure don't want to work for the scraps that the sugar industry pays!


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2 responses to “Selective Immigration Enforcement in Barbados? Illegals OK For Sugar Industry, But Not Construction

  1. wait do you have a problem dealing with lawbreakers?

  2. BFP

    Hi Adrian

    No, we don’t have a problem dealing with lawbreakers…. we have a problem with governments deciding that the rule of law applies in one situation, but not in another.

    Illegal immigrants are all illegal – no matter their employment.

    Either we have rule of law, or we don’t. There can be no in-between.